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Grandkids At Nana's House

I wrote this poem to describe what it feels like having my two grandkids come and visit for the weekend. They are already older now and don't come as often as they once did, which saddens me, but I knew it would happen as they grew older. Those weekends are cherished memories for me and ones I'll always remember although pretty hectic while going on. It wasn't just chaos because we had a lot of fun too. I hope they too will look back someday, when they are adults, at these fun-loving memories also.

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I remember it well! You've summed it all up beautifully. I must look up more of your poetry. Best wishes, Ann D Stevenson

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Published by Family Friend Poems November 23, 2022 with permission of the Author.

Getting the grandkids
For the weekend
Starts out sweet and calm
Soon it turns to chaos
As time lingers on

Sleep deprivation
Too many sweets
Turns to aggravation
Between them and me

They play good for five minutes
Then argue for twenty
As the day wears on
It never is too pretty

My patience goes out the window
I'm yelling at both of them
They are crying and fighting
Total chaos to the end

I tell myself
After it's done and over
It'll be a long while
Before I have them over

But one weekend comes and goes
I forget the chaos and then
Before I know what I have done
They're back with me again

It's a never-ending cycle
Coming to Nana's on weekends
This chaos and confusion
I fear will someday end

Love, love my grandkids
Love them to the core
Love the chaos and confusion
And the memories even more...



I've been writing poems most of my life and usually I feel I write my favorite ones from sad times that I have suffered. It is then that I pour my heart and soul into it. I feel much better afterwards as if I've purged and whenever I go back later and reread my heartaches and heartbreaks I know I got it right if those old feelings come back....

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Hi Marie,
Your loving Nana poem really resonates with me.
I'm a Nana too, and when my late husband and I
lived in our home, we would have our two very
energetic grandchildren over some weekends. It
could be tiring, but we missed them right after
they left. After my husband passed away, I moved
in with my daughter, son-in-law, and my grandchildren.
I'm still happily living with them. Your wonderful poem
brought back fond memories of those weekends.

I remember it well! You've summed it all up beautifully. I must look up more of your poetry. Best wishes, Ann D Stevenson

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