Mother Child Poem

Poem About A Lying Mother

A mother who lies to her child. She has broken the bond of trust between them. Without trust, there is no relationship.

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Broken Promises And Lies


Published: February 2006

She has made many promises, yet never seems to keep them.
The lies she tells me are continuous, yet still I believe them.

I have gotten older, but not any wiser, for when she tells me to trust her and everything will be fine,
I start wishing for it to be true and seem to think that she's right.

I love her more than words can say, for she is my mother.
But every lie she tells me is followed by another.

When did this person I love become broken promises and lies.
When will this person realize I need her in my life?

I have learned a lesson from her:
never lie to those you love, for soon their trust will be gone.

There's no more wishing for what wasn't meant to be.
I have to set her free.



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