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Poems About First Time Love

Of all the love poems written, love poems by teens are the most romantic, and passionate. Everything is more intense when you are tasting it for the first time, and that first taste of love is often enough to blow you away. During our teens is when we first encounter the heady feelings of love. The memories of our first kiss, our first date, our first "I love you" are remembered for the rest of our lives.


Something About You

Poem About Feeling Strongly For Someone

There is somethin' 'bout those eyes
When you look at me and grin
It seems to me like life just stops
I hope it's not a sin
To think about you all day long
And to see you in my dreams
To feel your arms around me
Protecting me it seems
When you reach out and grab my hand
Or when your arm is around me
There is nowhere I would rather be
Than right here with you beside me
I can hear you whisper in my ear
I can feel your hand in mine
There is something about the way you speak
That makes me feel just fine
When I think about you
I wish you weren't so far away
So maybe I could get the courage
To look at you and say...
Every time I hear that song
Every time we speak
I miss you like no other can
When you kiss me on the cheek
I feel like nothing can come and hurt me
Like nothing can destroy
This feeling deep inside me
When I think about you, boy
There is just somethin' 'bout the way you say
Sweet dreams to me each night
How you call me darling, toots, and dear
It makes me feel just right
I am always smiling all day long
After I get to see your face
I am always looking forward
To the next time we'll embrace
I love the way you laugh out loud
The way you make me smile
The way you're not afraid to hold my hand
Even if only for a while
I love the way you look at me
And the way you always care
The way you look me in the eyes
And sometimes even stare
I love the way you give me hugs
That sometimes last forever
I really hope this thing we have
Will never grow to sever
There is nowhere I would rather be
Than right here with you beside me



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I fell in love with a guy who lives in another state.... When I read this poem it made me think about how much I love him and don't want to lose him. Even though space separates us, he means...

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