Mother Poem

The Comfort Of A Mother's Hug

My poem is about a mother's hug and all the things you feel during that moment. I don't necessarily remember what I wrote this poem for or when, but I was thinking of using it for Mother's Day. It is a rhyming poem.

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A Mother's Hug


Published by Family Friend Poems May 2020 with permission of the Author.

A mother's hug is as warm as could be,
For if you haven't had one, you will see.
Her hug shoves out remorse and despair
And fills happiness into the once empty air.
When she looks into your guilty eyes,
She can see all those disappointing lies.
So there is no use in trying to hide your regretful sins,
Because after all, you probably do need a cleanse.
As tears run down your troubled face,
It helps to know that she will give you some grace.
Hugging you, she tells you everything will be okay,
And you believe that with no dismay.
Her warmth radiates through her to you,
Showing you that she loves you so much too.
It brings comfort as she strokes your hair
and tells you that no matter what, she will always be there.


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