Baby Poem

God Delivered A Newborn Girl

On the birth of a baby girl, her father looks into her and sees all the tools to thrive in life, and he prays for her success.

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Marmalade Koi


Published by Family Friend Poems November 2006 with permission of the Author.

God delivered a newborn girl.
Must have had so much in mind.
With eyes as wide as a blue slate moon,
Though tears I cannot find.

He gave her beauty of a tulip seed,
Growing steady from new spring earth.
He gave her strength when most in need,
To hold us when lost of mirth.

He gave her depth of a river's bend,
To change and flow each day.
He gave her patience that has no end,
And faith which has no sway.

He gave her heart with warmth and glow,
Peace of marmalade koi.
He gave her soul with fire and grace,
Then a smile to spread her joy

I thank him for this precious gift,
And the trust he has given me.
To care and love my newborn girl,
With strength of an old oak tree.

I will hold her hand and dance with her
And teach her right from wrong.
I will blanket her with daily love
And fill her life with song.

I will sit with her in times of doubt,
And encourage nature's way.
Give her all my tools of hope,
and a partner when she prays.

God delivered a newborn girl.
Brought down from up above.
He gave her everything he has,
Now trusts us to give her love.


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