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A broken heart gives her last thoughts.

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This poem brought tears to my eyes. I'm 15 years old and I am severely depressed, my boyfriend at the time, Mitchell, was the best and only good thing in my life and stopped me from suicide...

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I Miss Him


Published: October 2009

I miss his arms around me.
I miss when there was a We.
He used to hold me and say I love you.
Now he just looks at me and says I hate you.

He says it with his eyes.
No need to say it otherwise.
He even has a new girl,
But she makes me want to hurl.

Anymore, I hide inside,
Lock the door, he's pushed me to the side.
I turn to the corner and cry.
Each day I almost die.

He doesn't care.
He's not there.
He's left me here,
To dry my own tears.

He told me once he would always be by my side,
But now inside of me I hide.
He's run from me,
But this event had a big possibility.

Guys run away.
They come and go but never stay.
They get your hopes up but only to tear you down.
Don't turn your back to them, don't turn around.

Many say
I'll never go away,
But most never keep this,
Even though they promise.

They love us for a while,
Then come back with a new style.
The girls they date
We hate.

I wish he'd wrap his arms around me again,
Put me back in heaven,
But all he's doing is breaking my heart
And tearing me apart.

I keep on crying.
All the time, I'm dying.
When will all this pain stop?
When will I raise to the top?

I'm letting go,
Just so you know.
I think I'm okay now,
I think I'm over you, wow...

You're gone,
So I'm moving on.
Don't hold me back.
I'm finally ready to pack.

I'm saying good-bye.
Please don't ask why.
I loved you, but now I'm over you,
I still love you, I promise I do.



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  • by Hannah, Michigan
  • 3 years ago

This poem brought tears to my eyes. I'm 15 years old and I am severely depressed, my boyfriend at the time, Mitchell, was the best and only good thing in my life and stopped me from suicide several times. However, recently I was hospitalized for my depression causing me to miss three weeks of school. Due to this, rumors spread and I was called numerous awful things. I knew this would happen though and prior to leaving, I discussed my concerns with some friends and boyfriend. Of course, they promised me that there was nothing to worry about and that I wouldn't lose them. While I was gone though, Mitchell decided he liked another girl called Bree and broke up with me, which I am still struggling with. Anyways, once I got back to school, everything changed. My "friends" were joining in on the bullying and I lost a large number of people I had once cared so deeply about. Mitchell has blocked me from all of social media and avoids eye contact at all costs. He has also gotten involved in smoking with Bree and some other girls and is getting in a great deal of trouble when he used to be a very good student and person all around. It hurts me to see someone I still love so much make so many poor decisions and delete me from his life so easily):

  • by Anonymous
  • 5 years ago

This is perfect. It describes how I feel about my first boyfriend along with my last. The first I dated three times. 8th grade and in freshman year he broke up with me and called me back the next day. I was stupid enough to forgive him. Thank you for showing exactly how I feel. How I felt when they said they loved me and fled.

  • by Shimy, FL
  • 5 years ago

I used to date this guy. I thought he was the one. He said he loved me and that we will always be together. A few days later he says its over he needs a change and someone better than me. Two days after our break he is going out with my best friend. I was broken completely. I agree with this poem because boys are stupid liars!

  • by Mykela, Illinois
  • 5 years ago

This explains exactly what happened to my friend and all I could do was watch as the guy she loves tore her heart up. He has hurt her so many times it's not even funny.

  • by Cassandra Beaver, Kerrville Texas
  • 7 years ago

This poem actually tells a detail on what just happend to me. There was a WE until he listened to what my cousin said and my cousin doesn't know anything. So now we are apart and never can be what we use to be and it hurts. I cry a thousand tears but never can get over him. It was only 1 week and 5 days and it ended with a fight.

  • by Sophia, California
  • 8 years ago

I cried when I read this and when I was reading it I was listening to I'm with you by Avril Lavinge and it made me cry even more.

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