Funeral Poem

A Poem For My Mum's Funeral

In August 2014 I submitted a poem called A Forgotten Life (about my mum and dementia). Finally my mum found peace from this cruel illness and passed away on Oct 7th 2016. As part of the eulogy at her funeral I wrote this poem and read it to all her mourners.

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Our Special Mum


Published: November 12, 2017

There's so much to say, many memories to share
about a wonderful mum who did nothing but care.
Not just for us, but all those she knew,
Her genuine kindness would always shine through.

Mum was not always happy it's true to say
Hard work and worries often got in the way
The suffering in the world, she always kept in sight
wishing she could do something to put everything right.

Sacrificed things for herself, so she could give to others
This is what made the best of all mothers.
She was proud of her family, always gave us the best
She has earned and deserves her place of rest.

To know she'll join her loved ones, reunite with our dad
Will give us the strength not to be sad.
We must cherish the thought that, even in our own grief
The suffering has gone, in its place she's found peace.

She's no longer trapped in a world with no past
The memories she gave us will always last.
We'll remember a special lady who had so much to give
And she will stay in our hearts as long as we live.

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