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  1. Let There Be Love

    Love As The Driving Force In A Marriage

    The two of you have gathered
    At this beautiful church today.
    You've invited all of your family and friends
    To celebrate your wedding day.

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  3. My Wedding Day

    • By Lacey D. Karlek
    • Published: February 2006
    Poem From Bride To Father


    I think about the time,
    Not so long ago,
    That when I needed a helping hand,
    You where the first to know

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    I enjoyed this poem very much because fathers are often neglected at weddings. And fathers are very important!

  4. My Ashley

    • By Shannon Smith Harwell
    • Published: October 2008
    My Darling Daughter

    My darling daughter, Ashley,
    I just want you to know
    wherever your life takes you,
    my heart shall also go. ...

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    My beautiful daughter is getting married today, and I must share her now with the man she has chosen. This poem just says it all for me it is lovely, and so heartfelt I am going to share it...

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  6. Heaven Holds You

    • By Tammy L. Magner
    • Published: February 2006
    Thinking Of You In Heaven On Our Wedding Day Poem

    On this day of marriage
    You are watching from above
    Along with all of us you are
    Witnessing our love

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  7. The Happiest Day Of My Life

    The happiest day of my life
    Was when I first laid eyes on you
    For you were like a gift from God
    An Angel sweet and beautiful

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  8. Her Wedding Day

    Walking Down The Aisle

    Gloriously she walks down the aisle,
    And already she can see his gorgeous smile.
    That smile that is so soft and sweet,
    That smile that makes her knees go weak.

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  10. Heirloom Of Love

    Mixed Emotions From The Father Of The Bride

    There she sits before her mirror,
    Primping in excitement, her face flushed.
    Today is her day; she will never know
    How much I hurt, how scared I am

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    This is exactly what I went through the day of my daughter's wedding. Tears and a sort of rage that her new husband was taking her away from me. I questioned whether he could protect her as I...

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  11. Wedding Day Thoughts

    • By Mark S. Rogers
    • Published: February 2006

    On your wedding day we ponder
    All the stages that you've known
    From the time that you were little...

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  12. Just Yesterday

    • By Danielle Neidich
    • Published: July 2007


    I can't believe this day is finally here,
    Just yesterday we were building tents in your room,
    When did the time disappear?...

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  13. The Wedding

    • By John B. Langley
    • Published: February 2006
    Country Wedding Poem

    The groom stood by his solemn bride before the country preacher
    Angelic hosts had gathered close to notice every feature
    The tall man stood in suit of blue, the short bride dressed in green...

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    I read this poem to my daughter and son-in-law on their wedding day, and I would like to be able to have it framed as a wedding gift.

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