Abortion Poem

The Sorrow And Regret Of Abortion

What many people may still not realize is numerous teenage girls/women are coerced into having an abortion by the father, or parents, etc. I do, however, acknowledge the fathers who went along with an abortion, then regretted it, and repented, and also the fathers who didn't want their unborn child aborted.

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God's Own

© more by Regina M. Elliott

Published by Family Friend Poems November 20, 2023 with permission of the Author.

On a sweltering humid July morning,
she was escorted by her best friend,
as they walked through whispered prayers
into a beige brick one story building.
She laid on a padded table in a cool
gray room.
She didn't want this, she felt coerced-
in youthful vulnerability she obeyed
her abandoning boyfriend.

Her goosebumps rose as she waited
in a mint-green cotton gown,
her shallow breath in and out,
her mouth and throat parched.
She looked up at overhead glaring
God's own.

She felt she just couldn't tell
her Mom,
the words wouldn't come forth,
a searing secret bitter on her tongue.
Fragments of jagged thoughts cutting
her psyche,
she was sweating cold through
her forehead.

The abortionist was as if an
anonymous shadow,
his voice distant,
flashes of kindergarten in her
eighteen year old's mind.
Waves of utter pain,
her heart pounding,
her ears thunderous with throbbing,
a sudden stillness,
God's own-
another of God's own,
returned to Him.


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