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Poems About First Time Love

Of all the love poems written, love poems by teens are the most romantic, and passionate. Everything is more intense when you are tasting it for the first time, and that first taste of love is often enough to blow you away. During our teens is when we first encounter the heady feelings of love. The memories of our first kiss, our first date, our first "I love you" are remembered for the rest of our lives.


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  1. Something About You

    • By Hillary Louise
    • Published: April 2015
    Poem About Feeling Strongly For Someone

    There is somethin' 'bout those eyes
    When you look at me and grin
    It seems to me like life just stops
    I hope it's not a sin

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    I fell in love with a guy who lives in another state.... When I read this poem it made me think about how much I love him and don't want to lose him. Even though space separates us, he means...

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  3. Once Upon A Love

    • By Sierra Vaughn
    • Published: August 2010
    Poem About Remembering A Lover

    What we have is something new,
    Our love for each other has always been true.
    We met in a very uncertain way,
    but if it wasn't for that, ...

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    This is so amazing! I'm 12, and I'm in love with this guy who lives in the state rival to mine (football) and he loves me back. Our relationship has been rocky, and I love him for always...

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  4. The Way I Truly Feel

    • By Tyler Morgan
    • Published: June 2011
    Remembering The Start Of A Relationship Poem

    I remember the first time we met,
    I knew I never had a chance with you,
    I remember looking into your eyes,
    I saw the love and happiness in your soul,...

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  6. Love

    Love Is A Feeling

    Love is a feeling that makes you dream..
    A boy and a girl as though it seems...
    And when their hearts do connect,
    the relationship that the both of you get......

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  7. My Love Story

    • By Ro
    • Published: July 2011
    Poem About An Unfolding Relationsihp

    When I first met you
    I didn't think twice
    in a few seconds I knew I was caught
    my heart beats in a thrice...

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    This is exactly what I'm going through now. Every little word described here is what makes my present life as a teenager. Awesome poem!

  8. 5 Scents Of Love

    Poem That Describes Love Using Senses

    Looking into your eyes is like looking at the ocean
    You never get tired of it

    Feeling your hands touch me is like hugging a teddy bear...

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  10. When I First Met You

    • By Angela Rodriguez
    • Published: October 2009

    ~When I first met you~

    When I first met you, I didn't give it a second thought
    But after a few hours I knew that I was caught...

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    This is happening to me to and I really like that guy and he is like a brother to me but he has a girlfriend and she is my best friend. It hurts so much to see them together but if he is...

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  11. Don't You Miss Me

    • By Billie
    • Published: September 2008
    Poem About The End Of A Relationship

    I sit and cry on my bed at home
    missing you it hurts
    why did you have to go
    go so far away, don't you miss me...

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  12. Angel In The Dark

    • By Megan
    • Published: December 2013

    You dance like an angel in the night,
    When I close my eyes you're dancing around me.
    Steady keeping my hands from shaking,
    I'm not scared anymore my love is yours for the taking....

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  13. I Can't Sleep at Night

    • By Juan Escobar
    • Published: June 2010

    I can't sleep at night because all I think about is you.
    I can't pay attention in school cause all I think about is you.
    My heart races when I get a text from you.
    I smile when I see you walk and I stare when I hear you talk. ...

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