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Hello, I am a fourteen-year-old girl who has been writing poetry since I was in third grade. I am so glad that you came to read my poem! This is my most recent poem, "Dust to Dust." It was written in the midst of a sorrowful time but expresses in abstract ideas how nothing ever lasts, whether good or bad, and everything moves on and continues in a circle. This poem is heavy with symbolism and abstract thoughts. I hope you enjoy! Thank you so much!

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I absolutely love the way this poem captures the essence of human emotions and the fleeting nature of life's moments. The vivid imagery it paints, from the perfect clarity of a heart like a...

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Dust To Dust

© more by Erica

Published by Family Friend Poems October 2018 with permission of the Author.

If your heart was a diamond, perfect and clear,
glittering gleaming like a broken heart's tear,
if lust was coal, dusty and black,
would it make you realize you want to come back?

If music was woven with golden thread
soft... like the locks lay upon your head
I would listen all day... and through the night
I would play it once more to make things right.

For if poems and words were always the truth
and were spun into realities as beautiful as you,
my creation would be worth the time that it takes
and the toll that it makes.

For days are like mountains and years are like hills
and the tears are the rivers that turn all the mills.
Though they bring sadness and though they bring pain,
Has one seen a rainbow without any rain?

Though things cannot last, still nothing can die.
It is a circle broken with only goodbyes.
An echo in silence... a wonder we forgot
the weeping of a willow was all for not.

One less second is no concern of mine,
but one may wonder where goes that time...
You can think it like this, you can think it like that.
Will the thinking bring those moments back?

It has been so long, moments have wasted!
Fruits of love I have never tasted
rot on the grounf but will grow towards the sky!
It is the endless circle broken only with goodbye

Crumbling in my hands, the hopes of a past,
leaving, believing that all this could last.
Soil turns to sand and then sand into dust
and blows away in the wind... something bigger than us.

This greater purpose... this greater end
can be seen in every sunrise, every heart of a friend.
Coal into diamond and diamond to rust.
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust!

So be it if words are spun into lies.
It is all just the circle broken with these goodbyes.
In the end... dreams will come and others will rust
it is ashes to ashes and dust to dust!



Hello everyone! My name is Erica, I’m a young teen who loves poetry with all her heart. I’m thrilled to share my poems with you, and I hope they are a place of sanctuary for you like they are for me. Life is a crazy thing, and it has thrown more at me than you may think. But in the end, we’re all just people, we’re all...

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  • Chavonne by Chavonne
  • 1 month ago

I absolutely love the way this poem captures the essence of human emotions and the fleeting nature of life's moments. The vivid imagery it paints, from the perfect clarity of a heart like a diamond to the dusty blackness of lust as coal, pulls me into a world where feelings and experiences are beautifully juxtaposed. The poem's exploration of time, circles, and goodbyes resonates deeply, as it reminds us of the bittersweet reality that everything has its season. The repetition of "ashes to ashes and dust to dust" is both haunting and profound, driving home the theme of impermanence. Your ability to weave together these elements with a rhythmic flow and evocative language showcases your skill as a poet, capturing the complexities of human emotion and existence.

  • Danielle L. Somack by Danielle L. Somack, Winnipeg
  • 3 years ago

I really liked the metaphors and symbolism woven into this poem, as well as the artful rhyming and flow of the words. Lovely poem to read! I found it to be energetic, almost youthful, but wise as well. People make poems about this topic all the time, but I like the fact that this one took common cliches and made them more original and artistic. This poem stands out among other teen poems because of the tone and the way the poem has been written.

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