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Mom Died from Multiple Sclerosis

My mother just passed a week ago. I was trying to figure out what to say at her funeral and no poem I could find said it the way I thought I could. This was my first poem and as you can see I am no poet. My mom died way to young from a disease of Multiple Sclerosis. I will miss her.

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Thanks Josh, my mom just came to my mind and thought I would look up the poem I posted after her death. I am sorry for your loss. I looks like it was about 4 years ago for you but as far as...

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Published: January 2009

To my mother I give this poem I titled "Momma's Boy".

As far back as I can remember you showed me the way,
Quick to point me in the right direction when I would stray.

From the bowling alley to the nursery to pick up plants in the van,
I would run off and after me you ran.

I remember once I feel asleep in the tires and could not hear you call,
I woke to the police and fire department, you had called them all.

This was the first time I remember feeling loved as you griped me tight,
The tear of joy running down your face seeing that momma's boy was alright.

I remember you dressing me in clothes I did not like,
Picking me up when I would fall off my bike.

You holding me tight telling me it will be ok,
Unconditional love is what you gave to me, each and everyday.

I remember growing up helping you do those daily tasks,
I remember seeing you try and try but waiting to ask.

Life is not fair and I learned that quick,
A women so beautiful and perfect that God made sick.

Growing up praying every night for God to make you well,
Out in the streets up to him I would often yell.

AS I grew older and stronger, becoming a man,
You were getting sicker and sicker not able to stand.

Lifting you to get dressed and to sit on the pot,
Taking off your sweater when you would get hot.

Trying to do your make up and hair so it was just right,
I am sorry for every time I put up a fight.

You did the best you could with everything that you had,
I could not have asked for a stronger, more capable loving mom or a better dad.

I stand here today knowing my mom brought all of us so much joy,
Today I am a man, but I will always be my momma's boy!


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  • Nidhi by Nidhi, Meerut
  • 11 years ago

The feeling you jot down here is great. It brought tears in my eyes. As I have also gone through with the same pain. Miss my mom a lot.

  • Tracy by Tracy, CA
  • 11 years ago

It's not the point of being a poet or writer or anything, its the matter of expressing every little thought onto a blank piece of paper. I definitely believe that being a momma's boy or mamma's girl is the most valuable on earth. The ones that lose their moms are the ones that actually understand the significance of them.

  • Josh by Josh, WA
  • 11 years ago

Thank you for sharing your poem. I cried reading through the whole thing. My mom has brain cancer and she is currently on her death bed being taken off all her meds. She has had it for the past 16 years. Seeing a disease rip someone's life apart is not easy. I am proud to be a mommy's boy. Your poem touched me in so many ways.

  • Thomas Woods by Thomas Woods Poet
  • 6 years ago

Thanks Josh, my mom just came to my mind and thought I would look up the poem I posted after her death. I am sorry for your loss. I looks like it was about 4 years ago for you but as far as I am concerned it does not get any easier just different. Since this poem I have lived a lot of life and found trust and hope in my savior. I have a mended relationship with everyone I had wronged in my past dealing with life on my terms.. I just thought I would reach out and let you know I appreciate your words as the thought of going thru losing mom again hurts me, and reading what you wrote touched my heart. God bless you. I hope to dance with my mother in heaven..

  • Amna Afzal by Amna Afzal, Lahore
  • 11 years ago

The poem you wrote is great. It brought tears in my eyes. I'm so sorry about you're mother but don't worry she's in a better place now and I know what the feeling is when you lose someone dear to you. I don't even have parents I lost both my parents when I was really small.

  • Kissimmee by Kissimmee, FL
  • 11 years ago

The poem that you wrote made me tear. Those wonderful words you wrote makes me appreciate my mother even more and more. I'm sorry about your mother, but I bet your mother is so proud of you.

  • Veronica by Veronica, New York
  • 12 years ago

I praise your bravery for having the strength to speak, to write under such a very difficult time in your life. I lost my mommy 3 years ago to cancer. She was and will always be my best friend, father, my dearest fan just as you described your mother. Your gift of words - it was an honor to read your poem. I know your mom is proud of you.

  • Jacob by Jacob, United Kindom
  • 12 years ago

Great poem
I'm sorry for what happened
Don't worry shes in a better place now
Reading this poem made me tear up

  • Josh by Josh
  • 12 years ago

What you wrote makes me want to write a poem for my mom, and I definitely agree with Joel's comment: you ARE a poet because you got your emotions on paper and touched people.

  • Traci by Traci, New Jersey
  • 12 years ago

Wow, this really touched me. My mom was just diagnosed with cancer, and reading this poem made me so teary eyed. She is my best friend, and I love her so dearly. She has done the best she can in raising her 4 kids, I am the youngest, and she has two grandkids and one more to come. I believe that my mother is one of the strongest women I know, and I pray to God everynight to make this go away. Your poem was amazing, and I am so grateful that I came across it. You must have had a really close relationship with her and I am so sorry for your loss.

Hey man just because you are not well versed doesn't mean your are not a poet. I read that poem and got moved. That is what poetry is all about, getting your emotions on paper. I loved it.

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