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When I was only 12 my daddy passed away. I miss him so much and it has been three years today. I am now 15 and still I cry I wish that I could see him again or a least say goodbye. My mom's brother him and I had no idea anything was wrong with him he even came home for lunch that day and seemed fine then about an hour later we got a call and had to go to the hospital and they told us he had passed away. One thing I miss a lot is riding on his Harley Davidson with him 11-16-67 to 6-15-07

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I lost my dad in a bin lorry accident. I was just born and I got told the news when I was older. My mum struggled without him and she went with someone else, but he just left. I got adopted...

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In Memory Of My Dad


Published: December 2011

The day I was rushed into a family room
I realized something bad had happened to you
the doctor told us there was nothing to do
now you are gone and words can't explain how much I miss you

when I went home later that day I locked myself up
and cried away. you were my hero my best friend
now I can never see you again. It came as a shock
I can't describe you were so strong and now you have died

I was daddy's little girl and now you were gone what was I
to do this felt so wrong I was all alone in the world so
cold I wanted to be in your arms for you to hold

now all I have is memories and photographs I wish that wasn't true but god needed an angel so he took one like you.
you were the best person I ever knew and when you died I died too.

I think of you everyday and hope that you can hear me say
I love you dad for eternity even though you are no longer
with me.

I can't wait till I die and go to heaven with you for I am sure you will be waiting at the gates then we will fly to the moon we will be together again hand and hand and once I'm up in heaven with you I will never cry again

I can't wait to ride with you on your motorcycle through the skies for I have been waiting far to long for another ride.

I miss you so much dad I really hate goodbyes


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  • Grace by Grace, Tn
  • 7 years ago

My dad passed away just one month ago on June 13, 2014. He was suffering from Prostrate Cancer since Oct. 2013. On June 11 I spoke to him through phone. When I asked him on the phone he said that he is very fine with bearable pain. We promised him that we will be there on Friday to see him. I decided to stay with him for more than a week. So I took my clothes for two weeks and started my journey at 1.30 p.m. on Friday. At 2.00 p.m. I heard the news he passed away. I was broken and cried bitterly. My dad lived a very simple and unselfish life. He never spoke unnecessarily. He was kind to us. He never shared his burden with anyone. He was my best dad. I miss him lot. Waiting to see my day at the dawn of the resurrection day.

  • Carly by Carly
  • 4 years ago

I lost my dad in a bin lorry accident. I was just born and I got told the news when I was older. My mum struggled without him and she went with someone else, but he just left. I got adopted and now I see neither of my dads and not in contact with any of them.

  • Nigeria by Nigeria, Florida
  • 8 years ago

My Dad passes away when I was 6 years old I couldn't believe it. It was like losing my other half, my soul. I cried for weeks until I couldn't cry anymore. I went into this deep dark depression not being able to see my beloved farther anymore. I couldn't comprehend that he was really gone until I went to his grave say those stoned precisely carved words. I would give anything to see my Dad again hear him call my name and hug me tight just for one more day.

  • Michelle by Michelle, Colombia
  • 9 years ago

I know your pain so well, it's all too familiar, your poem brought me to tears. My mom died almost a year ago from cancer and I don't think I can ever stop missing her. I wish I was with her, dead and finally free. this place sucks.

  • Emily Lucci by Emily Lucci
  • 9 years ago

My name is Emily I am almost 15 my dad past away on 12-13-09 and I know how you feel. It is bad when my dad passed I was only 11 and it was the hardest time for me and I still cry. I cry myself to sleep almost every night b/c I miss him so much. So don't feel left out and think youu are the only one b/c you're not. I also know how it feel to lose your best friend.

  • Linzay by Linzay, WV
  • 10 years ago

My dad passed away a little over a month ago and this poem describes how I found out I was sitting at my paps (my moms dad) and my mom and grandma (his mom) came in and told me that he passed and all I could think was "NO YOU'RE LYING DON'T LIE ABOUT THIS!!" then I realized they were not joking when my grandpa (his dad) started to cry
I wish he was still here to hold me and talk me out of suicide but I do not really have anything to live for now but I may get the help I need
RIP Daddy 1/21/71-2/13/12

  • Patricia Rojas by Patricia Rojas, San Jose California
  • 10 years ago

On December 30,2009 we went to my parents home in Arizona for xmas. I didn't wanna go and leave my husband for the holidays. Something told me to go, so I did. I remember the whole day from morning to nightfall. We got up had breakfast, started getting ready to head to the swap meet in Tucson. My mom called out from the other end of the house. I ran to their bedroom. My mom said hold my dad up while she calls 911. I looked at my dad and begged him not to leave me. He opened his eyes, looked at me and said he was ok. He took one last breath and he was gone. I can write all the events of the whole day but it would be very long. In the evening I could not sleep, I remember walking to my parents room and crawling into bed with my mom. Even now 2 years later I still can't believe it. I need help.

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