Bad Mother Child Relationship Poems

Published: June 2018

Poems About Overcoming Broken Mother Child Relationships

Some mother-child relationships are strained or tense. Wounds exist that create frustration, anger, and distance. Poems in this collection are about navigating troublesome relationships between mothers and daughters and mothers and sons.

These poems delve into the emotions of frustration, anger, and distance that can arise between mothers and their daughters or sons. Through their words, these poets offer a glimpse into the struggles and triumphs of navigating difficult relationships between mothers and children.

14 Poems About Overcoming Broken Mother Child Relationships

  1. 1. I Needed You

    • By Angie M Flores
    • Published by Family Friend Poems May 2008 with permission of the Author.

    Not receiving the love that one needs from their mother.

    in Anger Poems

    When I was sad and depressed,
    I needed you to be cheer me up.
    Instead, I drank till I was numb enough not to feel anything.

    When everyone was attacking me and putting me down, making me feel so low,
    I needed you to be the one to defend me and be on my side.
    Instead, I endured all the cruel words and criticism the world threw at me.

    When I lost all my friends and had no one,
    I needed you to be that only friend I had left.
    Instead, I experienced what the word "friendless" really meant.

    When I was scared and frightened,
    I needed you to be my security blanket.
    Instead, I had to live in fear.

    When I was angry and full of rage,
    I needed you to calm me down.
    Instead, I kept it all bottled up inside.

    When I felt so lonely and needed someone to care,
    I needed you to hold me tight and never let me go.
    Instead, I grew up alone with no one to turn to.

    When I was hurt and in pain,
    I needed you to come running with you healing ways.
    Instead, I remained scarred and bruised.

    When I would inflict self-torture, wanting to die,
    I needed you to stop me and tell me how important I was.
    Instead, I hid my scars and became oblivious to everyone.

    When I would cry myself to sleep at night,
    I needed you to wipe the tears away.
    Instead, I held my pillow tight while never-ending tears streamed down my face.

    When my world was crashing down on me,
    I needed you to be the one I ran to.
    Instead, I locked myself in my room in complete despair.

    When I felt unloved,
    I needed you to tell me how much you loved me.
    Instead, I learned the words "I love you" are meaningless.

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    As the eldest in the family I was always the one who got blamed for the mistakes of my sister. My sister and I don't share a bond. As far as I can remember, we were still young when I put...

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  2. 2. You Left Me For No Reason

    I was only 15 months old when my mom left me. My dad wouldn't let me spend the night with her until I was 5 because she would always take me to someone else's house and leave me there. I cry sometimes still, but I have another mom who is much better.

    in Hurting Poems by Teens

    You had me, you left me, you never cared.
    I was your second child and still you weren't prepared.

    On the lonely nights when I was sad,
    You were the one who made me feel bad.

    You were never there to wipe my tears.
    You weren't there for me throughout the years.

    When I was lonely, you weren't there.
    I guess that's because you didn't care.

    I could never forgive you for what you did,
    Because sometimes I wished I was dead.

    Without a mother, I was lost and confused.
    If parenting were a contest, you would lose.

    Call me or write me, you never did.
    How could you do that to your own kid?

    You had me, you left me, you never cared,
    You are the reason that I was scared.

    All those days that I've been upset
    Will soon become your biggest regret.

    You never even called just to say hi.
    You never even called just to say goodbye.

    Years and years passed and still no word.
    The words I love you I never heard.

    When I was sick, you didn't comfort me.
    When I was hurt, you didn't bandage me.

    I don't want you to be a part of my life,
    No matter how many times you apologize.

    I'm just gonna pretend like you didn't even exist,
    Because you didn't even give me one last kiss.

    You had me, you left me, you never cared.
    My most important memories we never shared.

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    I can totally relate to this. Reading this brought tears to my eyes. I had to fight to hold them back. My dad and mom left me at the age of 5. They divorced, and I was left. I had no idea...

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  4. 3. Not Good Enough

    • By Imza
    • Published by Family Friend Poems October 2009 with permission of the Author.

    No one understands how alone I feel. When you look in my eyes, you might see happiness, but inside, I'm falling apart.

    in Hurting Poems by Teens

    I help you through hard times, as you do for me,
    But you really don't know how much I hide.
    Even though we are the best of friends,
    I really don't think you can understand.
    I can't bear the hurt; I can't stand the pain,
    A feeling of numbness I can't explain.

    This is a life in which I walk alone,
    Full of hope shattered and broken,
    Always angry for no reason at all,
    Constantly wanting to end this brawl.
    Fighting with myself again and again,
    Sometimes I want this life to end.

    Mom's depressed but chooses to hide,
    Takes out her anger on those by her side,
    Doesn't understand I try to help.
    She shuns me out and hates instead.

    Grandma's enduring an unstoppable fate.
    Sickness has gotten her on the plate.
    It's sad to see such an innocent person
    Become another cancer victim.

    Too many friends are hurt as well
    Thinking that their life is hell.
    Too many friends wanting to stop,
    Thinking suicide is the only option.

    But inside me is the worst of all.
    I don't know how long I can stand tall.
    Memories of happiness are shooed away,
    But horrible twisted thoughts to stay.

    Nothing I do can make her proud.
    There's no silver lining on her clouds.
    I'm a rainstorm filled with dark black skies
    And a haunting rainfall full of lies.
    I only wish I could make her see
    I'm trying hard so I can be
    Someone she that can trust and love.
    Instead, she tells me I'm not good enough.
    Everything I do is a wrong decision.
    She constantly tells me I'm not living
    The path that she truly wishes I'd take,
    But I'm only one big mistake.
    If I could I'd erase myself from here,
    I wouldn't have to live this fear.

    I also wish I could be skinny
    And always happy, fun, and pretty.
    Instead, I look at myself in the mirror,
    Disappointed in the reflection that appears.
    It's hard to live when you don't love who you are,
    Wishing that you could change it all.

    Every day I make a mental note.
    How much would I miss if I decide to go?
    And how much hurt makes me lean towards the edge
    Is slowly creeping up the hedge.
    How much longer can I last
    Before my life becomes one of the past?

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    For a dad, it's really hard when you’re unable to heal her most precious heart. I read a poem so it can give me ideas on what else I need to say, but what can a dad do if his daughter is...

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  5. 4. Love At Last

    • By Peggy Liimatta
    • Published by Family Friend Poems April 2008 with permission of the Author.

    I am a mother hurting and trying to regain my daughter's love. I wrote this poem from my heart and find poetry a very satisfying way to get my feelings out. This is the first poem I have ever really worked hard on and actually finished. Thanks for reading it.

    in Mother Daughter Poems

    I remember the good times
    that we once had...
    but still my life
    is sad

    I try to look forward,
    but my mind goes back...
    because a piece of the glass
    on our portrait is cracked.

    I try so hard to protect the glass.
    I won't let it shatter...
    Because you and your love
    are all that matters.

    My family is all
    that means anything to me.
    Still...everything always
    gets blamed on me.

    This happens to moms
    all over the world.
    We're supposed to be perfect;
    we learn this as girls.

    I have never been great
    or the "best of moms"...
    And at times I've failed
    by the things I've done wrong.

    For those things, I am sorry.
    I didn't want you to cry...
    but please remember
    my eyes are not dry.

    I hope you can find
    our love that seems lost.
    For the mistakes I have made
    came at a very high cost.

    A piece of my life,
    is missing and gone.
    And everything feels
    Oh so wrong.

    But there is one thing
    that I can do.
    I will try to be strong
    just for you.

    One thing I feel
    down deep in my heart.
    It's my love for you.
    I guess that's a start.

    You have a new son
    now growing inside.
    And I hope that you feel
    each of his kicks with pride.

    You will feel love
    like never before.
    It is your family
    you will completely adore.

    It's a new beginning.
    you will forget the past.
    It completes you as a woman.
    It will be "love at last."

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    I was so surprised someone endured a mother's pain such as I experienced. My husband was a philanderer and also left me alone a lot in Winnipeg. The children and I coped, but it was lonely. A...

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  7. 5. How Do You Call Yourself A Mom?

    • By Taryn
    • Published by Family Friend Poems April 2009 with permission of the Author.

    I wrote this poem just now about my mom and how she makes me feel. When my parents got a divorce my mom went back to her old boyfriend. And now she neglects me and my 2 older sisters.I have a tough time knowing my mom isn't around to show me the ropes. But it's her choice. I still love her. But it doesn't seem like she loves me anymore.

    in Anger Poems

    Looking in your eyes
    Tells me something's wrong.
    Never began to realize
    You've neglected for so long.

    It seems you're never there,
    You never really try,
    And every time I want to be with you
    You make up stupid lies.

    I feel as if
    I'm just your friend,
    That you hate being around,
    So don't pretend.

    Don't say you love me
    With that dreadful tone.
    It doesn't make sense
    Why you never answer your phone.

    It's pathetic to know
    You had three daughters,
    But you have nothing to do with any of them;
    That truly makes me wonder.

    Sure our family has had problems,
    But not that bad that you can ignore,
    So if you expect me to stick around,
    I'll walk right out of the door.

    You wonder why I live with dad.
    At least he does try.
    Daddy has always cared about me.
    Do you know how much this makes me cry?

    I feel like you're dead
    Because you're never there.
    You're dead to me.
    How is that fair?

    I have never done anything to hurt you,
    And your boyfriend comes before me?
    That's bull crap, Mom.
    Pay attention to me.

    It's always poor, poor, pitiful you.
    You always have problems.
    You tell me your troubles
    Like I'm supposed to stop them?

    You used to call every day
    Just to see how I was doing.
    Now it's like you don't own a phone
    As my emotions are brewing.

    It's so hard not to cry
    Knowing my mother is barely around.
    I see girls so close the their mothers,
    But it's as if mine is already in the ground.

    Do you ever cry over me, Mom?
    Do you ever stop and wonder
    About how I am doing?
    You're just a silent thunder.

    I hate loving you.
    There's no point if it's not returned.
    My sisters hate it too.
    I feel like my skin is in a blazing fire being burned.

    Trying to smile
    When I'm with you, never seem to faze me.
    You were always the "cool mom"
    But now you don't care about me.

    So now when you need me,
    I hope you know I won't be here.
    I hope one day you read this
    And it brings a world of fear.

    I don't want your hugs
    And fake understanding.
    I want a mom
    Who is never-ending.

    I'm sorry, Mom,
    But I gotta say
    I'll always love you
    But never look my way!

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    I can feel this poem. My father died early. I live with my 2 siblings and mother. My grandparents pay for everything for us. My mother is a good person only towards my siblings. She takes me...

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  8. 6. Blind

    • By Jack Mcifco
    • Published by Family Friend Poems July 2008 with permission of the Author.

    This poem is how I feel. Even if I'm ashamed of it, it's a big part of my life, and it changed me.

    in Anger Poems

    You are blind.
    You can never see
    All the anger built up in me.
    I hated life,
    I wanted out.
    You didn't care.
    You would just shout.

    I felt so alone,
    Thought I didn't need anyone.
    Turns out I just needed a mum.

    The black sheep,
    I was never a part,
    Furthest away from your heart.
    Things have changed.
    I'm growing old.
    I don't need you;
    You still feel cold.

    I'm now out of sight,
    Out of mind.
    I don't need you, I'll do all right.
    I don't need your blessing
    Or your cash.
    Without your help I'll make a splash,
    Land on my feet with a crash.

    I'm happier than ever.
    My life's brand new,
    And most of all,
    I'm not like you.

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    I can totally relate. My whole life I thought my parents were in love and that we were a happy family, minus some flaws. But last year, I found out the truth. My parents have been married for...

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  9. 7. I Don't Want Any Other

    • By Ashley N. Hoppes
    • Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006 with permission of the Author.

    A girl expresses anguish that her mom is no longer in her life, and tells her mom, "I still love you and want you back."

    in Mother Daughter Poems

    Our life has not been easy.
    We've managed to drift apart.

    But whatever it's worth,
    Know you're always in my heart.

    Not a day goes by
    When I don't wish we'd talk.

    To say hello or goodbye
    Or maybe go for a walk.

    You're missing important days.
    I'm not a girl anymore.

    It's a difficult maze
    Every time my heart's torn.

    There are times I need you
    To be there for me.

    That nurturing statue,
    If only you could be.

    It's not you I blame
    For the way we are.

    But all the hurtful shame
    Left an invisible scar.

    Sometimes I feel trapped;
    I don't know what to do.

    Does God have our life mapped.
    Help me sail across the blue!

    Why can't we mend this?
    We both love each other.

    I'm not sure about sis,
    But I miss my mother.

    I hope you understand
    Why it's so hard to call.

    I have the phone in my hand,
    But it seems to always fall.

    For now I'll hope and pray
    For you to come around.

    That would be the day
    When the new us is found.

    I still love you
    And still want you to be my mother.

    Regardless of what we've been through,
    I don't want any other.

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    I have faced the same problems, and at times losing hope and waking up to a wet pillow full of tears. I love this poem because it gives me hope for another relationship with my mother. Thank you.

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  10. 8. The Way I Feel

    • By Stacy K. Pickering
    • Published by Family Friend Poems July 2006 with permission of the Author.

    Pain between mother and daughter. She can't make her understand; she can only say what she thinks and hope for the best.

    in Mother Daughter Poems

    I feel so much hurt
    I feel so much pain
    I feel like I don't have anyone
    I feel like I want to cry but can't
    I feel so lonely
    I feel so empty
    I feel like my angel has left me

    So much pain
    So little time
    So much hurt inside
    I don't know what to say
    I don't know how to act

    My sunshine has left
    My skies have turned gray
    My world is black
    My eyes are dry
    I'm not my mom's little girl
    I'm just her friend
    I will always love her
    Even if she doesn't love me back

    So much hurt
    So much pain
    So little time

    I'm getting older
    And understanding more
    You are getting older
    And understanding less

    So much hurt
    So much pain
    So little time

    I'm going to live on my own soon
    And you are too
    I'm not going to be here for you much longer
    And you are left all alone

    So much hurt
    So much pain
    So little time

    The choices you make are not right
    You are hurting everyone, even me
    You tell me you care
    But I know you don't
    I once was your little girl; now I'm not

    So much hurt
    So much pain
    So little time

    I can tell in his eyes
    That he will hurt you again
    So much fire in his eyes
    So much hate waiting to release
    No one can stop you, not even me
    But he can stop you in the end

    So much hurt
    So much pain
    So little time

    When you go I will cry
    And I think back and see your face
    You should have listened to me
    When things went wrong
    When you are gone I will think
    About how much pain he caused
    And how much hurt he made you feel
    And how much you hurt me
    So little time before he hurts more and you will die

    So much hurt
    So much pain
    So little time

    I love you in my heart
    And that will never change
    I will always be here
    until that day when you are gone
    So many chances
    So many different ways
    So many tears
    And not enough thoughts
    So much for me to tell you how I feel
    But never enough time

    So much hurt
    So much pain
    So little time

    Done By: Stacy Pickering
    Date: April 20th 2004

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    I felt every single word of this poem me and my birth Mum are not close it's a bit hard for me knowing that your birth Mum wants nothing to do with you or she doesn't love you at all. The...

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  11. 9. Tears For My Mother

    • By Roxanna L. Watts
    • Published by Family Friend Poems September 2006 with permission of the Author.

    Instead of writing a rosy but fake poem, a daughter chooses to spill her guts and pain to her mother on mother's day.

    in Mother Daughter Poems

    I was asked to write a poem
    About Mother's Day
    But when I sat down to write
    I had nothing to say

    I could see that the task at hand
    Was going to be very hard for me
    Because of your feelings
    I didn't want to hurt them, you see

    But all I can do
    Is write what's in my heart
    And where you're concerned
    I feel confused and torn apart

    I deal with the issues
    Of our relationship each day
    I question if you liked me, loved me
    And wanted me in any way

    I've wanted to talk to you
    About my issues for a long time now
    But with the hurt, anger, and pain
    I didn't know how

    All I know is that all the good times
    Are blocked from my mind
    And all I can seem to remember
    Is you leaving us behind

    Like the times daddy would put us in the car
    And we would go and look for you
    Why you kept running away from your family
    I hadn't the slightest clue

    I used to worry about you a lot
    And still do till this day
    Wondering if you ever missed us
    And praying that you were okay

    I pray to God constantly
    To somehow tighten our bond
    I've cried about this so much
    That my tears could fill up a pond

    How I long to cry on your shoulder
    While listening to you say
    It's going to be all right, baby
    Everything will be okay

    I've begged, pleaded, and prayed
    To feel your unconditional love
    And often think that this is too big of a task
    For the man up above

    But when my child is away
    I miss him so much that I ache
    And wonder how you can be away from us
    And not feel the same way

    I wish that I could tell you
    My deepest secrets, worries, and fears
    So that you can console me
    And wipe away my tears

    Momma I love you so much
    With all of my heart
    But even when I'm near you
    It feels like we're very far apart

    I just worry about you so much
    And often wonder if I should
    Because I don't think you worry about me
    Or even know if you could

    I wish that I could take a step
    Inside your mind and somehow understand
    How and if we could mean less to you
    Than drugs, friends, or a man

    I cannot even begin to relate
    To any aspect of your life
    But I do know, that because of our issues
    I've learned to be a good sister, mother, and wife

    I could no longer ignore the issues
    Of my fragile, broken heart
    I have to somehow start the healing
    And I need your help to mend the broken parts

    Momma, my only prayer
    Before either of us leave this earth
    Is to create a better relationship
    A strong bond we need to somehow birth

    I didn't want to hurt you
    Or in any way make you feel down
    I only wish I could have made you
    The happiest mother around town

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    Beautiful, heart-felt, and extremely touching. I feel you, Roxanna. Bless you for keeping it real. I can relate. Keep writing!

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  12. 10. Mommy Dearest

    • By Amy R. Addington
    • Published by Family Friend Poems July 2006 with permission of the Author.

    Do mothers realize the affect they have on their daughters? A barbed wire heart, a poem on the complicated love of a mother.

    in Mother Daughter Poems

    She is my mother,
    that indomitable, unattainable goal.
    A woman of iron and silk and unforgiving praise.
    She is the measure of all that
    I will never be.
    She sees me and looks right through me.
    She loves me with a barbed wire heart,
    chaining me to a relentless yearning
    of approval.
    I will beat my head
    endlessly against a brick wall
    if you simply say you love me,
    say you're proud of me,
    say I'm good.
    All measure of self-worth is wrapped
    in the one woman who loves me enough
    to tear me apart.

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    Very familiar attitude from that daughter. I would be willing to bet everything I own that the mother sees herself in a totally different light.

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  13. 11. No Greater Love

    • By Ann Coren
    • Published by Family Friend Poems September 2006 with permission of the Author.

    A daughter asks her mother for forgiveness.

    in Mother Daughter Poems

    I caused you a lot pain and I didn't care, but you still loved me.
    Please forgive me, Mama.

    I hurt you in so many ways, but you were always there for me.
    Please forgive me, Mama.

    When you gave me advice, I didn't listen and I have so many regrets.
    Please forgive me, Mama.

    If I knew then what I know now, I would have told you every day how much I loved you.
    Please forgive me, Mama

    When you were growing older, I didn't want to hear about your aches and pains. 
    You waited for my calls and visits that never came.

    I always made excuses why I couldn't be there for you.
    Please forgive me, Mama.

    I know now there is no greater love like your love Mama,
    and how much I need you right now to hold me and kiss me and tell me you forgive me.

    Now that I am older and my health is failing,
    I realize why I should have been there for you when you needed me.
    Please forgive me, Mama.

    I need you now, Mama. 
    How I long to see your beautiful smile and feel your loving touch
    and tell me everything will be all right like you used to.
    Please forgive me, Mama.

    Can you hear me, Mama, as I kneel here beside your grave? 
    Can you hear what I am saying? 
    Can you hear how much I love you and how much I miss you?

    I don't know when the good Lord is coming for me,
    but I hope you will be waiting so I can hug you and hold you in my arms
    and tell you how much I love you.

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    It broke my heart. I lost my mama this year. The pain I feel is so great I can feel my heart aching inside my chest. How I too long for her, to see her beautiful face, hear her voice with...

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  14. 12. Time Can't Heal

    • By Vanessa
    • Published by Family Friend Poems September 2008 with permission of the Author.

    The relationship with my mother has taken a hard fall and we no longer speak.

    in Anger Poems

    Time can't heal pain that won't mend.
    The suffering, the heart ache,
    It feels like the end.
    Grasping a hold of a moving change,
    Trying to pick up pieces to put the puzzle back together,
    For nothing can last forever.
    Grudges are held...never letting go
    Feelings are hurt...but they wouldn't listen,
    But behind every fight there is a reason why.
    The one you love didn't make it to your future
    And why they didn't try.

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    Now that I'm grown, I regret treating her the way I did, because I have daughters of my own, and I see now that it wasn't that she didn't love me. I still do not agree with how she handled...

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  15. 13. Do You Have An Answer?

    • By Angie M Flores
    • Published by Family Friend Poems March 2008 with permission of the Author.

    To this day I still don't understand why mothers choose a man over their own flesh and blood...

    in Anger Poems

    Why did you do the things you did?
    Why did you say the things you said?
    Why did you change who you are?
    Why did you choose a man over your own daughter?
    Why did you hurt me?
    Why did you break my heart?
    Why did you betray me?
    Why did you break your promises?
    Why did you have to break up our once "happy family" apart?
    Why are you so evil?
    Why weren't you there for me?

    Where were you when I needed you?
    Where were you when I was sick?
    Where were you when I cried?
    Where were you when I was sad?
    Where were you when I needed help?
    Where were you when I was scared?
    Where were you when I was troubled?
    Where were you when I had no one?
    Where were you when I needed a mother?
    Where were you!?

    What happened to my mother?
    What is wrong with you?
    What do you think of?
    What are you doing?
    What is more important than me?

    When are you going to go back to being the mother I once had?
    When will you realize what you've done?
    When will you take off that blindfold you have?
    When will you care?

    Who was there for me when I needed someone...not you!
    Who did I go to when I needed help...not you!
    Who always encouraged me to do better...not you!
    Who was there to wipe my tears away...not you!
    Who taught me right from wrong...not you!
    Who helped me overcome my fears...not you!
    Who showed me the love I needed...not you!

    Because of you, it's hard for me to love another person.
    Because of you, it's hard for me to have faith in people.
    Because of you, it's hard for me trust a soul.
    Because of you, I must remain a motherless daughter.
    Because of you, it's hard for me to open my heart to others.
    Because of you, it's hard for me to believe someone when they say, "I love you."
    All because of you!

    See what you've done to me!

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    Yes, thanks everyone for sharing your stories. I am so sorry to hear these stories. It's unimaginable. I don't feel alone in my feelings about my mother. She died a year ago and left her...

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  16. 14. Dear Mom How Could You Leave Me

    • By Rebecca L. Simpson
    • Published by Family Friend Poems July 2006 with permission of the Author.

    A mother leaving her child, how could this be?

    in Anger Poems

    Dear momm how could you
    Never care about me?
    I'm dying inside
    Which you will never see
    You never even call
    Just to talk to me
    Heck, you don't write either
    So your love I don't see
    You're not the one
    Who wipes my tears at night
    Nor are you the one
    Who chases away my frights
    Dear mom, how could you
    Just leave me like this?
    You didn't even come back
    For one last kiss
    Mom, how could you
    Have a kid and just leave?
    That's no way to act
    That's no way to behave
    Dear mom, I want to know why
    You decided not
    To be part of my life
    I want to know why
    You have no heart at all
    And how you can have a child
    You don't see, write, or call?

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    My mother left me when I was 3 years old and kept coming back and ruining everything...when I turned 16 she told me she wanted to see me again and she wanted to invite me to her wedding. I...

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