Growing Up Poem

A teenager apologizes her actions to her mother, and pleads for understanding.

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Forgive Me Mother


Published: February 2006

Mother you have always been there when I needed you, even if I didn't, you were
still there for me. Everything that I
know how to do is mostly because of you.
I want you to know that I love you, even though I don't say it too much.
From the time I turned 16 we never really got along that well.
All we really did was fight about
everything we did. Now that I am 18, we
still do the same thing.
I understand that I am not a child anymore, but to you I will always be a
child, your child. But now you have to
understand it is time to let me grow and
make my own decisions.
It is not over believe me cause there
will be lots of things I will still need
you for, but I want to know I can do it myself. You know I love you I do but I
want to say I am sorry before it is too
Every time we fight I go and think it
over, and think how stupid can I be to
do something like that. I want to go
back to you and apologize, but I just
let my pride take the best of me.
So now for all those times that I did
not say a word, I apologize. You never
know when it will be too late.
Mom I love you and I am very sorry for
it all.



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