Addiction Poem

Death By A Drunk Driver

I wrote this poem in dedication to all of the people in this world who has lost a friend, family member or loved one to a drunk driver.

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One Lesson Learned


Published by Family Friend Poems October 2009

One breath, one moment. First step, first smoke. We start out young. Innocent, unknowing. Yet as we grow, we learn. Learn of good and bad. The ways of the evil.
    One more time you say. That's all it is, yet you said that same line last time. One more drink you say, then we'll go home. It all seemed fine, and your friends didn't mind. But as you drive, impaired and no seat belt, you start having second thoughts. She came out of nowhere. Your car was too close. You swerved to miss her, but it was too late.
    One breath, one moment. One hit, one death. The sirens are wailing, bystanders shocked. Your friends are all scared, but you are the worst. Her death hangs over your head. A burden never to be forgotten.
    The police officer's come over, grim faced and sad. They take you away, your friends all go too.
    "This cant be happening, I'm only eighteen, you think to yourself. The girl was seventeen and because of me, she's no longer living."
    These thoughts swirl around in your mind. It feels unreal, as if you were just one of the bystanders, rather than the driver.
    Her parents were called. They're in the next room. Her mother hysterically cries out
"WHY? Why did my daughter have to die?"
    Everything your parents taught you comes flooding back. They warned you, time and time again, yet it flew over your head. And now these lessons finally sink in.
    One breath, one moment. One hit, one death. One lesson learned, too late.


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