Heartbreak Poems by Teens

Broken Heart Poems

Time heals all wounds, they say, but heartbreak is a wound deeper than most. Emotions can range from profound sadness to intense anger to utter emptiness in the course of a single day, which is exhausting. Having to face the person you loved at school or elsewhere can be excruciating and draining. Crying yourself to sleep might even become part of your daily routine. Most of the time, it seems impossible to find the strength to just let go and move on. After all, how can you force your heart stop loving someone?

Poems for When Love Hurts

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  1. My One-Sided Love

    My love to her is a roaring fire.
    She's all I ever did or will desire.
    Without her I am no more,
    'Cause she's all I live for.

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    In my experience, a boy with the courage to put it all out there for all to see is not only rare, it's inspiring! I am so proud that the author took this step. He has set an amazing example....

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  3. Since You Left

    • By Hope Khamluanglat
    • Published: April 2018

    I feel so empty; all colors are dull.
    I can barely breathe on my own.
    The light is gone and dark is back.
    Cover me in endless black,

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    I enjoyed the poem "Since You Left." The poet spoke her heart out.

  4. Broken Heart In Silver Moonlight

    • By Britany Scherbarth
    • Published: June 2017
    Looking To Rekindle A Relationship

    The full moon shines down upon me,
    My new eyes seeing much more clearly.
    I gaze upon my lover's face,
    Much like crystalline lace.

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  6. Burns

    • By Brittany
    • Published: May 2016
    Still In Love With Him

    There I stand,
    staring at the door
    that burns

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  7. Now I Know

    • By Sadie
    • Published: March 2016
    Poem Expressing Hurt From Boyfriend's Betrayal

    You crushed me,
    Can't you see?
    I thought we were meant to be.

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  8. Forever

    • By Bri
    • Published: February 2016
    Poem About Love Not Lasting

    My heart is now in so much pain.
    My tears are falling like pouring rain.

    I can no longer sleep a full night.

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    Yes, I was touched by this poem. They say nothing is forever, but I don't believe that! Love can be and is beautiful. The more you love someone, the bigger the hurt if something goes wrong....

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  10. Our Past

    • By Joseph Weiser
    • Published: January 2016
    Poem About Wanting To Go Back To The Past

    At the end of a rope that leads nowhere.
    The hope I sought,
    broken like glass.

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  11. Stone Cold Affection

    • By Line Rensleigh
    • Published: November 2015
    Poem About Teenage Struggles

    Stabbing through with your concrete blade
    You shattered my once indestructible heart

    I thought I was strong - could handle the pain

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  12. Missing Him

    Poem Wondering Why I'm Still In Love

    Day by day,
    Miles apart,
    I hold him close
    In my heart.

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    I don't have much of a story but I did want to leave a comment: I really liked this poem. It felt very personal as I turned someone away many years ago. I still love her to this day. I...

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  13. Heartbreak

    Poem About Wanting Another Chance

    You held my hand,
    Looked into my eyes,
    Said those three words,
    It was our moment,

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