Grief Poem

a few years ago, the man whom I'd called my father died. then, I was sad and didn't understand. but then, I realized why god took him away. he gave me something to look forward to when I get to heaven. now, I smile at his memory, because I know I'll see him again soon.

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Published: July 2008

As I lie within my green, dew-filled haven, I gaze upon my picturesque surroundings;
The foamy, aquatic clouds playing peek-a-boo between the rocks, spying upon the dancing tides slowly creeping up the beach.
The sun, illuminating all of this with an angelic, red orange glow, lain so carefully upon the ripples of this infinite clear-blue blanket. I watch, invisible to the world, as a small child dances along with the tides, almost as if she were part of them. Her brother buried in the sand, looks like a decoration, having nothing but his head above ground. I hear something odd. It is faint but getting louder and more audible; it's a boy. He's singing, no humming, but his hum, it's so soft, and beautiful. Then, it stops. I'm alert now, and I realize there's something- no, someone behind me.
I turn around quickly and stand up just as fast. It's the boy; the boy who was humming. His short, brown hair is swaying in the wind, his blue eyes sparkling as bright as the water behind me. His face is unfamiliar, but that smile is unforgettable. It's daddy, as a boy. He steps closer and holds out his hand, inviting me. Once more, I look back towards the world I used to love, and then turned back around to the world that was being offered to me. I smiled as I took his hand, and we ran and sang. We ran to the world he had arrived in a long time ago; where he had promised to take me to once I was done on earth. We ran to the world called heaven, and forever we will stay.



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