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Finding an amazing girlfriend isn't always easy. The best girlfriend isn't just the girl you think is beautiful the first time you meet her. Many times, the best girlfriend is the girl that makes you laugh, the girl that gives you good advice and great hugs, and the girl whose friendship means so much to you that suddenly you can't help but fall in love in love with her. That kind of girlfriend will always be there for you, in good times and bad times. She deserves to be appreciated.


Arms Fully Open

Poem About My True Love

Clock's ticking slowly,
With minutes floating away.
Minutes to hours. Hours to days.
Day after day,
I hope and I pray,
For this moment to stay.
Stay now. Stay forever.
Stay constant this way.

A beautiful lady
I have right beside me.
Grasping hands so softly.
Perfect life, living calmly.
I step to the future.
Her step comes to follow.
The clock keeps on ticking-
A better tomorrow.
A sky comes to hover.
She falls from above.
With arms fully open,
I catch my true love.



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Love is not everything, but everything is my love for you.
If earth smiles then the whole world will shake, but if you smile, my heart will shake.
-Max Kenton

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