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This poem was written when my friend was cutting. I cut for a very long time and no one saw, but Lou was always there, and when she cut, I promised I would help her. It was written from my own experiences. Enjoy and God bless you ALL!

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Camri- Fight that inner place that tells you to cut, in fact make a list of all the people who love you and die for you- I bet that there is at least one and probably more. Listen to me,...

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Break The Addiction To Cutting


Published by Family Friend Poems November 2008 with permission of the Author.

Crying in your room,
You can't face the pain.
You search around
For something sharp.

Your tears dry.
You pull the sleeve up
And place the blade
Upon your arm.

You press on the blade.
You feel it enter your skin.
Relief?  OR

You battle though school.
The cuts are sore from your blazer.
You hardly dare to
Do P.E.

You know it's not right,
But is it the only way.
You want to stop,
But the pain will still be here.

You fight to keep alive.
Every day a new battle,
Every day a new scar,
Every day hopeless life.

That night you cut one more cut,
Slice once more.
Kill the pain,
Kill the habit.

You throw out the blade,
The blade which helped.
Your best friend,
Your worst enemy.

You're forced to do P.E.
You fumble with your shirt,
Scared of the eyes.
Your friend sees the cuts.

You're going to lunch.
She grabs your arm,
You flinch with the pain.
You catch sight of her arm.
She has the same.

She talks, she's been there.
She knows.
You talk about home.
She understands.

The pain is the same.
You break the addiction
With her help.
She knows.

She cares.


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  • Rachel by Rachel
  • 12 years ago

I've been cutting for years now me and my friend both did. Eventually her mom got her help and she was diagnosed with depression but she has stopped cutting. My mom got me help after she found out that I had attempted suicide more than once. Since I have been diagnosed with depression and insomnia. I have to take depression pills which sometimes help. Today I had a "relapse" I couldn't stop myself cutting makes the pain go away. It replaces numbness with that wonderful sting. Life isn't what it used to be, I used to be happy and now at my best times I'm either numb or angry. I never use a razor I use a knife and I know someday if I don't stop it will end me. My life is hell I constantly think about death and suicide, Hopefully my anti-depressants start to work and I will begin to feel better. I hope everyone else out there suffering from this same thing get help and break the habit.

  • Isabella by Isabella
  • 12 years ago

I have always felt the need to cut myself...During school and out of school....I try to resist it but I always end up cutting myself. When I get cut and I don't do it myself I take the pain and my friends will never know why I just sit there and do nothing.......My sister has called me Emobella before when I didn't cut myself...And I am tired of her because I have the loudest scream because of her and I have to cut myself! Its not fair, I'm not the only one who has flaws..........But this is REALLY HELPING me....If it wasn't for my best friend I might have not been here today.....Once me and my friend tried to see who could cut deeper......she ended up cutting her vein and I just stood there stunned.....I didn't know what to do until she started closing her eyes...So I could never cut myself again, knowing my friend killed herself that day.....:'(

  • Camri by Camri, Georgia
  • 12 years ago

I cut myself still today. I have just started and I have tried to stop. Sometimes I try my hardest not to, but it's like fighting your best friend to stop being them. I do it without noticing it. I have a really bad life, and lately it's getting worse. I have had people try to stop me, but it did no good. I wish my best friend could help me stop. She took my blade away, but I always found something else. Someone please help me stop, I don't like having these cuts and scars, I need someone. Help.

  • Esti Goldstein by Esti Goldstein
  • 8 years ago

Fight that inner place that tells you to cut, in fact make a list of all the people who love you and die for you- I bet that there is at least one and probably more. Listen to me, every life is important, especially you. The world will not be the same without you and it is important that you live. Poetry can really help you even if you don't have a knack for it, it will help others understand what is going on and you never know, maybe it will help you understand yourself. Never give up on the sky.

  • Michael by Michael
  • 13 years ago

Cutting... I wondered why emos did this... Why not just end it once and for all? I went through that phase... Always looking for an exit from life. Then I found out about people cutting, I was intrigued! It is easier than I would have expected... The only hard part is.. Going along with your friends when they start making jokes about emo people

  • Lorna:) by Lorna:)
  • 13 years ago

When my mum and dad found out about me cutting myself, they told me I was pathetic. they screamed at me and told me they were ashamed and that I was a disappointment. again. nothing is ever good enough for them. I tried to explain it..what everyone describes..the sting, the flash of pain even if its a little slice..how good it feels and how it helps you think and focus. I tried to explain the release of it..the addiction to the blade..the EMPOWERMENT it gave me..but they didn't understand. I thought that maybe I was pathetic. that I was severely f*cked up in the head because of the depression and the need for it. I doubted myself and the way I felt about it. but I'm so glad to hear that other people know EXACTLY what I was feeling, what I was going through. thank you:)

  • Jaycie by Jaycie
  • 14 years ago

This poem has really opened my eyes. I have a problem with cutting myself to... just to "relieve" myself from my problems. But it really helps to hear that I am not the only one.

  • Maggie Ashley by Maggie Ashley
  • 14 years ago

I used to cut myself when I was 17 years old. My boyfriend used to cut himself to, the reason why I started to cut myself is that I kept on blaming myself for the stuff I've been doing. I didn't want anyone to see my cuts and scars, the person who told me to stop was my mom if it wasn't for my mom I wouldn't be here right know.

  • Mike W by Mike W
  • 14 years ago

yo man, this poem is good in that not good way, everyone who has cut has felt the addiction, after you stop you itch in the area you've cut before to do it some more. I know this.

  • pastcutter by pastcutter
  • 15 years ago

I used to cut and my best friend helped me stop cutting. I came to her and asked for her help and she helped me stop. I can relate to this poem so much...I didn't want people to see my cuts and scars, but I am so thankful for her. Because with out my best friend I probably would still be cutting today.

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