Teen Mental Illness Poem

I've dealt with self harm all my life
Cutting, anorexia, bulimia, burning myself
They're my release
And it's just too beautiful and too sad at the same time
That poetry just comes easily

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Ice And Salt

© more by Joanna

Published: July 2012

Ice and salt
They're my addiction
Ice and salt
Take away the pain
Ice and salt
Make me smile again

I put the ice
I put the salt
And I feel myself drown
In my own long sorrow

The scars are there
And they won't fade
The burn, the pain, sweet, sweet pain

I'm too lost now to be saved
They tell me I'm crazy
But I'm just numb
Wanting to feel
The pain and the burn

Ice and salt
Oh dear old friend
Ice and salt
Saving me from myself


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