Teen Missing You Poem

My dad got transferred and we had to move away from my home town. I had to leave my best ever friend. I don't know suddenly a problem came and she called me and told 'forget me forever' it was like piercing a knife in my heart. Only the blood didn't flow. She didn't say the reason but hung up the phone. I love you my best friend. I'll wait for you always looking towards the way you might come.

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In Your Memories


Published: October 2013

are you there to hear me cry? 
you are burning me in a fire alive
come near me please....
you are blossoming in my heart everyday..
spreading your fragrance in my life...
I don't know why I am so mad about you
but I can feel my life going away..
minutes are ticking away mercilessly...
and I am lying awake in the night crying in agony...
you are watching me from within like a silent spectator
I don't want to cry but I am crying
my top is soaked and my heart is soaking with your memories
there is no 'me' because it is so full of you..
past events flash around me like a peaceful dream...
I want to forget you forever...
but I know it won't happen until I die..
life has lost it's meaning
and the grave is my goal
I gaze at the shining stars..wow
how beautiful they have formed your name in the sky..
sleepless nights , silent tears echo your name forever..


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