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Poem About the Ups and Downs of Motherhood

A mother talks about the joy of motherhood.

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A Mother's Joy


Published: February 2006

The first time I held you in my arms, I cried.
Then you looked up, or tried to, as if you knew that I was your mother. 
You brought plenty of pain to me when I was pregnant, waiting for me to set you free.
But that was all over the second you came into my life.
Hearing you weep at night became frustrating to me at times.
You required extra attention so you wouldn't cry.
So I would pick you up and sing a sweet lullaby.
The years flew by and I can't believe that you're all mine.
My creation, my soul, my everything!
My dear son, A Mother's Joy!
So suddenly, your sister was born.
Making me realize now, I have two joys in my life.
She is more patient, doesn't nag like you did.
Now she is up to your speed, following your every move.
Can't believe my two babies are now toddlers.
Running around, playing with their toys, always telling me that they love me.
I would say, The greatest love of all are my two kids.
A Mother's Joy!



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