Wedding Poem

I've Loved You For Decades

I wrote this poem for my wife on our wedding day. I have known her since she was 19, and now we are in our 50s and finally married. My poem is about how beautiful she was young, and though time has passed, how beautiful she is today. I feel so lucky to know both the young and older versions of the same woman and feel fortunate to know that I will be with her forever.

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Published: July 1, 2022

The girl you once were has matured and gone on her way.
The time that's passed has revealed the woman you are today.

The youthful look and gentle smile have never left your face.
The kindness in your soul will never be replaced.

I knew the girl who lit this fire, the memories oh so clear.
And now that woman who holds my heart is standing oh so near.

Fortunate I am to have known you both and to have a love so true.
Our lives engaged, you fill my thoughts, it always was just you.

I loved you then and love you now and know I always will.
My love, so nice to see you've made the time stand still.

I know it's you who will hold my hand when darkness turns to gray.
I vow to be here, by your side, when sunlight fades away.

Decades have passed, time has gone, and here we stand together.
The same sweet girl, this lovestruck boy who's counting on forever.

I've waited so long for this moment in time.
So let's take our vows and finally say, forever you'll be mine.


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