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  1. 21. A Mother And Daughter's Love For One Another

    • By Baltimore
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2009

    This poem is about my mum. She is the best. She's always there. We have been through many good and bad times. I wrote this to her when I was a teenager for her to share my love and appreciation. So this is dedicated to you, Mum. I love you to pieces.

    You can see it in their eyes,
    In tender hugs, kisses and long goodbyes,
    A love that only mums and daughters know.

    They have misunderstandings,
    But don't all mothers and daughters?
    One thing that never changes is their
    Friendship that continually seems to grow.

    Mums are the ladies that work hard
    To please their young little ones.
    They do the best they can to please everyone
    But my mum especially.

    There are many words to describe a mum like mine;
    Caring, generous, merciful, trustworthy, considerate, selfless.
    A young, happy, bouncy,
    Wild woman with advice ready to burst to the world.

    I can always speak to my mum about everything,
    even the silliest of things,
    I'm proud to say and shout to the world
    that I have the number one best mum!

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  2. 22. No Greater Love

    • By Ann Coren
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    A daughter asks her mother for forgiveness.

    Asking Mother For Forgiveness

    I caused you a lot pain and I didn't care, but you still loved me.
    Please forgive me, Mama.

    I hurt you in so many ways, but you were always there for me.
    Please forgive me, Mama.

    When you gave me advice, I didn't listen and I have so many regrets.
    Please forgive me, Mama.

    If I knew then what I know now, I would have told you everyday how much I loved you.
    Please forgive me, Mama

    When you were growing older, I didn't want to hear about your aches and pains.
    You waited for my calls and visits that never came.

    I always made excuses why I couldn't be there for you.
    Please forgive me, Mama.

    I know now there is no greater love like your love Mama,
    and how much I need you right now to hold me and kiss me and tell me you forgive me.

    Now that I am older and my health is failing,
    I realize why I should have been there for you when you needed me.
    Please forgive me, Mama.

    I need you now, Mama.
    How I long to see your beautiful smile and feel your loving touch
    and tell me everything will be all right like you used to.
    Please forgive me, Mama.

    Can you hear me, Mama, as I kneel here beside your grave?
    Can you hear what I am saying?
    Can you hear how much I love you and how much I miss you?

    I don't know when the good Lord is coming for me,
    but I hope you will be waiting so I can hug you and hold you in my arms
    and tell you how much I love you.

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    It broke my heart. I lost my mama this year. The pain I feel is so great I can feel my heart aching inside my chest. How I too long for her, to see her beautiful face, hear her voice with...

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  3. 23. Thank You Mother

    • By Devon
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2008

    I dedicate this poem to my beautiful mother who has helped me through all my struggles and is the most important person in my life.

    To be a mother is not an easy task,
    yet you do it proudly every day, no matter what is asked.
    You have turned your baby into a beautiful young lady.
    You were there for me since the very beginning and saved me countless tears.
    The pushy and wise advice you gave will carry me through the years.
    With my every mistake or wrongful deed,
    you were always there to understand.
    You put no limits on my dreams or anything else I wish to do.
    You never forget to say you care or that you love me too.
    The smile and tears upon your face when I achieve provides me with more value in my heart than you'd ever believe.
    There is no other person that will shape my heart the way you've done,
    your job finished perfectly for your precious daughters and son.
    We have had a rocky road through triumph and catastrophe, hard time and despair,
    but not a single moment of time of not having a wonderful mother there.
    You have always put in your last with love, and my whole life is not enough time for me to repay you.
    We always put our disagreements to the side and manage to make it through.
    I know that my teen years have driven you crazy, but you have guided me with assurance along the way.
    You have given me comfort and certainty with every breath I take within the day.
    Your little girl is growing up, but your baby girl will always remain deep inside me.
    There are not enough words that can thank you for how you've helped me emotionally and physically.
    I have my whole future ahead of me and you are the women that has led me and guided me toward the proper path.
    How can one simple day prove that much thanks and love to someone who has pushed this far and still is working her way?
    No other person deserves a more wonderful Mother's Day.

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    This poem has really touched my heart. My mom means the world to me, she is the best mom ever. I could not ask for a better mother.

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  4. 24. Listen Up

    • By Meghan
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2008

    It's about the pain my mom gives me.

    I Just Want My Mom Back

    Mom, will you sit down
    To listen what I have to say?
    We can be in the same room
    And be miles and miles away.
    We are not a happy family anymore.
    Do you think you can fix this?
    You can't
    'Cause you are never home.
    Do you still remember my face?
    Do you think a father figure will help?
    It won't; I already have one.
    I don't want another.
    You can marry a million guys.
    We still won't be a happy family.
    Do you notice I'm slipping away?
    Do you notice the scars on my arms?
    I'm doing crazy stuff just so you will notice me,
    But the thing is I just want my mom back.
    I want my best friend.
    I just want to go back
    Where I told you everything.
    Is that possible?
    All the tears I've cried,
    I just want my mom back!

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    I read this poem and though it said just how I feel and do too!!!! I never though someone else would feel the same way that I do....this is the best poem I've ever read on family

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  5. 25. Following Me

    A few years ago, my mother passed away due to Alzheimer's. The days I'd sit with her, memories would come to mind of how my childhood days were with this wonderful mother, so I wrote this poem for her to let her know I would take care of her. Unfortunately, she never got to read it.

    Mom, I'll Take Care Of You

    When I was just a little tot, I followed after you.
    I asked to help by saying, "Me do, me do, me do."
    I suppose I was a nuisance, a problem in many ways,
    But I hung around and learnt from you
    Like most little girls would do.
    For years, you showed me love and care
    And taught me right from wrong,
    But now the years have passed us by,
    And the little girl years are gone.
    Now it's my turn, Mom,
    To give you love and care,
    To do for you what you did for me
    When I followed you everywhere.
    I'll comb your hair,
    I'll help you dress,
    And I'll even tie your shoes.
    I'll paint your nails,
    I'll help you eat, and I'll tell you a story or two.
    I'll sing to see you happy, I'll give you lots of hugs,
    I'll take your hand to keep you safe,
    And I'll tell you how much you're loved,
    And when you follow after me and become
    A nuisance in many ways,
    I'll give you lots of love and care,
    As you did in my little girl days.
    They say that mom and child trade places,
    And that may very well be,
    But as long as God allows me to live,
    I'll take care of thee.

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  6. 26. Why Did It Turn Out Like This?

    • By Rebecca E. Pitt
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    A daughter shares her sadness that her friendship with her mother has been severed. Her mother betrayed their friendship and things will never be the same.

    Poem About A Fight Between Mother And Daughter

    We used to be inseparable.
    Nothing could tear us apart.
    You were my idol.
    I looked up to you for my support.
    You showed me how to be a real person
    And to always show my true colors,
    And then came the day when you left me deserted and alone.
    I felt so betrayed I didn't know where to turn.
    I felt so abandoned in this cold and desolate world.
    I turned to ask you for help, but you were nowhere to be found.
    I saw your face in my tears that fell to the ground.
    I felt like my heart had been ripped out and dropped to the ground,
    But I still wanted to run after you and drag your love back to me.
    I searched all over and neither you nor your love was to be found.
    The agony I felt was indescribable to anybody in this world.
    The only thing I kept thinking was how could you do this to me and why are you gone?
    I wanted to tell you I love you and I didn't want to let you go,
    But you just turned your head and laughed at what I said,
    So I gave up and moved on because your love for me was gone.
    All of this because of my own mom...

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  7. 27. My Little Girl

    • By Sela V. Ongoloka
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    A mother writes with pride of her daughter. She was born into a world "cruel and unkind", but her beautiful soul helps make the world just a little bit sweeter.

    Poem About The Treasure Of A Daughter

    In a world so cruel and unkind
    A child is born with a heart full of gold
    And a soul that can never be defined

    Her beautiful eyes that bring out her sweet little face
    Can light up a room
    That the whole world can embrace

    The brightness of her smile
    Brings joy to my life
    And keeps my heart beating for miles and miles

    As the days pass us by
    My sweet little girl is starting to grow
    And the memories we had I will always keep inside

    The warm feelings that I feel when she's around
    Comfort my heart
    And I'm glad of the treasure that I have found

    To me she is my diamonds and pearls
    That no one can take away
    Because I will stand beside her until the destruction of this world

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  8. 28. Mama Always Said

    • By Cora Catherine A. Bennett
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2017

    My name is Cora. I live in South Carolina, and I have 3 siblings. I am 19 years old, and I find poetry and photography to be lovely. This poem is dedicated to my Mama. She has given me everything I have, and I am truly blessed. This poem is about my love for her and what she has taught me growing up.

    Words Of Advice From Mom

    When I was a little girl...
    Mama always said,
    If I fit you in a shoe-box,
    Will you stop growing?

    When I was much younger...
    Much younger than I am now,
    Mama always said,
    Only the best girls use their manners.

    When I was small...
    Much smaller than I am now,
    Mama always said,
    Be kind,
    Even to the ones who aren't.

    When I was older...
    But not much older,
    Mama always said,
    Tell everyone you love them;
    You never know what will happen.

    When I was not so tiny...
    But still her little girl,
    Mama always said,
    Go for what you want in life,
    No matter how big.

    When I was older but younger...
    Younger than I am now,
    But older than I was then,
    Mama always said,
    Now you, you don't let anyone bring you down.

    Now that I am old....
    But not too old,
    Mama always says
    You are beautiful. You are smart,
    And I have taught you right.
    You show that to the world.

    That Mama,
    She is something.
    She is a smart lady;
    She is truly beautiful.
    She has giving me much
    And taught me more,
    So much more,
    And to her I give my love.

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  9. 29. Mom

    • By Kayla E. Teeter
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    A girl lets her mother know how special she is to her. She knows that she can always rely on her for anything big or small.

    Thank You Poem From Daughter To Mom

    you've always given me
    the best that love could give
    and we've always lived together
    the best that we could live
    you've always been there for me
    whenever I was in need
    you planted me in your heart
    the way a planter plants a seed
    you showed me how to be the lady
    I am today
    you are my role model
    in each and every way
    you're the one I've looked up to
    since I was really small
    I know you'll catch me
    if ever I should fall
    'cause you're my mom and I love you so
    we will be together
    for the rest of our lives
    and I will keep on searching
    'til the right man arrives
    I know I can trust you
    you're the one I can confide in
    I can always tell you
    when I've made a sin
    years will keep on passing
    only one at a time
    it'll be alright
    'cause mom I know you're mine
    you're the one I've looked up to
    since I was really small
    I know you'll catch me
    if ever I should fall
    'cause you're my mom
    and I love you so

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  10. 30. My Dearest Daughter

    • By Sheena Jarvis
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2010

    I am 23 years old and I live for my daughter. My dad passed away when I was 11 years old so I really understand the concept of spending as much time as possible with the ones you love. I hope this poem touches someone's heart the way my daughter touches mine and inspired me to write it.

    You are my inspiration
    You are my every fear
    You are my everything
    You are my every tear.

    You are my baby girl
    My everlasting love
    You are the one
    that holds my heart
    You are my ray of sun.

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    I have a beautiful baby girl, and this poem describes how I feel about her. She is my everything and I would do anything for her. This poem has touched my heart in so many ways. I do hope...

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  11. 31. My Father Gave Her To Me

    • By Donetta Davis
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    A girl thanks God for her stepmother who is exactly the person she needed in her life.

    Poem From Step Daughter To Step Mother

    My father gave her to me, as a gift from God above,
    Who would know a Step-Mother,
    is someone you can really love.
    I shall call her mother,
    the name that suits her best;
    Although my veins are not of her blood, She surpassed all the rest.
    She loves and understands me,
    and of course is my Best Friend,
    She is soft, and kind, and loving, until our journey, here, shall come to an end.
    The Lord gave her to me,
    She's my comfort zone,
    The Lord knows every need of his children,
    and that I needed to be in taught in a new tone.
    Quite a few heartaches for both my new mom and me,
    We were put together for a reason, even if we cannot see.
    We had both lost someone dear to us, and with God's sweet guiding kiss,
    He put together a family,
    so we could love the ones,
    that together, we missed.
    Mother, I am sorry that you suffered all the strife in your life,
    But God had a plan for me and you,
    and made you my father's wife.
    I think about a little girl who's mother's love she would have missed,
    And I feel the tears she felt,
    when it was her brow you kissed.
    I cannot say enough for all the times you cared,
    Thank you for the tender moments that together we can now share.
    My Mother she will be, forever and ever again,
    She's my shining Angel and most of all, forever, my friend.

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    I am a new step mom (I hate that word) to a 15 month babygirl. She was conceived when my fiance and I took a break. I forgave him and was so excited about the new baby. The mother was young...

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  12. 32. My Mother's Hands

    I wrote this poem to thank my mom for always being there. I was born a premature twin and we nearly died. Life has taken me down some hard roads I thought I would never find my way out of. Through it all my mom has always been my rock.

    Thank You Mom For Always Being There

    She's so small, is she ready?,
    To enter this world with a heart so tiny,
    She takes a breath, her cry so low,
    Her mom grabs her close, now she starts to glow,
    Mom takes her home to a nursery of love,
    She believes she's her little angel from high above,
    She continues to hold her oh so tight,
    The beats of her heart, she continues to fight,
    Because her mother's strong love gives and brings,
    The strength to her little mended wings.

    Here we go the first day of school,
    Mom's not ready, but knows she's a fool,
    Because she has waited for this day oh for so long,
    The hard work she's done, she knows she can't go wrong,
    She looks up and says, mom I'm scared please walk me in,
    I'm not yet strong,
    The tears start to fall, the goodbyes start to sting,
    Mom gives her a hug says don't forget,
    I'll always be here to mend your wings.

    She's grown with hardships wherever she's gone,
    Sometimes feeling she's such a worthless one,
    Wonders why mom continues to take the time to fight,
    When her life is now dark, never in the light,
    She knows she can't go on life like this anymore,
    Always feeling like there is nothing to live for,
    She can't understand why she's always pulling at false strings,
    Mom reminds her she's strong, cause from the beginning
    she has mended her wings,

    Mom then takes her hands and pulls them to her heart and
    starts a prayer,
    God thank you for her, for I am grateful she is still my daughter,
    Please allow her to heal and hear the angels bells ring,
    For she can one day realize that mom has always been there to help her spread her mended wings.

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    This poem really touched my heart, because I was born 25 weeks early. I weighed one pound and four ounces. My dad could actually hold me in the palm of his hand. In the human eye I was not...

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  13. 33. Mommy Do You Love Me?

    • By Arnot McCallum
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2007

    I dedicate my poem to my Mother, your Mother, and all the Mothers of the world who sacrifice their lives everyday for the children of this planet.

    Mommy, do you love me?
    Of course I do dear!
    Let's snuggle a minute,
    Come sit,
    Over here.

    I prayed every bedtime,
    For a little girl like you,
    And when I saw your funny face,
    No one else would do!

    Your face was all wrinkled,
    Your skin was all red.
    You were bald as a beach ball,
    Not a hair on your head.

    You cried and you yelled
    You burped and you spit,
    You threw the odd tantrum,
    You took the odd fit.

    But you're growing up quickly
    And soon you'll take flight,
    And I'll be alone
    With my memories each night.

    SO, you ask, DO I LOVE YOU?
    My answer is simple,
    I love every freckle,
    I love every dimple.
    I love every giggle
    I love every smile,
    You're my reason for living,
    You make life worthwhile.
    Together we'll travel life's road to the end.
    Sweetheart, you're my daughter!
    My Very Best Friend!

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    Same scenario between my daughter and I ten years ago when she was 15. It broke our hearts, but we let go and let God. Didn't hear from her for almost 3 years. Then a mutual family friend...

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  14. 34. My Strength, My Guide, My Love, My Mom

    • By Kate
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2008

    I know how hard it is to be apart from your mother.. just like what I feel.. I hope you get inspired by this poem I made for my mom for her birthday..

    Far From Mom

    When I'm down and feeling blue
    And the world is over me
    I feel so helpless and down
    So worried and unbound

    There you are your arms wide open
    Inviting me to be caressed in your love so tender
    With just a kiss everything's fine
    My day is complete with the sight of your smile

    I know we're miles apart
    And the distance seems to hurt us
    But I know in my heart
    You're always around

    My strength
    My guide
    My love
    My mom

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  15. 35. Her Eyes

    • By Valarie M. Shea
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    In mourning and tribute to a close and binding relationship

    Appreciation Poem To A Mother

    Gone are the eyes that watched me grow
    The eyes that were able to see into my soul
    Together we climbed mountains and made it through the pain
    Only to find out that someday it would be forever changed

    As you've gotten weaker, I've gotten stronger
    Able to take care of myself even though I didn't want to

    You'd be proud of my wit, my confidence and my charm
    People say I'm just like you and I know all about your charms
    The eyes are in my heart, the eyes that saw my soul
    But gone are the beautiful eyes, the eyes that watched me grow

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    This poem is so touching I lost my mom 7 years ago reading this poem brings tears in my eyes I miss my mom so so so much. Only if my mom was here today to see my princess her beautiful first...

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  16. 36. Mommy Dearest

    • By Deanne Finewood
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2008

    Even though my mother had a heart condition, she died suddenly and unexpectedly. We cherished each day we were able to share together. She was a loving mother and to say that she will be missed is an understatement. She will be in my heart, thoughts and prayers everyday. Forever she will remain Mommy Dearest.

    Mommy Dearest you will always be
    My mother so loving and so loved by me
    For God has taken you to be by his side
    Now in Heaven is where you will reside

    You have blessed my life in so many ways
    I will cherish our memories until the end of my days
    You left me too soon and this was not part of our plan
    But God's wishes always come before those of man

    Without you I must travel the path alone
    No longer my guide, the way you had shown
    Your heart my have been weak, but you were strong
    For your loving embrace I will always long

    God sent you to me as a special gift from above
    To teach me life's lessons and shower me with your love
    I will always remember your beautiful and smiling face
    In my heart you will always have a very special place

    A special bond we shared like no other
    For this is possible for only Daughter and Mother
    I thanked God for each day we were able to share
    But without you in my life it is too difficult to bear

    Being with God, I hope you will find joy and peace
    In this I can find comfort and some happiness at least
    For Mommy Dearest you will always be
    My Mother so loving and so loved by me

    Mommy Dearest

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    I love this poem, I was looking for a poem to place on my Facebook page in remembrance of my Mom on mother's day and what would have been her upcoming birthday

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  17. 37. Mother And Daughter

    • By Amanda D. Lindley
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    As a mother lies on her deathbed gazing at her daughter, she is confident that the bond they share will not be broken.

    A beautiful cry as I fade away
    I open my eyes to see her face
    The miracle of a new life
    Through all the pain and strife
    Heaven's angel here to take my place
    To run the race of this world
    In the form of a little girl
    Through all the commotion
    I feel the emotion of a joyful life
    As death calls me
    The end of a life to be
    I feel no pain
    No shame
    No regret
    Nor do I fear
    For with her eyes and a tear
    She fills me with joy, calm and peace
    As my life does decease
    She will live
    The gift I give to all
    As I stand tall
    I will watch her
    From the Heavenly altar
    For she will always be
    The living part of me
    My beautiful daughter.

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    The last time I saw my dear Mum before she died was waving from her hospital bed with tears falling down her face. It is so poignant to me this poem /thank you xxxxx

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  18. 38. This Angel To Whom I Was Given

    • By Megan Cummings
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2015

    My mom is an amazing person. She has been through hell and back, but you wouldn't know it. She taught me what it means to love unconditionally, to give and not expect anything in return, to put others first and most importantly, she taught me about God. She has such a big heart that I'm surprised it fits inside of her. Of course she has flaws, as we all do, but when I look at her all I can see is perfection and I thank God every day that he gave me this beautiful angel to call Mom.

    Poem About The Love A Daughter Has For Her Mom

    One day I was given to an Angel in disguise
    Who's beautiful, yet so fragile wings were tattered beyond recognize

    But this Angel to whom I was given, what a heart of gold had she
    Who had yet to realize how important she would be

    This Angel to whom I was given is so selfless, so giving as can be
    Who shares her gift of mercy so that others may be free

    This Angel to whom I was given is so faithful, so true
    Who would lay down her own life if it meant salvation of one or a few

    This Angel to whom I was given is so thoughtful, so kind
    Whose never-ending love and prayers are the reason I'll be fine

    This Angel to whom I was given is a blessing, my hero all the time
    I am so proud to call her Mom, this beautiful Angel of mine

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  19. 39. Mother

    • By Kari M. Forhan
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    A letter to a mother who works from dawn to dusk and has little in terms of financial success to show for it. Her daughter takes the time to tell her mother how much she appreciates her.

    I Love You Letter


    I see you working hard,
    To give us a better life,
    Working all those hours,
    For people who barely
    Give you a dime.

    I see you trying,
    To give us all it is,
    That you can give,
    Even though it means you,
    Are the one who never gets.

    I see the tears that drop,
    When holidays come around,
    When you think all we can see,
    Under the Christmas tree,
    Is the uncovered ground.

    I see your struggle,
    Raising us all on your own,
    Never having time to yourself,
    Never a moment alone,
    Always baking something,
    Or folding somebody's clothes,
    Always cleaning up messes,
    Or wiping a runny nose.

    I see your love,
    It's proven by everything you do,
    Every time you say you love me,
    I know you're telling the truth,
    And even though I don't always say it,
    But Mother I love you too.

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    As I read this poem I started crying realizing how much I need and love my mom. Thus poem describes her exactly, it is her birthday soon and I might use some things in here

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  20. 40. My Beautiful Mother

    • By Kathirine Hinkle
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2011

    This Poem is about my mom. My everything. My world. She means so much and I love her. She is serving in the armed forces and has been gone for over 3 years. She means so much to me.

    She is the wind that lifts me up to the sky.
    The very breath that I take each day.
    The morning sun shining down on me.
    The moonlight guiding me through the night.
    My northern star, brightly shining in the darkest of days.
    The warmth of her voice echoes in my head.
    The feeling of her kiss, brings tears to my eyes.
    Her smile, making each rainy day, a little bit brighter.
    Living life as though nothing can hurt her.
    A mother is god in a child's eyes.
    She's my god.
    My everything.
    My world.
    The reason why I push on every day of my life.
    Pressing myself to be better.
    Living my day as each is my last.
    Just as she does.
    She's the life that is mine.
    The rhythm of my heartbeat.
    The core of my soul.
    She is the one who wipes the tears away.
    She is the one who can cry and still stay strong.
    She is the one who takes all of my worries away.
    And enlightens my day.
    She is unlike any other.
    She is my one, my only.
    My Beautiful Mother.

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    I lost my mother back in 2006 . Still today I feel her presence even more so when I'm going through something emotional. This poem touched me right in the spot where my heart aches. I only...

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