Mother Poem

Mother Acrostic Poem Unconditional Love

This acrostic poem is about the unconditional love of a mother. I imagine my mother's love as a weeping willow tree from the backyard of my childhood home, providing shade and shelter beneath its boughs. The bark of that trunk has collected many marks and scars over the years. I imagine that a mother's heart works the same way, feeling her children's pain as her own and holding onto each heartache. And no matter how far I go, I will always want to return to the shelter of that familiar tree.

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Published: April 2019

My worries hang heavy on her boughs
Our scars look the same, carved into her forgiving bark.
This world only knows change, but her roots are unmoving.
Her hurt is mine, and mine is written onto her heart.
Even when I leave to go touch each corner of the earth, I'll always
Return to rest in the shelter of her loving arms.


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