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Friend Left Me For A Guy Poem

I met my best friend in 7th grade. We got really close in the past 3 years. We told each other everything and were sisters. When I went through depression, she was there. Then she started dating a guy. We had a rule that we are more important than a guy. Lately I've been cut out and forgotten. We stopped hanging out and talking. She had him instead. That's when the depression came back. I cried myself to sleep at night. I had no one. I started cutting but recently found poetry as a better outlet.

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One of my friends and I have been close for 4 years now. Then she got a boyfriend. I helped them get together because I knew they both liked each other. Now they spend all of their time...

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Published by Family Friend Poems July 2013 with permission of the Author.

In the beginning we had a rule.
Only one rule.
Easy, right?
We are more important than a guy.

But not today.
Not this time.
You've broken the rule.
The one rule.

At first it was ok.
We talked about everything.
I told you my secrets.
You told me yours.

Next came the mistrust.
You told him.
You told him everything.
But that's ok, right?

Then came the abandonment.
Every weekend was with him.
Every night was with him.
Is that still right?

Finally came the cut off.
I'm ignored.
I'm alone.
But he's special, I get it.

I was always there.
I laughed through the good.
I helped through the bad.
I was your rock.

But he's there now, right?
As long as your happy, right?
Everything's fine, right?
We'll get over this, right?


I'm alone and scared.
You're happy and loved.
But when you look at history,
You're alone after you're loved.

Will he always be there?
Will he love you forever?
Will he laugh at the good?
Will he cry at the bad?

We were sisters.
Now I barely recognize you.
I look back, and miss you.
Do you even remember me?

Or am I forgotten...


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  • Tara by Tara
  • 7 years ago

One of my friends and I have been close for 4 years now. Then she got a boyfriend. I helped them get together because I knew they both liked each other. Now they spend all of their time together, always talk to each other, always ignore me. I feel as though this guy has come between us, and the worst part is it isn't the first time. His ex was one of my best friends too and the exact same thing happened with them too. She ended up coming crawling back to me when he left her and expected me to be okay with just picking things up where we left off. This guy is the worst luck, and he's so two-faced, but no one sees it but me!

  • Jewell by Jewell
  • 6 years ago

I know how that feels. Don't directly confront him, but tell your friend that you're concerned about your friendship.

  • Rochelle by Rochelle
  • 7 years ago

This poem touched me because I had a best friend we used to do everything together. And then she met this guy and they hanged out more and she slowly cut me off. But when he asked her out she started to change our plans. Then she decided to move to her new boyfriend and cut me out totally.

  • Clarissa by Clarissa
  • 9 years ago

I was really good friends with this guy in my class. We had loads of stuff in common and had a great understanding. I guess we just understood each other. Meanwhile my best friend since forever noticed I was spending a lot of time with him. The two of them were friends too, but then she started spending time with our other friends. I guess I was a bad friend cause she felt I didn't have time for her. That wasn't true. But then she frequently began skiving off and remained in a bad mood for days. When I asked her why she said she just felt mad at me. Then she began trying to create misunderstandings between me and my guy best friend. She often trikes to spend time with him and tried to separate us. I didn't mind that she was trying to be friendly with him. I was actually pleased. But she kept trying to keep us apart. I got mad at that. My BGF off handily suggested that she might have a crush on someone. I quickly realized that it could be him since he is very good looking and smart and charming. I was happy that she might feel this way but annoyed she didn't tell me. I also realized that her bad moods were because of her jealousy that there might be more to my relationship with my BGF than meets the eye. I just wish she would have told me. She denies her maybe crush. But then why....? Am I supposed to pick between my two best friends now?

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