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  1. She Makes A House A Home

    • By Maggie Bernard
    • Published: May 2016
    A Mother Always Loves Poem

    The lady who has loved you as you've grown
    will always love and cherish you for all time.
    She has the greatest heart ever known.

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  3. For All Women In My Life

    • By Malcolm Yendaw
    • Published: December 2014
    You Have Helped Me Grow

    How can I thank you for your support,
    For the guidance, prayers, and help of all sorts?

    So much you have done that I could never repay.

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  4. A Mother's Hug

    • By Amber L. Alaniz
    • Published: May 10, 2020
    The Comfort Of A Mother's Hug

    A mother's hug is as warm as could be,
    For if you haven't had one, you will see.
    Her hug shoves out remorse and despair
    And fills happiness into the once empty air.

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  6. To My Beloved Mother

    Though words are written
    About mothers, that is true,
    Still, I know that no one ever had
    A mother just like you.

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  7. My Mother

    Mother Acrostic Poem

    M-My life would be a mess without you.
    O-Of many sacrifices, I can remember you made and ever do.
    T-The selfless love and kindness is an abundant blessing.
    H-Heart of yours as beautiful as the view of a sun rising.

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  8. How Can I Say Thank You Enough?

    • By Verliza T. Gajeles
    • Published: May 10, 2020
    Expressing How Thankful I Am For My Mom

    These are the words I've constructed in my mind,
    to say thank you for all that you've done.
    But words are somehow hard to find.
    Before I could say it, they're long gone.

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  10. Motherhood

    Motherhood Acrostic Poem

    M is for Mummy or Mama or Mum.
    O is for Organized. No? It will come!
    T is for Tantrums and Terrible Twos;
    H is for Hurry! A dash for the loos!

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  11. Do What I Can't

    Taking Mother For Granted Poem

    Make sure to call mama on Mother's Day,
    Her birthday and the rest.
    You know she's sitting by the phone
    Wishing you all the best.

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    This poem resonated with me big time. Instant emotions falling from my eyes. It's been four months since I've lost my Mom. There will be no one ever that loved me the way she did. Thank You...

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  12. A Mother's Struggles

    • By Christina Vasquez
    • Published: February 2018

    The struggle to survive
    To survive the daily chaos
    The chaos that leads to frustration
    The frustration that makes her find her strength

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  13. A Woman's Worth

    • By Ashanti Holliday
    • Published: October 2008
    Treating Mother With Disrespect

    She gave life. She is a wife.
    She is a mother and she is a friend.
    She is a sister, a survivor 'til the end.

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    I love so much when a young person realizes all that her mother gave to her freely and willingly. My children were taught to turn from me, and all I hang onto is the hope that they remember...

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