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  1. Tears No More

    • By Jessica Cutts
    • Published: March 2011

    I told you how I felt,
    But you turned the other cheek.
    I was basically rejected.
    I feel so small, so very weak.

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    I met him this year while I was in the process of leaving an abusive relationship. We met on a dating app and became besties. We told each other everything. Long story short, he lied to me...

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  3. The Promise

    Getting Your Heart Broken

    I love you.
    Those three words didn't mean a thing.
    I thought we were meant to be,
    But I guess it was just a fling.

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    This poem meant a lot to me. This is my first real heartbreak. It really does hurt when a relationship comes to an end. The good thing is that this is a learning experience that can help us...

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  4. Broken

    • By Justine
    • Published: March 2010

    You promised forever
    Now, Forever came and went
    Now I feel so alone
    I can't believe you could really do this to me....

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  6. Little Broken Heart

    I love that you...
    The you I knew...
    The you I always wanted...
    The one who spread happiness all around......

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  7. Can't Stop Myself From Loving Him

    Why am I such a fool?
    I can't stop myself from loving you.
    And countless nights I've cried for you,
    Just because my feelings are true.

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    I think you can survive. The thing is that you haven't let go of him. I would tell you that you are too special to be someone's second best while you can be someone else's only best... Just...

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  8. No Way

    No Escape From Heartbreak

    Love a sense of belonging,
    A common feeling of caring.
    Heartbreak severe loneliness,
    A common feeling of emptiness....

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    Love can be like a sea storm,
    And if you survive you will end up lost and torn,
    feeling so cold and far away,
    instead of warm and here to stay

    When you reach civilization,
    You feel...

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  10. My Heart

    • By Madorie
    • Published: February 2010
    Poems About Love And Emotional Pain And Trust

    It's broken but there.
    It's been crushed but still beating.
    It's been ripped from my body but still with me.
    I can repair it but will you destroy it again?

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    I know how you feel my crush made my heart feel exactly like this and this poem captures the pain.

  11. What Did I Do Wrong?

    I can't stop singing Taylor Swift songs 
    I can't stop asking what I did wrong 
    You once there and now your gone
    I'm to scared to turn the light on...

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  12. Lack Of Reality

    I look at myself in the mirror,
    Disgusted by what I see.
    Every time that you get nearer,
    Is an unsolved mystery...

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    This is incredible. I see the emotion behind it. :) You are VERY talented.

  13. Never Fall In Love!

    • By Courtney Keck
    • Published: October 2009

    I fell in love one time, and it won't happen again!
    The person I fell in love with was more than a friend.
    I thought he loved me, but I see I was wrong.
    Everything was a lie all along.

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    I just broke up with the one I had given my heart too and when I decided to leave him it hurt so bad because I had fallen in love too quick

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