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Missing a deceased Brother

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This July marked a full decade my brother's been gone. All the poems resonate with me, there is a small part in each I can relate to. He was my best friend. This poem in particular I wanted...

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Missing You


Published: February 2008

There is so much I wish to say
I think about you every day
I miss your laugh
I miss your smile
Neither lost nor forgotten...
I imagine them often

It just doesn't seem real that you're not around
I still look for you when I'm in town...
I'll never forget on the 4th of July...
As I sat on the curb, tears filled my eyes....
I found myself looking for you.....
Until I realized what was true...

I will never again see your wave and your smile...
We won't stand on the street and visit for a while...
No "how you doing Sis" with a big hug to follow....
No "what are you doing tonight" or "I'll see ya tomorrow"...
All of these things, I cherish so dearly ...
In my heart, I remember so clearly...

To make things worse...
Dad finally told me.
My birthday surprise he'd been withholding....
To pick me up and head to the beach...
A day with my "Dad" my little bro and me.
Instead.....  on my birthday
I had just said good bye.
At your funeral, which was one day prior.

I still talk to you ...
I know you can hear me...
Today I spoke of you and before I finished my sentence....
I could feel your presence...
Then ..  a coincidence, or was it a sign?
The song that reminds me of you began to play...
As If you knew I was thinking of you this day...
I smiled.. feeling you were there with me ...
Again... I sat remembering...
Tears filled my eyes as I listened to the song.
But this time I accepted that you are gone.

Six years later..
Seems like forever....
I've asked myself and I've talked to God.....
How could he take you away for so long?
The only answer that makes any sense is ....
You're in God's hands now...
As he planned
Watching us from above...
An Angel in heaven who will always be loved.



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  • Douglas Windisch by Douglas Windisch
  • 2 years ago

I was really touched by this poem. My older brother passed away July 2, 2017, from alcoholism. I miss him dearly! God bless his soul.

  • Meagan Lynn Ober by Meagan Lynn Ober
  • 3 years ago

This July marked a full decade my brother's been gone. All the poems resonate with me, there is a small part in each I can relate to. He was my best friend. This poem in particular I wanted to comment on, she thinks of her brother and before the thought is done, a song comes on that was his and she feels he is with her. My brother played guitar. There are about 4 songs that make me think of him and when I need it most, they will play on the radio like he made them so I know he's still with me. The night I found out he died, I had my a/c running in the house. I've always ran it constantly on the fan option for the noise. Right after my dad told me he left us, the a/c shut off and the radio I also played constantly in the background on low could be heard. James Taylor's, "You've Got A Friend", came on. When the song was over the a/c started, never to stop again. The first year after his death, everywhere I went, the song would play. In stores, vehicles, and on hold for a phone call.

  • Jocelyn by Jocelyn
  • 4 years ago

This poem touched my heart dearly. It reminded of how I miss my brother, Ernie.
I'm so glad that I found this because it says how I feel and what I want to say to Ernie.

  • Shinai by Shinai, Philippines
  • 5 years ago

I always wanted to have a big brother, unfortunately, I can't. I can feel the pain from the poem because the brother I'm wishing for was perfectly described by the poem. I can imagine to lose a brother... It hurts so much that you want to follow him so bad, isn't that true? Unless he asked you to be strong, and of course, you will... Just to make him happy, even if it hurts or not, you'll do it, right?

  • Areli by Areli, Ontario
  • 6 years ago

WOW. This is a such a nice poem and describes exactly how I feel about my brother whose name is also Jamie and lost him June 25th, 2007. I miss him so much and although I've accepted that he's gone, I still cry on this day as I remember all the things we shared. Thanks for this lovely poem and God Bless you!

  • Hannah by Hannah, NSW
  • 6 years ago

This poem was so relatable as I lost my big brother just over a year ago, he passed on the 3rd of March 2013. It was just my mum and I at home when the police came to break the news that would forever change myself and my family forever. My brother committed suicide after a long and horrible battle with depression. He chose to try and get better alone and did not tell any of us until a month beforehand. I wish I could have known earlier, because alongside my family, I would have done anything and everything in my power to ensure he was still here today. I relive the memories of that horrible night every single day and I have since I found out. I have two sisters, both of which I love endlessly, but my big brother was my best friend. We were so alike and when he left us, a huge part of myself left as well that will never be mended. The pain will never ever go away, but I know that no matter where he is, he will never be too far away. I am so so sorry for everyone's losses, may all of your loved ones rest in peace.

  • Outlook by Outlook, WA
  • 6 years ago

Very touching poem! Thank you and I'm still hurting for the loss of one of my brothers. He passed on almost a year ago. We were talking about what were we going to do for our birthdays, which is April 30. He also mentioned of how happy he was for grandma's birthday in August of 2013. But he passed on the 6th of March 2013. It was so hard for me and our family because it happened about half hour after he walked out of the front door of our house. He was living with me and my little family so it was super hard on my kids also of his crucial death! But thanks to God, I've been ok most times for the past couple months as well as our family. My brother left behind two beautiful children. His little princess and his Angel butts, that's what he called his babies. They were his world not a day would go by that he wouldn't mention them and how much he loved them etc.....I love and miss you brother :'(

  • J Orlando Fl. by J Orlando Fl.
  • 6 years ago

This really touched me my older brother was murdered and missing he was left as a John Doe until the night of my birthday when we found out. I miss him everyday and wonder what it would be like if he was still here, he never got to meet my daughter and she knows him only through pictures. I miss you bro RIP my angel

  • Marisha by Marisha, Guysna
  • 6 years ago

I'm sorry for your loss. I lost my brother 15th October 2012. He was murdered. He was sitting in a restaurant having lunch when 2 gunmen open fire. It's almost a year and I still can't believe he is gone. I miss him so much. He left behind 4 kids. I secretly wish he could come back home to us. He was my only brother.

  • Diana by Diana, Ghana
  • 7 years ago

I lost my older brother on May 14th, 2013. That day was my other brother's birthday & two days from my twin & mine's. He died in a house fire. Reading these poems brings fresh tears to my eyes as I remember how cheerful and happy he was and how I'll never see him again. The fact that he had to go in that horrible way doesn't help either! It's hard but I'm thankful that my mum was spared as she was in the same house at the time of the fire.

The pain never quite goes away but I know he's in a better place free of inhibitions and boundaries. We will always love and remember him. That's for sure!

  • Keval by Keval, India
  • 7 years ago

I was touched with these words...
felt like my story
I lost my younger brother

  • Meghan by Meghan, Australia
  • 8 years ago

This poem really touched me, I lost my big brother, and everyday it gets harder to tell myself that he is gone. Its a hard thing to lose your best friend/hero.
I remember talking to his spirit and the lights turned off and the song that reminded me of him started playing, and all of a sudden I felt arms wrap around me until I feel asleep.
All we can do is stay strong

  • San Antonio by San Antonio, Texas
  • 8 years ago

I lost my older brother on Easter Sunday 2004. It's been nearly 8 years. Unless you have lost a sibling then you don't really understand the effect this has on someone and their family. My little brother has taken it the hardest. The last eight years have been a blur of tears, heartache, and binge drinking. While some may be motivated to cope with the loss, others spiral into depression and alcoholism. I'll never understand why my brother couldn't stay or why I couldn't trade places with him. I feel like we've already been through the worst. And no matter how much harder things may get, I will continue to be there for my family.

  • Francine Menard by Francine Menard
  • 8 years ago

I lost my loving brother on Feb. 27th. I miss him so much. You see his birthday was March 2nd. So instead of celebrating his birthday we were waking him and prepare to entomb him. Reading this poem and remembering brought tears to my eyes.

  • Laura by Laura, Tuusula
  • 8 years ago

This poem says everything I miss in my brother. Now it's been only 3 months and 21 days from my big brother's death and it is so hard just to understand that he's really gone. And when you're in a public place and something there reminds of your brother. Feels like I'd want to cry all the time. Anyway I miss my big brother Esa who died in a motorcycle accident. Hope you'll feel better there wherever you are <3

  • Chelsea by Chelsea, Shotton
  • 9 years ago

this poem touched me, my name is Chelsea, I lost my brother when I was only 7 and he was 13, I am now 15. I miss him dearly and wish he was here with me still, I love him so much! His name was curt, he had cerebral palsy and epilepsy, he died due to his illnesses. I didn't understand at the time, all I do lately is think about him all the time wishing he was here with me and my family. I cherish my mum for staying strong for the rest of us I love all of my family still. I am truly sorry for your loss I lost my brother in 2003 :/. I just want everyone to know, no matter how big or small, how tough or weak, its ok to cry! <3

  • Daniella Lynn Ramirez by Daniella Lynn Ramirez, Mathis
  • 10 years ago

This has touched me it brings tears to my eyes. I have lost my lil brother this past July (07-08-09). He was in a coma for 16 days. He was in an automobile accident the morning of fathers day. He suffered trauma to his head. It was a dream for my family and I. It's been 7 months and I/we still can't believe it. He left behind 2 children and they are what reminds us of him along with our own memories. He would have been celebrating his 26th birthday this Feb and well we will celebrate for him on earth knowing that he is celebrating with the angels. He also is celebrating with his one of his best friends whom passed away exactly 4 months to the date of the same type of accident so this past year has been the hardest for my family and I but with God we have became a strong family.

  • Kenya by Kenya
  • 10 years ago

I'm sorry for your loss. I lost my brother as well in 2007. I work abroad and I had gone for leave. My brother passed way suddenly the night I arrived home. I had spoken to him the same day when I was at the airport and he was well and standing on his own. When I reached home after 45 minutes later he was so ill and no one knew if he would make it. We were told to buy some medicine for him that would make him feel better. But when the meds came from the pharmacy he took only one and that was it. later that night he passed away without warning. He left 2 kids and a wife. We miss him.

  • Margarett Romo by Margarett Romo
  • 11 years ago

First of all, I am very sorry for the loss of your brother. I lost my brother Manuel, on Valentines' day 2002. He was killed by a 14 yr. old boy. The boy was charged with vehicular homicide, was given 10 yrs. but because he was so young, he is now free. All he kept saying was I don't give a ****. That hurt my family so much. The pain never really leaves us, Does it? I've come to know the Lord through this horrible experience and have forgiven him for what he did. Not a day goes by that I don't think about my Manuel. I miss him so very much and look for the day that we will be reunited, just as our Lord promised. Take care and God bless you and your family.

  • Tonya by Tonya
  • 11 years ago

this poem really touched me and I know what its like... I lost 2 brothers in the war and its hard to go through something like that. good work I really loved the poem....
take care!!!

  • Jasmine Moore by Jasmine Moore
  • 11 years ago

this poem really touched me, I feel where you are coming from because I just lost my sister and it really took apart of me. I have two older sisters but this one was my age and we did anything you could imagine together and when I read this it made me cry.
Keep up the good work I love it

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