Graduation Poem

Goodbye To School Friends At Graduation

The poet sits at a friend's graduation and becomes aware of lost time.

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We used this poem at our graduation!

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Published by Family Friend Poems November 2007 with permission of the Author.

It seems I had a dream last night that I was five years old.
I was taken back to my home town before my house was sold.
As I lay there lost within a dream, sleeping in my bed,
Memories of younger days circled in my head. 
I walked along a narrow trail not knowing of its end.
Then suddenly between the trees stood my life long friend.
Still as I was dreaming I watched from day to day.
I never left my best friend's side or lost a moment's play. 
I watched as we grew older; how quickly time had passed.
All those years behind us had come and gone so fast.
Then in my dream I saw him there, standing in the crowd.
His graduation day had come; I'd never been so proud. 
When he walked into the gym that day all dressed in cap and gown;
I watched and faked a smile while my world turned upside down.
I realized then this was no dream and I couldn't help but think
Of all those years that passed us by when all I did was blink.


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  • Jordan by Jordan
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We used this poem at our graduation!

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