Son Death Poem

A Mother's Grief

I write this poem with tears in my eyes and deep despair from the depths of my soul. I recently lost my youngest son suddenly on a summer morning this past July. Ever since, I am still existing in that same long day of sorrow and heart-piercing pain, a forever kind of grief that I now have come to know as a mother's grief. Although all grief is sorrowful and felt deeply, a mother's grief is so very different. I now know this to be true. I dedicate this for my loving Son, Chris. Love, Mom

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Long, Long Summer Day


Published: September 1, 2018

With angels on this summer day,
you never woke; you slipped away.

Now day just dims into the night.
I always wake in sorrow's light.

Your smile, your face, not in my sight.
Your precious memories I hold tight.

My son won't rise from this day on.
Time has stopped; my days don't dawn.

No, not a dream, I'm here to stay.
I cannot breathe past this long day when angels took my son away,

How is my life to carry on?
So empty since my son is gone.

A mother's grief, a window of tears.
Same long, long day into my years!

I pierce this veil of life and death
with purest love within my depth.

No, not a dream; I'm here to stay
within this long, long summer day.

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