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Life Ain't Nothing But A Game

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My Truth

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Published: October 2008

Deep breaths and pain inside,
Hard to tell the truth when there's so many lies!

Whispers of secrets in my ear,
Hoping that no one could hear.
And I'm crying actual tears.
I feel hurt, pressured and strained.
Everybody can't feel my type of pain.
And this might really sound lame.
But life ain't nothing but a game.

Do you feel what I feel, NO!
I wish I could let it all go.
But it really ain't that easy.
Have you ever had to sit in the cold freezing.
Wanting to be awaken by a special healing.
Just let pain go freely.
Too bad nothing in this world is free.
Not even your freedom of speech.
So I'll do like Martin Luther King.
Imma let freedom ring.



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