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The Fear Of Night

I have a hard time sleeping at night for a bunch of reasons, a few being I'm afraid of the dark, I hallucinate and have nightmares. I wrote this poem one night when I couldn't sleep instead of just laying in bed feeling trapped.

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Another Long Night

Ellie M. Lightman ©

Published by Family Friend Poems November 2021 with permission of the Author.

In the night they come and go
Making fun of all I know
Twisting time and thoughts and matter
And tell me I'm the Maddest Hatter

Scared of clowns and dark and light
Suppressing panicked fight or flight
Painted faces on the wall
And I don't feel myself at all

Dripping smiles cold and fake
Scarlet teardrops in their wake
You're alone-will always be
No one comes, you stay with me

Day can't save you from the night
We can chase away the light
We can always corner you
And we'll retell the tales you knew

In the night we watch you sleep
Watch you writhe in painful peace
We call ourselves insanity
And don't care for reality

Now don't cry
There's nothing wrong
You're pathetic -
Sing your song

Monsters come and monsters go
Dread the world you've come to know
Dream or real, we'll never show
Try and force your pulse to slow

Sweetie you can't make them stay
Cause your poison finds a way
Infecting everyone you love -
"Poison" fits you like a glove

And now we go to catch our flight
But we'll see you tomorrow night
Pack the faces and the limbs
That were singing hellish hymns

We've become quite fond of you
And we hope you'll miss us too
Panic, anger, fear, and numb
Call us and we'll always come

Get some sleep, it's morning now
I can't sleep; I don't know how
I know you think I'm crazy right?
No, I'm just fearful of the night.


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