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A girl mourns the death of her big brother.

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It'll be 3 years next Monday since I lost my big brother on Oct 10th, 2013. This poem touched my heart. My world's a mess without him. I try to be strong for him; I just miss him so much....

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Big Brother Gone


Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006 with permission of the Author.

Day by day, I think of you.
How can all of this be true?
I can't believe you're really gone;
I still can't accept it,
Even after so long.
Just the thought of you makes me cry.
I never even got the chance to say goodbye.
Every picture, every letter...
I don't know if it will ever get better.
I always smell your familiar scent.
It makes me think of all of the times we've spent.
I know we didn't always get along,
And every time we talked, it would always go wrong.
So many things I never got to say.
I never imagined you'd ever be so far away.
You were my brother,
And I loved you like no other..
In my heart you'll always be;
You'll be my guide and help me see.
I'll never forget your soothing voice.
I would take your place if I had a choice.
But now I have to let you rest,
Although without you my world's a mess.
I miss you with all of my heart.
I wish we never had to part.
I know you're always by my side,
So now I guess this is my goodbye...

Rest in Peace Manuel- Christina


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  • Savannah Klingelhoefer by Savannah Klingelhoefer
  • 2 years ago

I lost my big brother, Lucas, on August 27, 2021, 4 days after my 19th birthday. He was a deeply depressed diabetic and always struggled with taking care of himself physically and mentally. Our mom wasn't as present in our lives as she should have been, and our dad worked a lot in order to provide for us, so I was always the one to help him or keep him on track or get him wherever he needed to be.

There were about 3 years where he was pretty bad and never really did anything but sit in his room, so I would spend all of my time in there with him when I wasn't in school, even sleeping in a recliner we had put in there at night so he wouldn't be alone. I wish I could go back to those 3 years. It's been extremely hard on me losing not just my big brother, but my only brother. I haven't exactly accepted the fact that he's gone. It's been about half a year, and it still just doesn't seem real to me. This poem touched a part of my heart I didn't know I had.

  • Dean by Dean
  • 4 years ago

I lost my brother Matthew to cancer on the 27th of September 2019 at the age of 35. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor approximately seven and half years before. Although I got to say goodbye to him at his bedside in his last days and hours, I still feel there's more that I want to say to him. I wish I could hear his voice, hug him or simply see him, even dream of him. But sadly I can't and I feel utterly bereft. I miss him sorely, and my family misses his energy, loving nature and enthusiasm enormously. I feel so much regret and guilt - I wish I'd done so much more with him before he departed. We loved each other but were busy in our own lives, and I hope he knew that I love and always loved him, no matter how far away I was from him. Matthew, I hope in some way you're still with'll live on forever in my heart and I hope that one day, when my time comes I'll be with you again. Until then, I'll grieve your passing every day.

  • Anna Murray by Anna Murray
  • 5 years ago

I lost you, brother (Teddy), 07-14-2016 in horror. That was the worst day of my existence. I thank you for the 58 years you gave so openly and those special pick-me-up hugs! You always helped everyone with no hesitation. Then we received the information of your demise that left us with many questions on the rise. Until we meet again, Brother, I'll forever remember you and often speak your name. You know, you're still in my heart where it continues to tug in pain. I’m thankful you'll be kept in my memories until you pick me up again in your loving brotherly hugs. I just can't seem to let go of the horror I felt in my heart that day you went home to God. I just wish I could've said, “See you when I see you, Teddy.” The 3 evil people responsible are incarcerated. I love you, Teddy.

  • Shine by Shine
  • 5 years ago

It's been a whole 12 years of my life since my only older brother was gone. We never really met, talked, and spent time with each other at all because even before I was born he was already gone. I don't have memories to hold onto. I don't know what he's like and everything. I keep on crying because my parents and my other brothers always look down on me and made my confidence go below average and made me weak because no one in my family believes me. Every day it hurts me. I also lost my grandpa; he was the closest person to me. I loved him liked my father and more because he deserves it.

  • Kim Simpson by Kim Simpson
  • 7 years ago

My brother has been gone 50 years (13-3-67). Sat here thinking that he was spending his last few hours this time 50 year ago. He was 4 and had leukemia. I don't remember him that much, just stories and pictures, but I miss him daily. Love you, Johnny.

  • Jessie Cambey by Jessie Cambey
  • 7 years ago

Hello, my name is Jessie. On the 13th of February 2010 I was in a car crash with my brother. His name was Aaron. We were coming home from work and he was really tired. Halfway home he fell asleep at the wheel and we veered into the oncoming lane. We clipped a truck and it drove us into a power line. There was fuel coming out of the car, and the power line sparked it. A car pulled over and pulled me out, but it was too late for Aaron. We sat in horror as I watched my brother burn to death in front of me. Seven years have passed, and I can't remember the last night I didn't have nightmares about it. I don't know what to do with my life anymore. I don't know how to keep going.

  • Rosemary Afotey-Lord by Rosemary Afotey-Lord
  • 4 years ago

Hi Jessie, I feel your pain. My brother died on 1/03/17 in the manhole at home. That was where we found his body. As I look on how his body was brought out it was horrifying, and I still have dreams till today. I know he was strangled and pushed into it. But the police said he committed suicide. Please stay strong. My brother died three years after my dad died, and my mum died a year after my brother died. Life isn't fair.

  • Tyler Wilkerson by Tyler Wilkerson
  • 4 years ago

I'm so sorry that you were witness to that tragedy. I, too, witnessed my brother pass...but it wasn't just one. As fate would have it I witnessed both of my older brothers perish. Bubba Chris, as I called him, was shot in 2002 over a girl just feet away from me. I was 13 then. Then my other brother took his own life in 2016. And even though I witnessed that one as well, it was for the best. He had apparently been diagnosed with a late stage cancer of some sort and didn't tell a soul, not even our mom. After the ME had finished his work he came and said to us he had no idea how he lived as long as he did and that he was in almost constant pain. I just wish he would have told us, but sometimes it just happens, I guess. I really feel for my mom. No parent should have to bury a child...let alone two.

  • Janie Pate by Janie Pate
  • 6 years ago

My heart breaks for you. I was really close to my brother. He was all I had. He was murdered and it was an unsolved case. He is buried in South Florida. I took a trip this weekend to visit his grave. I'm so heart broken and I feel lost. My prayers are with you.

  • KT by KT
  • 6 years ago

Sending many prayers your way. I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my brother January 22, 2017. I am having a very hard time with it as well. We were close. I can't imagine the pain you're feeling as both died very different ways, however, regardless of the way...the pain is super hard. We have to ride life's waves...its ups and downs...never heal...never accept...just go minute by minute and day by day. I hear it gets easier...but when?

  • Anne Greene by Anne Greene
  • 7 years ago

Dear Jessie, I am so so sorry for the death of your brother and that you had to witness his death. My brother recently died suddenly. Heart attack. He was born deaf and unable to speak. He lived alone in Bham. I live in Staffs. I learned after his funeral that he had been telling people in the local shops for 3 weeks that he had very bad chest pains! Not one person told him he needed the paramedics or offered to phone for him. He died on Christmas day. If they had told him, he could have been treated and been alive today. I find it very difficult to forgive such indifferent people. So, what I do is I sit and tell it all to Jesus. Tell Him how you feel. Ask him to look after your brother for you. I hope this helps in some small way. Trust Jesus to help you. God Bless. Anne.

  • Danyelle Jewell by Danyelle Jewell
  • 7 years ago

Don't look back. You felt helpless because you couldn’t save your brother. It's not your fault. Do things that make you feel empowered. Now forgive yourself. Move on and when you think of your brother, smile and remember the happy times you had with him. How else will you enjoy the present if you keep reliving a past event in your life that you need to come to terms with? Move forward and don't look back! I know it's hard, but you can do it. Live life for your brother. He would have wanted you to.

  • Yvette Duncombe by Yvette Duncombe
  • 7 years ago

October 15th, 2016 marks a year since my brother left me. This poem is so timely because it reminds me of him. He was all of what the poem say and more. I really miss my brother; he was like no other. Thank you for making my day.

  • Abigail Rose by Abigail Rose
  • 7 years ago

It'll be 3 years next Monday since I lost my big brother on Oct 10th, 2013. This poem touched my heart. My world's a mess without him. I try to be strong for him; I just miss him so much. It's unbearable at times. I have so much guilt with him because we could never get along. We were brutal on each other my whole life. And I let it be because I always thought we'd have time when we grew up. I even said a couple times if he died I wouldn't care...that's how bad we didn't get along. I was wrong! When he died, my world stopped. I was 17 when he died, and he was 20. I always think I should've answered the phone that night when he tried to call me. I just get sad at all the things he never did. Never got a license, never graduated, never had kids, never married, or bought a house. He will never meet my kids. And I have friends who've never met him. My boyfriend's never met him. I deeply miss him.

  • Sarah by Sarah
  • 7 years ago

Hello, Abigail! My brother also passed away in 2013 (in March), and I was nearly 17 and he was nearly 20. It's been the hardest 3 years of my life, as my brother was my best friend, even though I didn't see him much! I still remember he always said that when I turned 18 he would take me for my first drink, but that never happened, and now I've entered my 20s without my brother. I don't know how your brother passed away, but mine was in a motorbike accident. I've learned to handle his death way more in the last 3 years! But I'm scared that when I'm older I won't really remember much about him as I only got 17 years with him! I'm not afraid of death anymore the only thing I'm afraid of is forgetting him!

  • Vanessa Brown by Vanessa Brown
  • 7 years ago

My big brother's death happened so fast after finding out he had cancer. He passed on July 2, 2016. I am the youngest of 4 kids. My sister, niece and myself stayed with him day and night for the last 2 weeks before he passed, and it still seems like a dream. My siblings and I are so close! A part of us is gone now. I miss him so much! People says it will get easier, but my question is, when?

  • Carlos by Carlos, Alaska
  • 8 years ago

I was touched by this story I soon thought about my brother that died a few days after he was born.

  • Glad by Glad, Nigeria
  • 8 years ago

This poem made me cry over and over again. I lost my elder brother on the 10th of march 2011. He doubled as my father and mother that I never knew. I loved him very much. The hardest thing to do is to say farewell to the person you really need. Still shed tears as I write. Nice write up, please keep it up.

  • Tone by Tone
  • 5 years ago

I just learned of my brother death after I got off work, and I am still in shock. This is after my other eldest brother's death in 2015. I know he is at peace, but I'm numb and just can't really cry right now. I really don't know what to do. He just spoke to my mother yesterday. I'm just numb right now. I've read some of the beautiful posts, and I just wanted to thank the posters because I know I'm not alone in this.

  • EG by EG, GREECE
  • 9 years ago

This poem touched me because my brother died in a car accident in 1996. He was only 19 years old.I miss him everyday!! I never got the chance to tell him how much I loved him or even to say goodbye to him!! I miss you with all my heart!!

  • Angel by Angel, dubai
  • 9 years ago

This poem made my eyes fill up. I lost my brother 5years back in a car accident where he pushed me away and saved me. The last time I saw him he was covered in blood on the road. He was always there for me and was my best friend. I never even imagined a life without him, and now he is gone and I still grieve his lose even though I promised him I wouldn't let his loss hold me back and would move on with my life. But whenever I am alone all I think is about our beautiful memories and his last smile and his words before he left me.

  • Philip Morrison by Philip Morrison, Scotland
  • 8 years ago

I lost my younger brother to Motor Neuron disease. It's not so much that you lose someone you love, it's someone who loved you unconditionally that makes it so difficult.

  • Bossy by Bossy, Micronesia Chuuk
  • 9 years ago

I lost my big brother 3 months ago, his bday was just 4 days ago. We always got along, never argued. Was a very shy, brilliant guy, loved each and every of his family and friends. Loved your poems so sweet and nice. Reminds me of my brother. God bless you!

  • Ellie Tafjen by Ellie Tafjen, California
  • 9 years ago

My brother died almost a month ago, on July 8, 2014. He took his life in our garage, and my close friend and I were the ones to find him. He was 17, and about to become a senior, and I'm 12, about to become an eighth grader. He hung himself, but every clairvoyant we've talked to said it was an accident that involved the choking game. This poem describes exactly how I feel and it brought so many tears to my eyes, it's absolutely beautiful!

  • Amanda by Amanda, PA
  • 9 years ago

Your poem made be break down my brother was murdered 9 months ago by losers that beat him in the head with a baseball bat and I was 37 weeks pregnant. My daughter will never know her uncle because of someone else's actions. My brother didn't have much so if he could help you or even just give you the shirt of his back he would. But the pain is still there.

  • K021105 by K021105
  • 5 years ago

Hi Amanda, so sorry for your loss. I, too, lost my brother to murder during an armed robbery on Halloween 2017 in South Florida. He was expecting his first child, a baby girl, who will never meet her father. I feel your pain. I don't have any children yet, but when he found out he was going to be a dad that year he almost convinced my spouse and I to conceive so our kids could grow together and take them to Disney. Oh, how I miss him. Stay strong.

  • Grace by Grace, New York
  • 10 years ago

This poem made me cry! I lost my big brother two months ago in a car crash. I still can't believe that he is gone, two months after his passing. We were so close and he would always be there for me when I needed him. I never got to say goodbye to him. I can't even remember the last time I saw him. Every little thing reminds me of him. I REALLY love this poem!

  • Kathy by Kathy, New Brunswick
  • 10 years ago

This poem touched my heart in so many ways. It's going on 6 yrs. since my brother passed away, he was only 47. I'm still not over the grief, there are some days, when all I have to do is think of him & my eyes fill up with tears. I don't think we ever really get over it. I miss him so much. So sorry for your loss, you are not alone..he's always with you as I know my brother is with me.

  • Meredith by Meredith, California
  • 11 years ago

This poem really touched me, I lost my oldest brother 7 months ago to a drug overdose on my first day of my freshman year of college. Everything you have written is exactly how I feel every day of my new sad life, thank you for reassuring me that I am not alone. I am sorry for your loss, I truly understand the pain.

  • Celeste Arnett by Celeste Arnett, Louisville
  • 9 years ago

The same thing happened to my brother 2 years ago as of next weekend. This weekend was the last one he was alive.
Praying for you and your family as I well know the pain that drugs inflict upon the family.

  • Verdia by Verdia, Arkansas
  • 11 years ago

Thank you for this poem. One year, 2 days, 21 hours and 33 min ago I lost my little brother to lung cancer, Only 28. He never smoked, never drunk. He loved working out. I was there when he took his last breath. Life is hard without him. This poem speaks everything I feel. Goodbye my love, my heart Henry C. Sims, I I love you

  • Louise Orlando by Louise Orlando, Florida
  • 11 years ago

Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem. My little brother passed away 4 week ago. We didn't always see eye to eye but we loved each other deeply. I miss him so much, every time I think about him I cry and find it hard not to. Your poem touched me so much because you put to words how I feel about my brother ... Thank you and God Bless you.

  • NY by NY
  • 11 years ago

I too lost a brother 25 years ago today.
He was a kind person, a loving person,
that you ever want to meet.
Miss you brother, I pray for you that
you watch over us.
Love you always

  • Emily by Emily, Ohio
  • 11 years ago

Thanks so much for your beautiful poem.
I'm so angry that my brother is gone.
I'm 59 and my little brother was 57 and died of a cardiac arrest.
I cry all the time, we were so close. I love and miss him everyday. He would always know the name of the songs on the radio, and who sang them. He always joked around, and was the sweetest and kindest brother any sister could have. Always treasure what you have, because it could be gone in a second. Your poem made me cry, it's so beautiful!

  • Deanna by Deanna
  • 11 years ago

7 years ago today my brother Jason was taken from my life by another. I can still hear his voice to this day and remember all his funny hilarious comments. This life without him still feels incomplete but I move forward for him. I never had a chance to say goodbye but he reached out to me to show me he's ok. The thought of death doesn't bother me because I know in my heart Jason will be there waiting for me.! I love you brother with all my heart, you are my best friend, and I have become the person I have today all because of you! Thank you brother for all you did for me!!

  • Jessica Henry by Jessica Henry
  • 11 years ago

this poem is soooooo good. It relates to me a lot because I lost my older brother Shaun when I was 10 years old. He was my everything. I used to have so much fun with him. He was like a father to me since my dad wasn't around that much. He taught me a lot of things. I'm still trying to learn how to cope with his death even though it was almost 8 years ago. Everyone tells me to forget about it but for some reason I can't. It's going to get better soon enough.

  • John by John
  • 11 years ago

My brother died in a horrific car accident 6 months ago today. I have written poems, letters, been to counseling, and nothing seems to help. Your poem has hit home with me on so many levels. I miss my little brother. There is so much pain and hurt I feel. Your poem was like you were inside of me writing exactly my feelings. Thank you for writing and publishing this. It will help so many that are feeling this anguish and depression.

  • Linsey by Linsey
  • 7 years ago

Does it get easier? I just lost my brother November 11, 2016, also in a horrible car accident. Seems like the days are getting harder for me.

  • Ernesta Lupe. Campverde Az by Ernesta Lupe. Campverde Az
  • 11 years ago

Wow this is a great poem it made me miss my one brother I only got along with. I would do anything to get him back but he has gone to a better place. He will always and forever be with me. He died in a car accident. He was 19 every day I think of him. I still remember his voice and his cheesy smile. He loved to play basketball and hang out with me and his friends we were always together. It was just always us to against the world by ourselves. Your poem really touched me. I LOVE YOU JEREMY LUPE BIG BROTHER

  • Jessa by Jessa, Bruni Tx.
  • 11 years ago

Love this poem....It describes how I feel down to the T. I lost 2 brothers. They were both older to me. Sadly I never got to meet my brother Jr. He was run over by my Aunt when he was 2 1\2 yrs old. I lost my second older brother in a train accident/murder. Nobody really knows what happened so we are all left with unanswered questions. I was notified of his death the worst possible way. A phone call from a total stranger telling me your brother got hit by a train and is dead. Their words exactly. We were so close, so not being able to say goodbye is just eating me up. Not a day goes by that I don't think about him.

  • Mindy by Mindy
  • 11 years ago

I am preparing for the pending death of my big brother. We are both mid life with respect to ages. Last night on the phone he asked me if I would give the eulogy for him. I accepted because it is an honor to have the task. Although he is 8 years older, he and I are very close. I asked him if he wanted me to tell some stories of our conversations, to be humorous or sincere. He said it was up to me. I am not sure if I can do this without crying. I cried when I read your poem. I am not sure how to prepare for this task. Should I just speak from the heart or should I go into this with written words?

  • Bobbie "shepherd" Scott by Bobbie "shepherd" Scott
  • 11 years ago

Thanks Christinia!
I lost my twin brother 8 years ago in July. I miss him so much. We didn't always get along but he was my twin brother. We were born on July-4-1972 and we lost him July-26-04. One day after my baby girls 12th birthday. I hate the month of July now don't even celebrate my birthdays any more. I remember the 2nd to the last time I saw him. He was arguing with someone who owed him money and the guys girlfriend got on the phone and was cussing him out and he told her come on down here my sister is here now.

  • Kate by Kate
  • 11 years ago

I can relate to every line of this poem. I didn't stop crying for 45 minutes. I lost my brother by suicide at the age of 29. I loved her word choice. I'm just surprised how well he described her feelings.

  • Eileen by Eileen, East London
  • 11 years ago

I lost 2 brothers this year within 5 months of each other. I am still finding it hard to accept. We hardly got over the shock of the first brother, when my youngest one committed suicide. Robert passed away a year after being diagnosed with cancer, I was there in the last hours of his life. Even though I was there he was to confused to even know I was there. To me I never got to say goodbye to one of my brothers.

  • Cape Town by Cape Town
  • 11 years ago

I lost my brother on 11 December 2010, he was 21 years old and I was 18. I stay on college and I didn't see him for two weeks before he died. I didn't even say goodbye to him. We were close I miss him a lot. This poem is exactly how I feel. If I could just turn back the time. And the people that was with him don't even want to confess to what really happened. I'm so angry. I'm really trying to deal with my brothers death really..........Wish I could just give him a hug even if it is in my dreams. Miss you very much RIP Ballie Love you.

  • Aston by Aston, Canada
  • 11 years ago

My Dad who is 59 years old, recently lost his oldest brother, to Esophageal Cancer, and my dad's oldest brother was only 61. He lost his first brother when he was 22, and he died due to a drowning accident, which is really sad considering the fact that my dad's first brother was only 13 when he died. He couldn't stop crying because his heart shattered. Imagine being born, and then living for a while, and then never seeing your family Ever again. I wish I was rich so I could bring him back! :( :(


  • Debie by Debie, Chicago
  • 11 years ago

Thank you I have just lost my only brother this week. He would have been 62 today (7/29) and was alone when he died from heat exposure and remained alone for 3 weeks before he was found. Oh Lord... the pain I felt and continue to feel is OVERWHELMING, will it ever stop Christina? Does it get any better?
Thank you for speaking for me.

  • Nathalie by Nathalie, Miami Florida
  • 11 years ago

This poem said everything I would have said and exactly how I feel. On November 24 2010 I got a phone call from my father telling me to rush to his house, and he would not tell me why. I had no idea that on that day my life would be turned upside down. When I walked in through my fathers door I see one of my brothers and my sister sitting on the sofa with blank expressions. My father was at the door as soon as I walked in grabbed me by the shoulders and I had no idea why. He had me by the shoulders to keep me from falling when he told me that my brother got ran over by a truck and killed instantly while going to work. Thank you for this poem it is helping me get my goodbye I did not get to have.

  • Cee by Cee, San Diego
  • 11 years ago

I lost my brother a week ago tomorrow. The pain in my soul is so deep I find it very difficult to have life without him. My brother loved life and wanted to live so much, but a heart attack took him away. Your poem really touches my heart as I feel so much of what you express. He was my only brother with us five sisters. I love my parents but when they died it hurt but one believes parents will go first. The pain I feel for losing my brother is different. My brother, my best friend, I will miss him always and he is always on my mind. Thank you for sharing your heartfelt feelings and thoughts. Goodbye Cecil Jr., my dear brother. Your sister Cee.

  • Sarah Roberts by Sarah Roberts, London
  • 12 years ago

My brother died at the end of last June on a night out, he was 20 years old and nobody knows what lead to his death. He was found in the middle of nowhere and was hit a by a car, he didn't have any personal belongings on him. This poem is lovely, I can really relate to it, especially the part where you say you if you had the choice you would change places. I wish he was here all the time, I wish he was in another part of the world living out his dreams, I would be content with never seeing him again I just wish he was still able to experience all the things he loved. We were best friends and had such an incredible bond, I know I'll never find that with anybody ever again but at least I can say I once had it. Love you Jonny, always will x

  • Brea Speulda by Brea Speulda, Springtown Texas
  • 12 years ago

My brother died on August 17, 2010 due to a car wreck. He broke his fifth vertebrate and was paralyzed from neck down. They had him living on life support. It's really hard to see my dad try and get through the day knowing this was his second son and knowing he has one more. Everyday I wonder why it is that god had to take him out of all people in the world. I didn't get to say good bye or have a decision in the choice of them taking him off of life support. Everyday I wonder what would have happened if he hadn't died and what our lives would be like. I'm terribly sorry for your loss I know what it's like to grow up with out a brother.
Sincerely Brea

  • Nepal by Nepal
  • 12 years ago

I lost my two older and elder brothers in two different type of road accident in between nine and half month. One at the age of 28 died in Nepal and another at the age of 26 died in USA. Both of them were well established in their own field. But the cruel death took away my loving brothers.

Thank you for helping me sharing about my brothers. Neither I can cry neither I could die. Thank you for giving me platform.

  • Becki Stranik by Becki Stranik
  • 12 years ago

We lost our son Chris almost 2 years ago just 2 1/2 months before his 27th Birthday. Our 2 daughters looked up to him and miss him so much. He was the one they would turn to for advice on anything. Your poem spoke volumes. Thank you for sharing!

  • Greg Brown by Greg Brown, Ottawa Ontario
  • 12 years ago

Very nice poem brought tears to my eyes....I liked it a lot and plan on getting it tattooed on my back my brother died 2 weeks after my tenth birthday of leukemia.....I really liked it and thank you very much....

  • Tara Bedonie by Tara Bedonie, Tonalea AZ
  • 12 years ago

This is a really nice poem. I have to say it touched my heart too. Your poem reminds me a lot of my older brother Monroe, everything you mention in your poem is about my brother too. I read this poem this year the day he passed away to my family and they really loved it. So thank you (:

  • Chicago by Chicago
  • 12 years ago

This poem is very beautiful I was looking for poems to say out loud because my brother just passed the way March 14. I still can't believe it I really miss him, We were so close I can't believe he's gone. I dont want to accept the fact that he's gone, I wish I can go back to the day he passed the way and not let him go out. All of our memories we had with each other will never be forgotten.

  • Tj Harvey by Tj Harvey, Az
  • 12 years ago

This poem touched my heart. I lost my brother in Jan of 03. People blame my oldest brother for what happened and he doesn't talk to us (family) so its like I lost two brothers. Wishing I could go back and change what happened. It's been ten years now and I still haven't gotten over his death. I still cry myself to sleep. The only thing that got me through all this time is my little brother, whom I love with all my heart. He is now my other half but there's a piece of my heart that will never be filled. RIP Ivan M. Carroll. Miss you soo much.

  • Lizellem by Lizellem
  • 12 years ago

I lost my brother tom 7 weeks 2 days ago this poem is lovely my brother is my best friend and I love him. He was only 29 it's just like how me and him was R.I.P Tom

  • Amanda by Amanda, Arlington Tn
  • 12 years ago

This is perfect description of my love and relationship I had with my brother. I lost my brother 9-9-09 he was 29 and I was 26. I feel like I lost my best friend and my heart. No one can replace him and I am left with a piece of me gone!!

  • Kassandra by Kassandra
  • 12 years ago

I'm sorry to hear all this, I lost my 26 year old brother. He was stabbed by some guy and it was three vs. him. He was in a wrong place in the wrong time. A girl invited him to a kick back and everyone was drunk already. He tried to leave and the girl who invited him. But before she decided to take the beers my brother and her brought, so that's when everything started. Two guys jumped my brother and one other guy brought a butcher knife and stabbed him under his armpit towards the heart. My brother was a really good person. He had no problems. Was an ex marine and was working and needed one more month to graduate from college. He left a little 3 years old baby. I just wanted to let everything out (sigh). It feels like if it was just yesterday.

  • New Jersey by New Jersey
  • 12 years ago

My big brother died December 2, 2011 (49 days ago). I called my Dad while I was at work. He was crying. He said there was a fire. "Is everyone ok?" I asked. "Brendan's dead." My house burned down and my 24 year old brother died. We were supposed to grow old together. One day, I might be three times his age: 72. And he will be 53 years dead. I am so afraid of being 53 years away from him. I am so afraid of my future without him.
Thank you, everyone for sharing. I feel a sick comfort knowing that there are people who can relate to me.

  • Aban by Aban, Tehran
  • 12 years ago

OMG this poem really touched me and made me cry. I lost my big brother, HADI last year. I never got to say goodbye. It was an accident. He was my only sibling. He was just 22 years old, just 1 year and a half older than me. It happened just a few weeks after my 21st birthday. He always used to make me laugh, sigh, such good days. I think about our childhood memories all the time. I can't believe this has happened to us. He was so so nice and funny. I was not a good sister for him I know. He was much nicer than me. Why should he leave us so soon? It's not fair for sure. He was just so young and had lots of plans for his life.
You left me behind and I'm so lonely now my lovely bro I miss youuuuuuu badly.

  • Gordon by Gordon, Manila
  • 12 years ago

11 days ago, my brother Passed. This poem mostly the first few paragraphs summarize how I feel. I did not get the chance to say good bye and now his gone.

  • Purnima by Purnima, Dubai
  • 12 years ago

This poems connects so much with my brother whom we lost 22 years ago and it seems only yesterday that we were together laughing and fighting. Cannot replace him with anything...missing him a lot...

  • Cami by Cami, Cali
  • 12 years ago

This poem really touched me. I lost my brother to a prescription drug overdose just over 8 months ago and he was about to be a daddy. His girlfriend had their son a week after he died. There are so many things I wish I could have told him... I never even got to say good bye.. Your poem really hit home for me. I have found that poetry is really helping me mourn and accept his death and for that I am thankful.

  • Cheyenne by Cheyenne, Pennsylvania
  • 12 years ago

Thank you for sharing your poem with me. I can relate because one of my brothers passed away a month and 19 days ago at age 26 by falling off a 30 foot roof at work. He didn't have anything to hold on to. He didn't have any support to keep him safe he was in the hospital for a week he would take one step forward and then two steps back. I can still remember when my mom got a call from the hospital and I was getting ready for school. The doctor said his brain was swelling I knew right then and there that I was going to the hospital that November 2 2011 was going to be the last time I was going to see my brother, but I stayed strong for my parents and other siblings. About 2 hours after being at the hospital the doctor called us all into a room and said I'm sorry but he didn't make it. I broke down crying I didn't believe it. I didn't know what to do. Still to this day it doesn't seem real. I am the youngest of 13 and only 17 but I never thought that something like this could ever happen to anyone of my brothers or sisters. I never said goodbye to my brother I just told him I would see him later when it's my time to go I will see him again someday. He will be waiting at the gates of heaven for me love and miss ya bunches, love your little sister Cheyenne

  • Jessica by Jessica, North Alabama
  • 12 years ago

I was looking for a poem to put in our local newspaper on February 20th in remembrance of him. He will be gone ten years. He died from complications of a car accident in 2002. His car accident was June 15th, but he tried to stay. He was 22 on the day he died. He was only 18 months younger than me, my best friend. He left behind a baby girl, that he would be so proud of and two other siblings, our parents too. This poem was the first I read and I didn't need to go any farther. This is wonderful.

  • Brittany Trimble by Brittany Trimble, Catoosa.
  • 12 years ago

I loved this poem. I'm going through some stuff right now. My little brother died. I don't understand why. But, I see him. I love him a lot. And, I would do anything to get him back. I would give up my life.

  • New Zealand by New Zealand
  • 12 years ago

My beloved brother died 5th April 2011 of cancer at the age of 59. He was my best friend my soul mate. I loved his so much and never a day goes by when I don't think of him. He made my life better. He was my eyes when I couldn't see. I'm everything I am because he loved me. You taught me to live. I hope wherever you are you are happy because you deserve to be . I love you so much.

  • Juanie by Juanie, Chicago
  • 12 years ago

So sorry for your loss. I lost my older brother Joe, in 1981 to a homicide. No killer ever found. I lost my 2nd and only brother Juan on July 1, 2007 also to a homicide. I am 43 now and this poem reminds me of both of them so much. They say that it gets easier with time, well after 30 years I still think of my brother Joe, Juan is constantly on my mind. The holidays don't get any easier either, but I put the smile on my face and hide the pain that I feel, so my children and grandbabies don't have to see the hurt that I feel. Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem. It reminds me of both. R.I.P Joe & Juan.

  • Anonymous by Anonymous, Anonymous
  • 12 years ago

I love this poem a lot because I lost my brother in September 2010. He was special Ed and was the most loving, caring, funniest guy you would ever meet. I never got in a fight with him and we always got along. He was soo nice and always made me laugh. He died of heart failure and I'm still devastated. He was so nice and if I did have a choice I would put myself where he is now. I love and miss him

  • Rawr by Rawr, Ontraio
  • 12 years ago

Reminds me of my older brother , He passed away to this day its been 6 months, and I see his grave twice a month, and I never say goodbye, I can't, I might even take this poem and go to his grave, and that's how I shall say goodbye, a poem a sweet women named, Christina Created...

  • Clinton Township by Clinton Township, Michigan
  • 12 years ago

I'm old, and so is my sister and so was my brother who died this week. Nevertheless my tears taste of salt just as much as someone a third my age.
My brother, sister and myself lived separately in foster homes for ten years growing up. We were teenagers when we finally got to live together. Our childhoods were forfeited by a probate judge.
But the family unit is inviolate and he and I will be together again as soon as I have my "Senior Trip Day". That's when I go from the nursing home to the funeral home.
Do yourself a favor if you fear death. Google "Plato" and "Er". You'll realize we only have our bodies on sort of a lease program, like when you lease a new car.
Do you remember how you got here? No. It was all done for you. Same thing when we die. Dying is like having sex, relax and enjoy it.
Don't "rest in peace", rest in joy because the next life is tons better than this one.
Read Elizabeth Kubler-Ross M.D. on death and dying.

  • Carol by Carol, Texas
  • 12 years ago

I just received a call from my best friend telling me her son had just died. It took me back to last year when my sister called to say that my brother had died. We were close till he was in High School then it seems time passed and we grew apart we would see each other on occasion for mostly family funerals or if I happened to be in town for a visit. I never really told him I loved him and I wish that now after reading this poem that I had said it more often. Pride stands in the way for so many of us and a death of someone dear strips you of that pride and you wonder "why didn't I tell him more often" just three little words I LOVE YOU. Don't let time pass by another moment tell that special sister, brother, friend, Mom or Dad that you love them because life is too precious to let go.

  • Emily by Emily, Georgia
  • 12 years ago

I lost my big brother on November 29, 2010... he was over seas in Afghanistan and him and 5 other guys were attacked... I remember the casualty officers coming to give is the news... me and my brother were so close and everyone knew that.. we have a special love. I love him with all my heart. and I would do anything to bring him back to me.

  • Jo Garner by Jo Garner, Phila PA
  • 12 years ago

My brother passed at the age of 54 only 14 days ago, 8/2/2011 from cancer. I have no idea what to say just I miss him so... And reading this poem is so true in the way we always got alone, Love you Ed.

  • Chantal by Chantal, Cape Town
  • 12 years ago

This poem reminds me of my brother he passed away on the 16 July 2011. His sudden death gave a shock to every one who knows him. We will always miss him, may his soul rest in peace.

  • Carolyn by Carolyn, Ontario Canada
  • 12 years ago

Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem. My little brother passed away November 30th 2010 at age 44 . We didn't always see eye to eye but we loved each other deeply . I miss him so much , every time I think about him I want to cry and find it hard not to. Your poem touched me so much because you put to words how I felt about my brother ... Xo

  • Tara by Tara, Iowa
  • 13 years ago

This was an amazing poem. I have been looking for one that would relate to me and my brother and this one was it. I lost my brother two months ago in a car accident that happen right in front of me. He is my life and I believe my life will never be the same. This poem was exactly how I feel each and everyday.

  • Nicole by Nicole, London England
  • 13 years ago

this is a very touching reminds me off my little brother I lost 6 yrs, 219 days ago.....he died aged 2 days and I only ever saw him once (I will never forget his face) he weighed just 1lb 5o after being born 4 months early. He was a twin but only 1 survived...I lost the other one and I miss him soooo much xxx I can't even imagine what it would be like with him now. he would be 6 and running around playing with his brother and me xxx I hope he is being looked after up there in heaven and believe me, if I could I would do anything to see him again.....not a second passes when he's not in my mind, the love I will never forget and the hurt will ease in time xxx I miss him dearly and I think I should have died not him !!! He did nothing wrong xxx I want him back in my arms xxx where he should be, not dead !!

  • Michelle by Michelle, England
  • 13 years ago

I lost my brother exactly 9 years ago to this day, in a motorbike accident, he was on his way home from shopping and literally round the corner from the house, no one can say exactly what happened except for that he wasn't speeding, he was dead before he even got to the hospital, there isn't a day that goes by that I do not think of him it was unfortunately his time to leave us, he left behind his wife and 2 children his youngest wasn't even 2 years old yet, so his son was robbed of a wonderful father, he was an amazing guy, who laughed and joked all the time, he might be gone but he is never out of our heart and thoughts... R.I.P. K.P.L

  • Pakistan by Pakistan, Azad Kashmir
  • 13 years ago

HASAAN AFTAB ATTARI, my brother, lost him 5 months ago in a car accident he was only 15 years 10 months old. The poem depicts what I am really going through even though the time passes by you still are in pain all the time people think you will get over it soon but it is impossible. It has been 5 months there has not been a single day when I didn't cry because I could not get over it, and before this incident I never could understand the pain one goes through on losing such a close family member now we are completely shattered broken and incomplete without him, love you HASAAN

  • Kevin Brown by Kevin Brown, St. Louis
  • 13 years ago

Christina, let me first start off by saying how terribly sorry I am for your sorrow. I lost my brother one month ago. He wasn't shot, or in an ATV accident, his car didn't flip over... he collapsed in the kitchen preparing an insulin shot for my mother, he was 40.. Just 2 years older than me. Not a one of us even knew he had anything wrong with him. It's funny how a headache would lead to such a tragic incident. I didn't even get to say goodbye. In fact, our last conversation (earlier in the day) was left on bad terms. He started the argument but I finished it wish a vengeance. I said things I wish I could take back... more than life itself. I know I'm going to have to move on for my own sake and the sake of my loved ones but knowing a sibling for 38 years, your only sibling you'll ever know in life... *sigh*... I pull up a picture of him every day, stare at it and think about all the times we shared, things we planned that weren't fully executed. Thank you.

  • Meghan Price by Meghan Price
  • 13 years ago

I also lost my older brother to a four wheeler accident. at the time he was 14 and I was 11, we always used to fuss and fight but we both new we loved each other, I NEVER thought of losing my brother, I never thought about ANYTHING happening to him. There's not a day that goes by where I don't think about him, he was my Better Half & I've been feeling incomplete without him ever since. but your poem really helped! its the BEST poem I ever read! thanks A lot!

  • Adelita Trujillo by Adelita Trujillo, Espanola
  • 13 years ago

I'm 18 and my brother was had just turned 29 was murdered 4 years now in July and I miss him soooo much. He was an amazing man he was the spitting image of Leonardo DiCaprio sooo handsome. He built casinos (Mandalay Bay, all three towers of the Palms, Luxar, ... just to name a few) in Las Vegas, Nevada for a living I feel really guilty of not - well, missing him at his time of death ... I would see everyone else crying but it seemed not to affect me. ... I miss my brother Jay Joseph SOOOOO incredibly much. I envied him. I wish I could/ could of been him.

Love you J.J.
- Your Little Sister Ade <3

  • North Carolina by North Carolina
  • 13 years ago

I'm almost speechless . I just want to say first I'm sorry for you and your loved ones loss. Second , You Just wrote a poem straight from your heart and I want to say thank you

  • Courtny Cayton by Courtny Cayton
  • 13 years ago

This too made me think of my big brother it is almost a year

  • Catherine by Catherine, Reading
  • 13 years ago

This really touched me because I lost my own brother (16) a few months ago, and this is exactly how I felt, thank you for putting it into words for me.

  • Emma Coventry by Emma Coventry
  • 13 years ago

this is lovely Christina, I lost my big brother in may 2010 six days after my 21st birthday he was 27, my daughter is always asking when her uncle will be back and it hurts so much, we never got to say goodbye to him, god always takes the best people but they remain in our hearts forever

  • Carrie by Carrie, York
  • 13 years ago

Very touching poem Christina. I lost my brother 3 weeks ago and it's so raw. I'm only 18 and it hurts to think I have got to live the rest of my life without my big brother. It is weird when you lose such an important figure in your life and you're in so much pain but the world keeps turning.

  • Tia by Tia, Connecticut
  • 13 years ago

This is a lovely poem.
I lost my older brother 6 months ago... a night fishing accident. Every morning, every day and every night...I have this haunting image of the divers pulling his lifeless body from the water. No sleep (3 hrs a night). Trying to find some type of peace. But this poem here...very touching. I miss and love my brother dearly.

  • Toronto by Toronto, Onario
  • 13 years ago

I was searching for a poem online, tonight is 1 year anniversary since my brother died.
your poems expresses similarity between my brother and I.

It's sad to see and know the one you love, left you without saying goodbye. It sad, you cannot talk to them in person, and you cannot smile with them and share a joke.

I missed my brother very much and may his soul continue to rest peacefully. I believe he was taken for a very good reason, and God has grant him a place in heaven. R I P bro! you have not been forgotten.
Love Shakila

  • Carolyn by Carolyn, England
  • 13 years ago

Your poem is beautiful ,it tells a story of unending love. I lost my sister to cancer in February and my brother in July, it's hard to go on with a broken heart, but we all must live our dreams, tell people we love them, make each day count in the memory of those we loved and lost, they are with us always and will visit us in our dreams x

  • Limerick by Limerick
  • 13 years ago

my brother just died 2 weeks ago , and this poem really stands for me to , it is a very sad poem :( xxx

  • Katie by Katie
  • 13 years ago

I can relate to this story because I recently lost my big brother 2 months ago. He had only just turned 16. I miss him so much cause we were very close and now my world is falling apart. If I could trade places with him I would, he was everything to me and every time I think about him all I want to do is cry. I miss him with all my heart

  • Musa by Musa, Dublin
  • 13 years ago

What a wonderful poem. As I am typing my comments, I have a dying brother fighting for his life. I have lost hope in everything reached a breaking point where I don't know what to pray for right now.

  • Rebecca by Rebecca, TN
  • 13 years ago

This is a great poem on expressing how you feel and quite a lot of others. I lost my oldest brother 14 yrs ago when he was only 25 years old form a heart attack. Your relationship for your brother is the same as what my brother and I had. Thank you so much

  • Callie by Callie, Vermont
  • 13 years ago

This is so familiar to me! My brother past away when I was ten he was only 16. He past away in a car accident in August just 3 miles from my house. I just turned 16 and it doesn't feel right that I got to live past the age of him!

  • Wendy by Wendy, Netherlands
  • 14 years ago

My brother passed away today 5 years ago, 28 years old. He hit the curve with his motorcycle, just a stupid mistake and it cost his life. Your poem reflects every feeling I have had and still have got. I would give my live to save his.

Thank you so much for your poem!

  • Brittany by Brittany
  • 14 years ago

My brother passed away a year and a half ago. I never got to say goodbye. This poem said it all, just how I feel. Its beautiful. Thank you!

  • Dane by Dane
  • 14 years ago

My brother passed away two weeks ago tomorrow...
He was nineteen.
It's been hard getting through it, especially since he was always by my side for everything I went through.
This poem described it perfectly...

  • Whitney by Whitney
  • 14 years ago

This was the most amazing poem I have ever read. It is like my whole story and it really touched me and made me cry. when I was 12 my brother died when he was 16. It was a bull riding accident and he got stepped on. The thing that hurt me most was that I never got to say goodbye.

  • Kristy by Kristy
  • 14 years ago

This touched me so much. I lost my Brother 10 years ago. We lost him when he was driving home from school and we ended up burying him on his 17th birthday. I was only 11 when he died, but this poem just sounded so much like me and him and it really made me think back at the good times. Thank you for this poem it brought a smile and a tear to my face.

  • Sandra Green by Sandra Green, Chester PA
  • 14 years ago

Christina, Your poem was a very touching grace. thank you! It made me know why I feel the way I am now feeling. I just lost a brother and we also were very close, He was 51 years old and I am 58 years old. May God bless you and keep you strong.

  • Rachelle by Rachelle
  • 14 years ago

I can really relate to this, I lost my big brother just a year ago in September... he was my life, he was always there for me I felt very safe with him here although we didn't always get along you could tell we really loved each other, it was a tragic motorcycle accident. he passed away at 20 years old, I don't know how people think we are going to get over these things, because I will never get over the fact that my brother wont be here anymore to give me a hug or tell me he loves me or anything, I won't get over this or forget this like people want me to do they think its so easy , I can't it's that it is my brother it hurts, amazing poem it really got to me. ♥

  • ann kilpatrick by ann kilpatrick
  • 14 years ago

this poem really touched me. I lost my son 2 years ago this month and I feel as if this is how my other son feels to have lost his big brother. xxx

  • nicole by nicole
  • 15 years ago

This poem really touched me. I too lost my older brother 18 years old in a car crash to a drunk driver. I feel the same exact way and today I still feel that way. I miss him SOOO much. He was an truly an amazing brother, friend, and all around person. It was so sudden no one knew it was coming I wish I would of had more time with him and I wish I could of said goodbye to him. I feel your pain absolutely beautiful poem.

  • Monica by Monica
  • 15 years ago

This poem touched me like no other!!! Christina , you reminded me of how death is near yet far. I fear death, but what I fear more is the death of my dearest ones. We don't realize how much we love them until they are taken away with no return.
Thanks a lot for shaking my dead spirit, " Hey! You're alive. Remember!"

  • kar by kar
  • 15 years ago

This poem mad me feel sadness and regret. This is because in September I lost my cousin and I wish I had gotten a chance to spend more time with him and to get to know the great guy that he really was.......

  • LM by LM
  • 15 years ago

When I seen and read this it made me cry. I too lost my "big brother" 24 years ago in a car crash and to this day I feel the same. This poem says everything I have ever felt and still do to this day. I miss him terribly Beautiful Poem

  • rachel hooke by rachel hooke
  • 15 years ago

this poem made me feel very very sad because it made me feel about my favorite granddad that past away 3 years ago. and we all loved him very very much

p.s. that was the best poem I ever heard
it made me cry

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