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I was crying and that was the first thing I thought about

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So this really hit me. Every day of freshman year the only way I made it was by telling myself I could kill myself the next day. I told myself nothing mattered, seeing as I would be dead by...

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Cry Silently In A Corner


Published by Family Friend Poems May 2009 with permission of the Author.

Cry quietly in a corner
Don't make a big scene
Don't let anyone think something's wrong
Remember not to be mean

Cry quietly in a corner
Don't drown anyone in your sorrow
You only have to live through today
You can kill yourself tomorrow

Cry quietly in a corner
Shield yourself from the world
For all they know you just like to cause trouble
Just a bratty little girl

Cry quietly in a corner
Don't let them see your pain
What's the most that they can do, help?
But what from that can you gain?

Cry quietly in a corner
They'll never know what's wrong
When you try to tell he says
"Those damn emo songs"

Cry quietly in a corner
Like the whiner they think you are
Like they care about the reason
Your wrist looks like it has bars


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So this really hit me. Every day of freshman year the only way I made it was by telling myself I could kill myself the next day. I told myself nothing mattered, seeing as I would be dead by December anyways. I set a date, November 15, 2016, to do it. And I remember nothing from that day. According to my attendance records I was absent from school that day (presumably faked being sick), but I have no recollection of any of it. It makes me really wonder what happened. I am in recovery, but sometimes bad thoughts come back. I haven't purged, cut, or burned myself or tried to break any bones as of May 2018.

  • Tazg by Tazg
  • 5 years ago

I am glad you are on the mend...remember you are worthy always. Don't worry, you will find your people who will love you to the moon and back. I promise it is true.

  • Daniela Corona by Daniela Corona, Elgin Il
  • 11 years ago

So I'm here thinking.. Crying.. I thought that the people you cared about the most will be there for you at times like this.. But I guess I was wrong. I feel worthless at times. Everything I do is wrong. I can never make people proud of the things I do. "She's just a little 15 year old that wants attention!" Actually I don't want attention! But if you really took the time to sit and talk with me and try to figure out what goes thru my mind, you would understand why I decided to write this.. I feel like I cant make you proud of anything I do anymore. All the things I do are either stupid or just not important. Its sad how ONE person can make you feel like this. I've actually thought of suicide when I'm talking to you about things and I still do but I try to surround myself with things I love to do to try to get my mind off of that. Not many things work... I hope maybe after seeing this you think twice before doing or saying anything... Not saying that you ever did something mean to me but just think about how you would feel if someone was telling you the things you say to me.

  • Elle D by Elle D
  • 11 years ago

I'm 18 and I was diagnosed with clinical depression last year. They put me on pills and suddenly everyone thinks I'm fine. The pills don't help I just need someone to notice I'm not ok. I stopped taking my pills long ago, no-one noticed. I cut myself, not my wrists but my stomach looks terrible. I cry every single day but not one person has ever noticed, not my friends or family. I just wonder how long will it take before I finally snap and do something I'll regret. I can't wait to go to Uni next year and get away from here!

  • Izzy Duran by Izzy Duran
  • 11 years ago

I can understand. I don't cut my arms but my legs look horrid. My mom doesn't know. No one does. I can't cry, I don't know why. The tears won't come. Probably cause I've fought them so long. If you need someone to talk to, I'm right here.

  • Lisa. London by Lisa. London
  • 11 years ago

I can relate exactly. People think I'm a bratty little girl. And I guess you can say I am. But only because I try to hide my pain/emotions from people as I want to appear as if nothing phases me. My family think I care about no one and just myself. But they are so wrong. I care more than anyone else could possibly or even understand. I'm just very good at hiding my feelings. I cry silently all the time. I'm sick of it I want to cry aloud but I don't know how to. Sometimes I feel like not living anymore. The pain is just too much for me to handle.

  • Ananymous by Ananymous
  • 12 years ago

This poem really touched my heart :') I really can relate to this poem.... I've tried to tell my parents how much their divorce has affected me, but they just shut me out and tell me I'm taking things too seriously. People tell me I'm the happiest person they've met, but on the inside, there's nothing. Just a bunch of faded memories and hateful words.

  • Ashley by Ashley
  • 12 years ago

I know exactly how you feel. I live with that pain everyday, hiding waiting for someone to save me, but no one ever does.

  • Colombo by Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • 12 years ago

I really love depression poems. I like them because I feel the same usual ways they mention. life seems always unfair and my sorrow brings me negative bad thoughts and ideas. I hate my parents. my family. every creature living on earth. I wish I could die sometimes. there's no use of living anymore

  • Tracyturmoil by Tracyturmoil, Los Angeles
  • 12 years ago

I know how all of you feel. Me, too. Everyday when I get home from school, my mom asks me how my day was. I say it was fine. She never suspects I'm lying. I go to my room, take off the bright clothes I know I hate, close the door, and cry. SICK OF TRYING, TIRED OF CRYING, YEAH I'M SMILING BUT INSIDE I'M DYING. My wrists look like I'm a striped tiger, I am so ashamed. Yet, I don't do anything about it, it makes pain and happiness all feel the same.

  • Devon by Devon, Louisiana
  • 13 years ago

I'm 15. I've been through a lot in my life. Rape, abuse, molestation, divorce, depression, etc. Things happen. I'm still here though. And I proudly hold the scars the I've left on myself. Each one has a story that I'm not afraid to tell.

  • Chloe by Chloe, France
  • 13 years ago

I understand. Until recently, (I'm 15) I keep everything to myself, it's really hard especially when life start to get tougher.
But thanks to my two best friends (that I just met 1 year ago), now I have somebody to speak too, have a shoulder to rest on, or just a hug filled of love. Whenever I need to release my tears, I know that two person are just standing by my side, ready whenever I need them.
Thanks to them, I don't need to cry in silent in a corner.
I'm really grateful to god, for giving me such wonderful friend, and I cherish every moments spent with them.
I wish that everyone will find those wonderful people, who will always be there for you.

  • Tash by Tash, New Zealand
  • 13 years ago

Teens who cry in the corner, then act like everything is fine, that you're fine, deserve freaking Oscars. I cry all time, I'm scared and misunderstood.

  • Crystalmoon X by Crystalmoon X
  • 13 years ago

I can partly relate to this poem, no one thinks I'm a bratty girl or anything like that but I always pretend everything is okay. Then when everyone is gone, I cry quietly in a corner. I don't tell anyone because I know that until they go through the pain that I've had to deal with they will never even come close to understanding what I feel like.

  • Sophie by Sophie, Texas
  • 14 years ago

I cry in a corner at home so that nobody can ask what's wrong with me because I don't feel like explaining things to my family because they wouldn't understand

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