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Unfortunately, I lost my mother at a young age, around 9 to be exact. All I could do was cry a river. I went into depression, thought about suicide, and went through a whole lot of other things. But again, poetry was what brought me through. It's amazing what a little thing like poetry can do for a person. Again, this was an outlet for all the emotions that I kept locked up deep inside my heart. This was the only way I got through that horrible time.

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A Mothers Love


Published: October 2008

A mother's love is like no other
I would never put anyone above her
the Lord shines on us 'cause we got each other
I would go the distance for her,
but not anyone else
not one inch further
a mother's love could change the world sins
she'd end world hunger
fry them some chicken
she'd stop all the wars and killings and more
she'd replace all the parents who left their children
she'd stop all the gang shootings and the gang killings
a mother's love is worth everything to me
she's the most important thing you see
I'd die for her
cry for her
make her raspberry tea
I'd do anything
to make her happy



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