Break Up Poem

Poem Questioning Why You Left

Hello, my name is Kylie Mcgonigle. I am 13 years old. I wrote this poem because I've had lots of boyfriends, but there was a special one that I still love named Ethan, and I wrote this about him.

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Published: June 2015

why'd you leave me
why'd you have to go
why'd you lie to me
and then just say so?

I thought you loved me
but I guess I thought wrong
now I can see
our lives are no perfect song

you said you didn't want to break my heart
now it's only falling apart
you left an imprint on my heart
I loved you from the start

I guess we're not meant to be
and now I've opened up my eyes and can see
I just didn't think you'd lie
but I guess I was fooled and denied


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