Brother Poem

Dad Is Hitting My Brother Poem

This poem is about a little girl who was about seven seeing things very unpleasant for her young eyes to see this poems is for my brother Vinnie

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The Bestest Friend


Published: August 2008

My Brother Vinnie was hit
I couldn't believe what I saw
It was my dad who did it
And all I did was stare in total awe

Why was I just standing there why did I yell "STOP"
I look up at my father's face as he pulled his hand back
All Vinnie did was erase something on the computer
But by my daddy's anger I could tell he was ready to attack

This happened many times before
But that's the one I remember the most
I was only there on the weekends
I know what happened and Vinnie and I were so close.

My dad told Vinnie to do most things with me
And if he refused you know what happened next
Bam another hit on the head
My dad's like a mean. Big. Slapping T-Rex

Vinnie cooked cleaned and played with me
A Big brother doing a job of a dad
He was great and we had a lot of fun together
But seeing him get hurt makes me so sad

Now dad's hand is just hitting my bestest friend
And Vinnie had just banged his head
I didn't know what to do so I went in our room
And started crying on my bed

I remember all the places we went
And the things we used to do
I remember all times we hugged
And every time we said "I love you"

My bestest friend walks in the room a little later
I stare at him he stares at me
I kept remembering what happened
But I said nothing neither did he

After he comes and sits next to me and says to me
"Don't worry no matter what I will love you and be with you until the end"
I looked up. While trying to hold back my tears I said
"I know I love you too and your my bestest friend"

When I see him now and realize how hard it must have been
To take care for me and cheer me up it must have been so very hard
To fake a smile and pretend everything is alright even though it's not
To act like nothing was happening he is permanently scarred

Watching him smile on the outside but cry on the inside made me feel very sorry and gloomy
Now that I realize more of what had happened it makes me even more upset
Whenever I see him and look deep in his eyes I can still see the look from years ago
Yes me and my bestest friends life is hard I bet you won't want to walk in our shoes I bet



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