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Poem For Forgiveness From A Mom

A daughter apologizes to her mother for all the hard times that she put her through and reaffirms to her mother that she loves her.

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I get what you're saying. I break my mom's heart so much, and I never do anything to show that I am sorry except for saying an apology and then not changing. I've made her so distraught that...

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I'm Sorry


Published by Family Friend Poems August 2006 with permission of the Author.

Mom I'm sorry for all of the tough times I put you through

There are many things that I did to you that I shouldn't have
But I think it's about time that I say I LOVE YOU

Mom this is coming from the heart
And that's the only way to start

Since I was a little girl
My whole life went into a whirl

I'm sorry for all of the lies
And for all the times I made you cry

I'm sorry for all of the fights I started with you
Mom just remember I LOVE YOU

All of the things that I have been going through
Makes me realize what you say is true

Mom my whole life is on lockdown
Everyday I walk with a frown

I just want to be free
And live my life the way it used to be

Mom I'm happy you are there to help me through life
And that is true I don't have to think twice

Mom my whole life went down the drain
Ever since I went to court
And went through all of that pain.......

I wish I could go back
And walk through life on different tracks

Mom freedom doesn't come free
Especially for me

Mom I have committed many sins
But I have to stay strong
In my life I haven't seen many grins
But I'll be strong no matter how long

I still have a lot to learn
No matter how much my heart burns

Mom I'm sorry for all of the fights
Especially the ones that lasted all night

Mom my life is surrounded by a shell
There are not many things I can do

I don't know if you can tell
But I'm not taking it very well

Mom I just want to tell you
That I'm sorry for all the hell I put you through
And I want you to remember that........
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!


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  • Addison Osterhaus by Addison Osterhaus
  • 4 years ago

My mom just yelled at me for lying about not doing my chores. I do the smallest things and she yells at me. But when my sister does those same things, she gets nothing. What do I do? I'm the youngest of my family, and my sister has always been the smart one, the pretty one, the one who always does everything right. But here I am just trudging along, trying not to make many mistakes and follow my sister's shadow. I am nothing like her, so how do I fill her big shoes? I lied a small lie to my mom. Now she says she does not trust me. My sister has done the same thing and has gotten nothing for it. Mom just said don't do it again. But I'm stuck again in the rut of being the bad child. I have the hardest spot. People say I'm spoiled, but I'm only spoiled my relatives but not my immediate family. It's kinda hard to not know what you're doing and get yelled at for every single mistake you make.

  • Faith Humilde by Faith Humilde
  • 7 years ago

I was really touched about this poem. Honestly, I searched about the ways on how to apologize to my mother. I realized tremendous things about the things that I've done to her. I know that my eyes and my heart were open now. I feel so very sorry for making my mother miserable because of my bad attitude. I wish I could hug her and kiss her. I'm in fear, because I am worried about what her reaction will be. I really love you. Mom. :)

  • Aniyah by Aniyah
  • 7 years ago

I wrote this down on a piece of paper for my mom because I'm grounded for 2 weeks. Every time I get home I have to study and no phone/iPad, nothing, so I hope she understands this. I really love her and I'm truly sorry. I hope she understands. Wish me luck!

  • Rose Hoang by Rose Hoang, Denver
  • 9 years ago

I've made bad mistakes in my lifetime and through those times, I've put my mother through hell. I had called the police on her and that shattered her heart. I had ignored her for weeks and that made her sad. But most importantly, I never thought of how many times I've made her angry. At night when I lay in bed, I think of how many times I've hurt her so badly, but I never had the chance to say that I was sorry or that I loved her. She is the only person who truly understands me and sometimes, I just want to collapse in her arms and tell her "I'm sorry for being a bad daughter, I'm sorry for being a bitch to you, I'm sorry for all the rough times I put you through, I'm sorry for not listening, I'm sorry for ignoring you, I'm sorry for everything." Just as things finally clear up again, we start fighting. I always just want to say that I'm sorry I started this. My mother is stressed and I hate to see her miserable. I've always thought of what it'd be like to be in her shoes. I'm sorry.

  • Chloe Chun by Chloe Chun
  • 4 years ago

I get what you're saying. I break my mom's heart so much, and I never do anything to show that I am sorry except for saying an apology and then not changing. I've made her so distraught that she wants to send me to live with my dad. She's my mom and I love her. I've never made up the mistakes I made. Every time things seem to be going well, I do something to screw up and then we fight. I say some unforgivable things, but yet she keeps on loving me, but I know how hurt and shattered she is when I lie about things. I know that when I do that, she feels rejected and alone again, and I just want to live with her, laugh with her, and try to replace the bad memories with good ones. She does such wonderful things for me and tries to understand me, but I never reciprocate. I hate seeing her cry and never sleep. I just wish that I could somehow make everything up to her. To sincerely tell her that I'm sorry for being such a daughter who caused hurt. I wish that we could heal together.

  • Steven Renfroe by Steven Renfroe, Greenville Mississippi
  • 8 years ago

My mother is dying of cancer. It's very strange how I googled this site and this was the first story I came across. See, I'm looking for encouragement for writing her eulogy, and as I was reading your apology letter for your mother, I realized how much I need to thank and apologize to my mother too. She and I are so much alike, therefore we don't see eye to eye very often. We fight and make up constantly, but love is one thing we have never doubted or felt lack of. As I prepare for her departure, I think of all the good times and what a great mother she has always been. It hurts to know we're running out of time, but I know we will make every second count that we are together. I will no longer look for the girl with the broken smile. I will do everything in my power to mend the one she has.

  • Julie by Julie, America
  • 9 years ago

I went to a mall with my sister and I had a fight with my brother and she was sick and tired of our fights so she took us back home and I just screamed in my mom's face and I was telling her how unfair it was and I said "I am not talking to anyone in this house anymore" and I never talked to my family ever since and if anyone has any idea how to win my mom back please tell me.

  • Aggie Covey by Aggie Covey, Washington
  • 8 years ago

Hon, I am a mother of 4, my youngest being almost 17 years old. We fight so much it drives me crazy. She's not very nice to me, she calls me names and blames me for everything, all I would love to see from her is respect, but most of all is her love, to hear her laugh with me like we used to. Just go to your mom give her the biggest hug ever and tell her you're sorry, tell her you love her. You know my biggest fear is to think that I could or my kids could be gone in a. matter of minutes. I don't want bad thoughts or memories of the bitterness between us. I want to die with my kids saying wow my mom was the best, wow my mom sure did love us, wow my mom was one loving mom, wow I didn't realize how much I would miss her. Show your mama what she means to you, show her you care, it's never too late until she's gone. Don't give up if she doesn't respond how you want her to, please she just may be stunned and react in a different way. Just keep trying, DON'T GIVE UP!!!!

  • Redlynn by Redlynn
  • 9 years ago

My mom and me went through a rough patch for a few years. I decided I had enough of her, her screaming and yelling, her constantly being sick, her smoking and her fiancé. So it was school holidays and I decided to spend them with my Nan.

By the way, I'm also just fourteen.

  • California USA by California USA
  • 10 years ago

This poem has touched me. I am 12 years old and I made some mistakes that I really regret. I am sorry mom! I love you. I know I messed up but please forgive me. I love you!

  • America by America
  • 8 years ago

This poem also helped me a lot I wrote this for my mom after I read it it helped me tell her I'm sorry but in a more sincere way.

  • South Africa Pretoria by South Africa Pretoria
  • 10 years ago

Yes it has touched me. I'm 14 and me and my mother always fight and we scream at each other I've hurt her and she hurt me I'M SO SORRY MOM :( it makes me realize how much I love her

  • Haley by Haley, Palm Bay
  • 10 years ago

This poem hit home right on point. I put my mom through hell and showing her this poem had put tears in her eyes. After I went to court for fighting and smoking marijuana my relationship only got more downhill with my mother. I got better and started apologizing to everybody that I hurt using these poems to help out. :)

  • Jess by Jess, Australia
  • 11 years ago

This poem really touched me. I put my mum through everything. And I hope this poem will help her and me out. I just feel so bad. That I put her in this hell.

  • Maddie.Victoria Harbour by Maddie.Victoria Harbour
  • 12 years ago

This touched me because me and my mom always get in fights and I always make her cry because of my choices in life and who I am friends with. Also, we always get in fights and I lie to her and stuff.

  • Kathryn Jane Vandyke by Kathryn Jane Vandyke
  • 12 years ago

This poem has helped me big time It reminded me of a time that I hurt a man in my life so deeply and this poem made me realize what I have done and change my ways.

  • Bachir by Bachir, Algeria
  • 12 years ago

It's very touching! It's good to admit one's mistakes and try to mend what has been broken. Apology is the art of showing love to someone who counts for us. Err is human, so we have to say sorry whenever we feel that we are wrong. Your mother will be always waiting for you to forgive you and take you tight in her arms.

  • J.A.G. by J.A.G.
  • 12 years ago

This poem its very nice and I'm just hoping that my mom forgives me. Cross your fingers for me please I really need hope right now... thanks :(

  • Natisha Robinson by Natisha Robinson
  • 13 years ago

Yeah this poem touched me a because my mom is Rest in peace, but I know she looking down at me and knows everything I do right and wrong. I put my dad through a lot and if she was here I know she wouldn't approve of what I do and I'm only 14 year old. I admit I'm a lot to deal with especially for my dad because he doesn't know how to deal with me or express his feelings toward me very well. I try to do better but it's hard without a good mom figure being here. I think why my mom had to go soo early I was only 5 years old and I do wish she was here still. If she was I think I would be a way better person but this poem touched me a lot because I know the things I do would break my moms heart and I apologize and I will try and do better for her and my dad .

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