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Son Poems

Father To Son Poems

The relationship of a son towards both his parents is very complex. A son will likely feel a close bond with his mother, yet see his father as an adversary and competitor. When a son sees how his father interacts with his mother he will either attempt to model his father's behavior or reject his father's example of relationships with women. From the parents' point of view, having a son can be one of the greatest joys they will ever experience but also one of the greatest challenges. Balancing the need to offer freedom to your son while placing appropriate boundaries may be an area of contention.

Mother To Son Poems

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  1. I Hope You Know How Much I Love You

    • By Rita Luna
    • Published: February 2006
    Mother To Son Poem

    To My Son,
    I hope you know how much I love you so.
    I might embarrass you from time to time
    By giving lots of love and needless kisses,

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    You are NOT alone. Hold onto hope. Find peace in your heart. I lost 15 years and 3 weeks with my son. No contact, minimal updates. I was on a bad path, sent my son to his father (I wanted...

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  3. Never Unsaid

    Love For My Son Poem

    I never want this to go unsaid,
    So here in this poem is for it to be said.
    There are no words to express how much you mean to me,
    A son like you, I thought could never be.

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    I'll never forget the day I found out I was going to be a mommy. I was scared to death since I was only 16. I didn't know the first thing about being a mother. Then all that fear went away. I...

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  4. To My Son

    Poem About Mom Always Supporting Son


    Oh, how the years go by.
    Oh, how time can certainly fly.
    From once just a thought in faraway dreams,
    now into my arms and in my eyes gleam

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    My first born will be 22 in a couple of months. I thought for sure he would be home for a long time to be. I miss my son's face and laughter everyday. I get jealous when I hear someone...

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  6. My Little Boy

    • By Sabrina A. Hernandez
    • Published: February 2006

    No amount of gold could ever compare to the gift of love that my son shares.
    I've been blind and I couldn't see that all the love I've wanted is right here in front of me.
    He gives me reason to get through another day.
    Maybe it's how he loves me in his special little way.

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    A newborn in my life that God has chosen for me! Oh my God a 7lb 3 once bundle of joy, this child, this blessing that the Lord has sent to me! The most precious of time, sleeping on my...

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  7. Missing You

    • By Mary E. Ferstler
    • Published: February 2006
    Son Choosing The Wrong Path

    I miss my son
    who used to be
    who cared about himself
    and his family

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    I was a single mother of one, my son who is now 29 years old (30 in September). This will be the first birthday that he and I will not be together because up until two years ago my son was a...

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  8. A Man Of Your Own

    Poem To Son Turning 21

    As your mother, I want what's best for you
    and want to see good in all that you do
    I would like you to take this advice and understand
    that even though you are now a man,

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    My youngest is soon to turn 21 and I could not have said it any better. A wonderful tribute to a son.

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  10. To My Son

    • By Erica M. Ortega
    • Published: February 2006
    In You My Life Lies

    I never appreciated my life until I gave you yours,
    So it could be said that you gave me life.
    Allowing me no longer to live carelessly.
    Stopping me from living my life daily.

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  11. A Mother And Her Son

    • By April Standifer
    • Published: February 2006
    Poem About A Firstborn Son

    Often in unspoken words, connections are locked,
    Creating foundations that can never be rocked.
    Foundations of love, honesty, and truth!
    Connect a friendship that started from youth!

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    You were sent to me to save me (not just 1 little boy but also two little girls). Sent to me to set me free, free from the streets and free from the drugs that were starting to take over me....

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  12. What I Wish For You My Son

    • By Linda M. Johnson
    • Published: February 2006
    Poem About A Mother's Wish For Her Son

    What I wish for you today and every day thereafter,
    I wish for you the joys of life to come.
    I wish for you that the life you lead may be praised by God for now and always.
    I wish for you the knowledge to face life as it comes.

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    There is no story here...I just wanted to say how much I appreciated this poem. I was feeling that I needed/wanted to say something special to my son who will be reaching his 40th birthday...

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  13. A Father To His Son

    A father sees his son nearing manhood.
    What shall he tell that son?
    "Life is hard; be steel; be a rock."
    And this might stand him for the storms

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