Teen Missing You Poem

A Poem About Missing My Best Friend

My name is Taeha and I am sixteen. I befriended someone who soon became my best friend. He was the definition of a best friend. He means the world to me. He moved a little over one year of our friendship, and I haven't seen him in close to a year now. We talk here and there but not often. He keeps promising to come visit, but that has not yet come. This poem shows just how I feel about the situation, and I am very proud of it.

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Soundly In Your Bed


Published: February 28, 2020

I am lying awake in my nice, warm bed.
I am not sleeping because you are stuck in my head.
I try to forget that you were ever here,
But you made a huge impact in that one short year.

My heart hurts as I think of you.
You are everywhere in my thoughts, like animals in a zoo.
I picture you sound asleep in your fluffy bed,
No sort of worry ever enters your head.

I stare at the ceiling as one lonely tear runs down my cheek.
I am crying in silent agony, forcing myself not to squeak.
The pain breaks me as I turn left and right.
My heart is destroyed every single night.

The silent river flows even faster without a sound.
I imagine you holding me as my heart falls to the ground.
Please catch my heart; do not let it break.
I do not wish to continue this painful ache.

I am falling apart without you as I lay in my bed.
Only visions of you are filling my head.
I cry and I cry, though I know it's not right.
My heart shatters; this happens every night.

Oh, how I hope that you remember me.
Only you can set my heart free.
All of this pain and heartache fill my tired head.
I am falling apart while you sleep soundly in your bed.



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