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The Innocence Of Childhood

A nostalgic look at life through the eyes of a child via a cardboard box.

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The Box

Rick Hunter © more by Rick Hunter

Published by Family Friend Poems December 2021 with permission of the Author.

As I look back to when I was but a boy,
I'd have to say a cardboard box was my favorite toy.

There were no action figures in this day,
and computer games were still many years away.

The box was my pirate ship leading me to my stash of gold and doubloons.
It also served as my rocket ship, flying me to the moon.

It was my speedy race car, and I was Richard Petty.
On other days, I was Mario Andretti.

It was my castle where I was the king.
I was also a professional wrestler, fighting in the ring.

The box also served as a fort.
From there, I would fight off enemy ships that were coming into port.

It was a boxcar, and I was a tramp.
It was a tent, a place for me to camp.

That box was my best friend as it would take me to many different places.
From flying in the cosmos to distant lands filled with alien races.

A simple cardboard box, but still my favorite toy.
It was made of wood, pulp, and glue, but it brought me hours of endless joy.


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