Mother Death Poem

My Feelings After The Loss Of My Mother

Adjusting to life without Mum, trying to accept the unacceptable.

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Missing Mum

Mary V. Botten © more by Mary V. Botten

Published: January 5, 2021

With every beginning there has to be an end.
It's simple, so why can't I fathom it, comprehend?
No words can describe how much you are missed.
They are not in the dictionary; they simply don't exist.
Every day without you is as difficult as the last.
In my head I am shouting, "Move on, stop living in the past."
The constant ticking of the clock as time moves by,
We don't stand still in time, you and I.
Even with that knowledge, I still stumble through,
Knowing this would happen, without any doubt I knew.
I struggle with the concept you are no longer here.
After witnessing your final days, death holds a certain fear.
I know you will be happy; it's what you wanted most,
To free yourself from a failing body, setting free its shackled host.


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