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  1. 41. The Gift

    To my beautiful daughter, Madison... May you follow your dreams and be true to yourself always!
    Love, Mom.

    I received a gift on that faithful day
    Of which I know I could never repay,
    Just as God came down to say
    He just gave one of his Angels away.

    Little did I know, the test this would be
    To prove to him and make him see,
    That this angel was my destiny
    Of that I'm sure a guarantee.

    To hold her forever and never stray
    To be there to comfort her pain away,
    To see her through even the roughest of days
    And teach her to be stronger along the way.

    I was told one day, from a friend of mine
    That God just gave me the gift of time!
    Confused, I asked him to define?
    And what he said never left my mind...

    He said to watch her as she sleeps
    It was then it became so plain to see,
    How TIME STANDS STILL when she is next to me
    Whether in my arms, or in my dreams.

    Now watching each day as you grow
    The changing of features from head to toe,
    The smiles and giggles that make you glow
    And the way you let your spirit show.

    So, I'll make a promise to you now
    To raise you the best that I know how,
    To teach you to always be confident and proud
    So that you always stand out above the crowd!

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    I am too a pampered daughter and I loved reading your poem, it touched my heart. Thanks for sharing

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  2. 42. Remember When

    I wrote this poem over twenty years ago when I become a mother myself. I have the most courageous mother. She is battling cancer and fights for her life each day. I gave this to her for Mother's Day all those years ago and I just wanted to share it with the world. Time heals all wrongs. Life is so short, and none of us are promised tomorrow. God bless all the Mother's in this world. I thank God for my mother and every day we have.

    Poem For Mothers Day From Daughter

    Life takes us through many changes like the seasons of each year,
    Some so unforgettable we sometimes shed a tear.
    I remember when I was a little girl, it seems not long ago,
    My mother would shelter me in her arms,
    A feeling I thought I'd never outgrow.
    Maybe I really haven't because hidden inside of me,
    There's still that need to hold her,
    Though are chances are few and far between.
    We live our lives looking back on memories of the past,
    Ones we often cherish, for time moves along so fast.
    I remember my teenage years, rebellious as they were,
    Though I'd made many mistakes I could always count on her.
    Oh the times I'd hurt her with the hateful things I'd say,
    I hope she knows how sorry I am and how much I love her today.
    As children we don't realize how words can break a heart,
    Leave scars that last a lifetime and tear two lives apart.
    Though forgiveness isn't easy, we've found it through the years,
    My mother and I are closer than ever,
    Our love has washed away the tears.
    So let me tell you that I love you mom, in this message that I send,
    Though time is ever changing, I'll always remember when.

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    This poem is so true for my mum and me. She is now 96 and I am 72 and the words are so very, very true.
    She worked so hard to raise my brothers and myself. She worked long hours in a...

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  3. 43. My Angel Is My Mother

    • By Breana D. Greathouse
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    In this poem, a girl writes a tribute to her mother who is her angel in disguise.

    My angel is a woman who walks upon the earth,
    she shows me my potential and all that I am worth.
    When I am sick she heals me and makes me feel all-better,
    and makes sure that in times of need that we are all together.
    When we get into all kinds of fusses in our life,
    my angel comes out strong as a mother and a wife.
    My angel has raised me to be good and kind,
    and makes sure that I have a strong and intelligent mind,
    my angel is my guardian.
    my teacher and my friend,
    but most of all my mother till the very end.

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  4. 44. Dear Mother

    • By Theresa R. Barnes
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    A daughter explains some things to her mother

    Dear Mom From Daughter Poem

    I can never explain the ways I've felt
    Growing up without you, playing the cards I was dealt.
    There were always many things I wanted to say
    My dreams and new thoughts that came each day
    I wish I could take back some of the skeptical things I've said
    To be more respectful, listen, be positive instead.
    At times I felt you were never listening to what I would say,
    So I'd get angry and react in the wrong way.
    I understand that it took some time for me to change my ways,
    I prayed for this each night and even some days.
    Although you'd never see the true feelings I'd hide
    I love you very much, deep down inside.
    Always my mother, and never my friend, so you could not see,
    The angry little girl that lay within me
    Notice how I've changed each and every day
    I've grown to follow your footsteps, but in a different way.
    Although I'm quite unsure of where the road might lead,
    If you stay by my side I promise to take heed
    I am your child and I love you dearly
    Thanks for all you've done mom truly and sincerely
    To me you're very special like no other,
    Loving, caring, and concerned, my dear mother.

    Dear Mom From Daughter Poem, Dear Mother

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    I have a daughter that does this to me. I'll be 50 on the 13th and I'm tired and empty. I love my daughter.
    I'm so sad deeply, beyond depressed.

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  5. 45. Mom My Hero

    • By Hayzel
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2011

    I recently got in a fight with my mom, and I want to let her know that I appreciate everything she does for me. Feedback would be nice :)

    You are my Hero.
    The most influential person in my life.
    You are loved by us all.
    A mother, sister, daughter, and a wife.

    You are always the strongest.
    And like the threads of a quilt;
    You hold us together.
    You are a flower whose petals will never wilt.

    As much as you deny it,
    You are beautiful inside and out.
    Your kindness and unselfishness,
    Is what makes you shine throughout.

    I don't think you can comprehend
    How much I appreciate you everyday.
    And how much you mean to me.
    To me you are perfect in every way.

    So thank you mom.
    For always being here.
    Especially in my times of need.
    You are my Hero.

    Mom My Hero

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    My mother and I are the best of friends. We confide in each other, and we talk about everything. We tell each other how much we love each other every single day.

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  6. 46. Tidal Wave Of Emotions

    • By Stacy L. Stiles
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2011

    I wrote the poem for my daughter Autumn after she left for college. Her absence fed my muse and writing helped me cope with the loss. I used Tidal Wave and tides in contrast with the poem for that's exactly what it felt like for me when she left. Thank you for taking the time to read my work!!

    A tidal wave of emotions,
    have sent my soul out to sea.
    Crashing currents submersing,
    what once was you and me.

    Drifting afar distantly,
    a glimpse of precious time.
    While I held you close to me,
    singing your favorite rhyme.

    Rocking gently back and forth,
    arms encircling you whole.
    Lips pressed upon sweet innocence,
    your cries I did console.

    Praying the Lord may keep you;
    wash your troubles away.
    Hoping a bond forever remains,
    the same tomorrow as today.

    Splashing scents of adorable purity;
    upon your mother's face.
    I draw you closer, your tiny being;
    and even tighter I embrace.

    A riptide of adornment drowns;
    a tidal wave within my soul.
    I once was broken and severed,
    but now am completely whole.

    Consumed with pure admiration,
    at the woman you've become.
    Beautiful imperfections,
    your absence chastised me numb.

    Although I know you had to,
    spread those vast angelic wings.
    I still can hear the laughter,
    of a child's heart that proudly sings.

    These crashing, violent riptides;
    will soon turn a peaceful wave.
    Knowing the life I gave you,
    is the life in me which you did save.

    This current of my heart, is perfectly;
    in synch with every beat.
    A perfect bond between us;
    without your love, I'm incomplete.

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    Dear Tersia, your story has touched me deeply. I am so very sorry for the loss of your beautiful daughter. I couldn't even begin to imagine the grief and sadness you must be feeling. I have 3...

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  7. 47. Your Place

    • By Heather Schmidt
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2011

    I wrote this poem in an advanced writing class my senior year in High School. I wrote it for my mother as I am the oldest child and was about to Leave the nest for college. I had it printed up and framed it along with a picture of her and I, and gave it to her for mothers day. She LOVED it!

    Leaving For College Poem

    You've been there since I was young,
    You've healed my cuts and pains.
    You guided me through my sorrows
    And helped Celebrate my gains.

    But now the time has come,
    I must start my life on my own,
    And if you get lonely or miss my face,
    Just remember. . .

    I love you and no one can take YOUR PLACE.

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  8. 48. Dear Mom I Adore You

    • By Bri
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2009

    I dedicate this poem to my mom who has been my inspiration for almost everything I do. She tries her best to give my family and I everything and I want to be just like her.

    I'm the spitting image heir to you,
    we think and act the same.
    I'm your child and your daughter,
    to whom you gave life and name.

    You're my role model and hero,
    who takes me here and there
    I am truly very lucky
    to be your spitting image heir

    When times are rough you comfort me,
    and hold me in your arms.
    At night when I am scared
    you save me from all harms

    You are everything I could want to be,
    but simply you're much more.
    You're a role model and mother
    this is what I do adore.

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  9. 49. I Love To See You Coming

    • By Shanise Baldwin
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    A poem to a mother of perfection.

    Poem To A Perfect Mother

    You amaze me
    Everything about you, is just, well perfect
    Your form, your mind, your soul
    All of it pure perfection
    You love so real
    Your heart big as the ocean
    Your loyalty never heard of or spoken
    You comfort in a unique manner
    You're pure Momma, not a token
    I love you so much
    I love to hear your laughter
    I love to see you coming.

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  10. 50. All Grown Up

    • By Wilda Parker
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    A mother writes to her daughter, who has grown up, of life's lessons and to remember that to her mother she will always be her baby.

    Poem About Daughter Always Being Mom's Baby

    You are all grown up as anyone can see.
    A beautiful lady standing in front of me.
    Spreading your wings and leaving the nest,
    to see what's out there for you at best.
    Learning what works for you,
    depends mostly upon yourself.
    Trust in what you feel is right.
    Always remember throughout your life,
    I'll be here whenever you need it.
    You're still my little girl,
    even though you're an adult now.
    You'll always be young to me
    All grown up in others' eyes.
    Still young as ever to me and will always be loved.

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  11. 51. For My Angel

    • By Leigh Johnson
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2008

    Every child is special. Show yours that you care.

    Unplanned Pregnancy Poem

    You were very unexpected,
    but you're special in my eyes.
    Nobody's celebrating,
    but My Dear, you are the prize.

    People say you were an accident,
    but that is so untrue.
    You're a gift from high above;
    my Angel through, and through.

    If I could go back,
    I wouldn't change a thing.
    I couldn't live without you,
    you make my heart sing.

    Sometimes I sit and wonder,
    .....if you had never been.....
    I've been through so much pain,
    but I'd do it all again.

    Some people said don't keep you,
    but I did not agree.
    Some people said I'm stupid,
    they were blind and could not see.

    That you were meant to be here,
    and to cherish everyday.
    You're my heaven sent,
    and you're perfect in every way.

    Some people said to give you up,
    but that's something I could not do.
    You are my Baby Girl,
    and I need to be with you.

    Ten tiny little fingers,
    ten tiny little toes,
    one tiny little body,
    one tiny little nose!!

    You are so small and innocent,
    you're perfect all around.
    You've got the special baby smell,
    you make that baby sound.

    Nobody came to party,
    only few came to see.
    You are not what was desired,
    but you are no less dear to me.

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    WOW awesome words, I too had a child out of wedlock and can relate: 32 years later and I love her so so much she's my heart.

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  12. 52. My Mother

    • By Kristina M. Calla
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    A poem about the mother-daughter bond.

    Mother Daughter Bond

    I'm thankful for my mother
    for always standing by my side.
    For letting me cry on her shoulder,
    and for being my greatest guide.

    For teaching me my numbers,
    and my A.B.C.'s.
    Also for my manners,
    like saying thank you and please.

    For teaching me about boys
    and what they used girls for.
    And also about puberty,
    and what I had in store.

    For always being creative,
    always thinking of something new.
    Like creating a sock-puppet play
    when we kids had nothing to do.

    To her it didn't matter
    the circumstance.
    She was always right there by me,
    to help me and hold my hand.

    Without my mother around,
    life wouldn't be the same.
    I am the happiest girl I know,
    And my mother is to blame.

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  13. 53. Thank You, Mama

    I made this poem for my mama. It's Mother's Day, and I want to thank her for being a great mother to us. I am so thankful for everything she has done for us. For the great love and for being our best friend all through the years. I really love her so much.

    I came to this world nothing.
    I thank you, Mama, for taking care of me.
    I am so weak and can't stand alone.
    Thank you, Mama, for helping me stand on my own.

    Oftentimes I am stubborn.
    Thank you, Mama, for making me a good person.
    I seldom followed your advice.
    Thank you, Mama, for your great patience and reminders.

    I always stumble and fall.
    Thank you, Mama, for believing me despite it all.
    When I'm so down and almost ready to give up,
    Thank you, Mama, for you're always there reaching out your hands.

    Even now I know you're there for me.
    Thank you, Mama, for that unbounded love always.
    Even now I always disappoint you.
    Thank you, Mama, for understanding me that so.

    With all the sacrifices you have made,
    Thank you, Mama, for I never heard you complaining.
    You chose to live in this world,
    Shared your big heart and even helped us heal our wounds.

    What a great mother you are to us,
    Willing to give up everything just for us.
    You're truly a hero for us,
    A great mother, and we're lucky for that.

    Today is your day, and I made this poem for you.
    I know this is not enough to say how much I love you.
    Never will I be ashamed to shout my love for you,
    And that will stand even till my life is through.

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  14. 54. Mom

    • By Brandi L. Harris
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    A well-rhyming poem from a daughter to a mother.

    Always There For Me Poem

    You have always been there for me,
    Teaching me about life's ways
    Around you
    There is never a dull day.

    You have shown me love,
    What it is really all about,
    Stuck by my side,
    Never allowing me to go without.

    You have always had time to listen
    And even gave me advice.
    Times spent with you
    Are the best ones in life.

    So as we travel down this path together
    And try to help one another,
    Each day I'll thank God
    For sending me such a wonderful mother.

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    That poem reminded me of my mommy and I. My mommy was diagnosed with diabetes type one, and also M.S. and even though I know she tries her hardest and fails, I still love her, but sometimes I...

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  15. 55. My Mom

    • By Britnie Norman
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    a daughter talks about how special her mom is and the special relationship that they share.

    Mother Daughter Love

    My life goes out to my mom,
    She is my best friend!
    I'll never forget when my life began,
    She was the first one I loved!
    She was honestly sent from above
    I love her dearly,
    although not nearly as much
    as I love the way she looks at me.
    It's very easy to see how much she loves me, by how she shows her tender care!
    By how we have the same hair, she looks like my twin.
    I don't remember when she's ever broken my heart, hopefully she will never start!
    She's the best thing in my life! She's been put through a lot of strife.
    She's been put through so much,
    You've never even heard of such.
    I love her more than anything in the world because, I am her baby girl!

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  16. 56. Kitchen Talk

    • By Kristi J. Johnson
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    As her mother washes dishes at the kitchen sink, and she sits at the table copying down recipes, she thinks that her mother doesn't know what burden is on her heart. Suddenly she feels those motherly arms around her, comforting her. They have a heart to heart bond that communicates without words.

    Mothers Know

    Into the arms of my mother my heart tumbles
    she washes dishes her back to me now
    but she sees me, this I am sure of.
    I sit at her kitchen counter copying recipe secrets
    onto cards for my own.
    I am penciling a half a cup of Crisco
    two cups of sifted flour...
    The words on the cards stir together and
    get blended with my tears.
    Focus, I think to myself because I fear she
    will discover my heartache.
    Forty or Four, I should know by now
    that she sets her eyes on the inside.
    But I am too late.
    She knew before I sat down near her.
    Our silent hearts feeling each other.
    She comes from behind and wraps her arms
    around me like a veil.
    And my heart melts because they are the arms of my angel.
    I am all right
    really I am
    for in the arms of my mother
    mixed with dish soap and recipe cards
    my heart has tumbled and is safe.
    kj 04

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    I love my daughters so much. Both of them are so important to the way I conduct myself as a mother. I only want the best for my girls. I want to see them happy, in love, married to the...

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  17. 57. I Love You

    • By Trisha Cain
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    A mother and daughter who share the closest of bonds.

    More Than A Mother

    You are more than a mother,
    You are more than just another,
    You are my best friend.
    From day one,you've been by my side,
    And you've always told me to never hide.
    You said you'd always be there,
    and you'd always care.
    You told me you'd love me forever,
    And not a day goes by where I don't hear those 3 little words,
    I Love You.
    And I want you to know that this much is true,
    Even though I'm not a little kid anymore
    I love you.

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  18. 58. A Mother's Love

    • By Crystal M. Johnston
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    A mother writes to her daughter of a "mother's love".

    A mother's love is a treasure within.
    Taking chances on one's little life to make sure they are safe and sound.
    A mother's love is for her child no matter how near or far they are from each other.
    A mother's love is doing everything to make sure her child's life is safe from harm.
    A mother's love is taking the risk of losing her own life to make sure her child can live out theirs.
    A mother's love is unconditional no matter what the child does.
    A mother's love is always there pure and true.
    A mother's love is there forever.

    To my daughter Felicity who has been behind me through out this deployment.

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  19. 59. My Hero

    • By Colleen R. Straight
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    The greatest compliment one can give to another is grow to be the same.

    My hero is my mother.
    She alone raised me, my two sisters, and my brother.
    I really do love her,
    And I will always and forever.

    Nobody else could relate
    Or even try to imitate,
    Because my mom is too great.
    Someone I appreciate.

    My mom is nice and kind.
    Someone like her is hard to find.
    She helps me be my best and shine.
    My mom is the greatest mom of all time.

    To her I would like to say,
    Thank you for being there every day,
    For helping me find my way.
    I want to be like you someday.

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    I believe that this is a beautiful representation of motherhood!

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  20. 60. Because I'm Your Kid

    • By Camellia Gros
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2008

    This poem is dedicated to my mother, for always being there and she always knows how to make everything a little bit better.

    A Letter From A Teen To Her Mom

    Because I'm your kid, let me have my space.
    Because I'm your kid, don't push me away.
    Just because we fight, does it mean I don't want you in my life?
    It means that you NEED to be in my life.

    When I say I want to run far away
    Doesn't mean I really do
    It's just to show you I want my way.

    Sometimes I want to get away
    But I know I can't
    Because I'm here to stay.

    Sometimes I think I hate you
    But in actuality it's not even true.

    But because I am your kid,
    let me be free
    listen to what I have to say
    always believe in me.
    And I'll always be here to stay.

    Until I get older of course,
    taking college classes in the heart of Lafayette.

    I'll never be far, but far enough so that you miss me
    and realize
    sometimes my was the right way.
    Although it may not always be the right way
    Sometimes it is

    So listen, BECAUSE I AM YOUR KID

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    Finally, a poem that says how I sometimes feel at age 15.
    Most of the poems I have read show the mother as the always perfect one with whom there is never a disagreement. That, at least for...

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