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My mother passed away June 6, 2009 after complications during surgery. She was my best friend and I have had such a hard time mourning the loss of her. I find myself wanting to write more and more. I have now written about a dozen poems to her about her. I miss you Mom.

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On April 18, 2017 my mom was called to be with our Lord. It was early Tuesday morning when I arrived at the hospital to relieve my sister from the overnight vigil. I said goodbye to my sister...

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Mother Last Day

© more by Ruth Morris

Published by Family Friend Poems June 2012 with permission of the Author.

I held her hand as she silently whispered her goodbye
A last breath as I watched her die
Her skin swollen-battered and bruised
By all the things that they felt they needed to use

I stroked her hair and wiped her eyes
Wanting so much for them to open and see
That I was alone there in the world
Alone with the agony growing inside of me

I watched those around me shed their tears
And utter their words of sorrow
How could they know that I was dying inside?
I couldn't and you wouldn't - face tomorrow

One last time I kissed your face
And held your hand to touch my cheek
I wanted to carry you away from there
My fragile mother who was just too weak

I heard the people all around me
The silence of the machines now so loud
And I walked away - my heart now broken
And tried to face the waiting crowd


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  • Joy Wallin by Joy Wallin
  • 7 years ago

On April 18, 2017 my mom was called to be with our Lord. It was early Tuesday morning when I arrived at the hospital to relieve my sister from the overnight vigil. I said goodbye to my sister and sat down to assess the situation. Mom's breathing was very shallow and she looked tired. I was unable to arouse her. About 30 minutes later I looked over and saw that her color was draining from her face. I sat on the bed next to her and all of a sudden I thought to read Psalm 23 to her, so I bent over her right ear (the one with the hearing aid) and proceeded to recite Psalm 23. I was just about done when I felt my mother stiffen and stopped breathing. As I watched my mother's life fade away I started to recite the Lord's Prayer. When I finished she was gone. I hope in some small way I hope I helped her. They say hearing is that last thing to go, I hope so. I was alone with my mom and I feel that I was blessed to be there at this time.

  • Dilnawaj by Dilnawaj
  • 7 years ago

3.27.2017 It's a black day for me because my sweet mom is gone and I can't stop her. Mom, I just want to tell you one thing. I love you very, very much, and I want to hug you tight.

  • Ruth Morris Guthrie by Ruth Morris Guthrie
  • 8 years ago

Thank you all so much for your stories. It means so much to know something I wrote touched others. For each of you I am sorry that you had to feel the same pain when you lost your mothers too. Years later and I still feel the emptiness of her absence in my life. Though I have also found joy- I have adopted 2 boys and gotten married (not in that order! Lol) I hate that she has missed these moments but I know she watches over us. Thank you again everyone- may you all find peace.

  • Deborah Sefchick by Deborah Sefchick, Pittsburgh Pa 15210
  • 9 years ago

It has been a long journey for my mother and myself. She was a good mother in spite of having schizophrenia. She was strong to beat the disease every time it showed its ugly ways. From 12 years old I would have to take care of her at times. Other times she took care of her husband and 4 kids. She worked outside the home and taught us about nutrition long before it was fashionable. As a child my mother would pull my hair, hit me for no reason and do other odd things. I did not know why at first till she was hospitalized with mental health issues .When she received medicine and therapy she became normal and a wonderful mother. It took many years of taking care of her in her older years that we became close. Through many other illnesses and the day to day taking care of her, without ever talking about mental illness, that we became very close. I miss her so much. It's a loss I can't explain. There is a sense of peace that just came over me in the last couple of days knowing that she is not suffering anymore. Its such a long story. Everything she went through I felt that I was going through. All her pain, like my sister hardly ever going to see her and her one son coming twice in 2 years when he lived 15 minutes away. All I could say to her was 'I'm sure they will be in mom'. Well, my wonderful mother passed away January 23rd, 40 minutes after I was visiting her and gave her her last drink of green tea which she always asked for. She was not on any medication for 8 months and was alert and oriented the whole time. No breakdown at the end of her life. Now she will be taken care of by God who has always been there for her and me.

  • Sherry Gillen by Sherry Gillen
  • 9 years ago

I am glad you can find peace with your mother, My mother, Grandmother, and uncle all had mental illness, they were all hospitalized more than not. I was in foster care more than not. I never gave up on my mom and when she was normal it was great. I always wished they would find a cure for their disease. She passed away 2 years ago today! I think about her every day and can't wait someday to see them in heaven disease free.

  • Elizabeth Uviase Uk by Elizabeth Uviase Uk
  • 9 years ago

This poem means a lot to me. My mum lost her 3 year battle against cancer on the 24th January 2014 and I watched her take her last breath as I held her hand, alongside my dad and my brother. The words in this poem sum that Friday up completely. Thank you for writing something so beautiful. Liz UK

  • Monica by Monica, Kampala
  • 9 years ago

Your poem really touched me, my mother passed on 31/03/2014, she got a brain hemorrhage and it was just one night and she was gone. I did not get the chance to see her taking her last breath for I feared to see her going. It is so painful and up to day I am still crying. Rest In peace Maama

  • Jennifer Huff by Jennifer Huff, Ohio
  • 9 years ago

My mother passed away Christmas night 2012. Only we did not know how long she had lain in her apartment in a diabetic coma before we had done a welfare check on her that day. She passed within the hour of our one sister made it from South Carolina.

  • Diana Renfroe by Diana Renfroe, Texas
  • 9 years ago

I lost my mom 10-17-2013 due to complications after she fell and broke her back. The doctor said she had a 98% chance of dying if she had the surgery, she died that day as they were closing her up, she was a wonderful mother who touched my life and my heart. Five month's later my grandmother passed away 2-15-2014 and I'm still hurting after both losses of two of the most important women in my life. Always tell your family you love them everyday I didn't get to say goodbye and I love you. I tell my aunt every day I love her I will never repeat the mistakes I made before. I love you mom and grandma R.I.P

  • Jake Bruns by Jake Bruns, Osceola Wi
  • 9 years ago

I found out that my mother had cancer when I was 12. At the time I didn't understand what was really going on. After treatment started and I aged a little I finally wanted to know what this cancer was about. I discovered that she had non Hodgkin's lymphoma, which is a terminal cancer without a cure.
I was old enough to understand that in time she could pass away but too young to understand the hardships that were to follow her death. I spent a lot of time with her before her passing but watching my mother suffer from disease was probably the hardest part. For me and my siblings she stayed strong and tried to keep a smile and move forward. She use to say thing like "you need to know this for when I'm gone" I'd reply with oh mom don't talk like that you'll be fine. I believed that if I said it enough maybe this would all pass and we could carry on with our lives. I was in tenth grade when she was admitted to You of M and start her treatment. I was competing in wrestling and I am proud that she got to see me go to state before she was admitted. I spent four day with her over Easter break and I truly seen what this cancer was doing. Constant nose bleeds and so weak that she could barely find the energy to make it to the bathroom. These four days were the happiest sadist and most angry days I've ever experienced. She told me stories and memories that we shared. I just kept thinking that she will be fine we will get through this. On the last day my mom dropped a bomb on my heart when she looked me in the eyes and told me she wasn't going to make it outs this hospital. I new she couldn't fight no more and all I wanted to do is switch places with her. About a month later she was put in a induced coma cause of medical complications. To see your mother like this at a young age is very difficult I can't begin to describe the feeling. She was my world and there was nothing I could do to save her. Now that I've grown up I've realized that people live and die but I now have a angel and I know she is there watching my every move.

  • Will Crawford by Will Crawford, Bloomington
  • 9 years ago

My mom died last year when I was 15, she was 48. I could've written this poem, so precise

  • Vokie by Vokie
  • 10 years ago

Your poem really touched me. I experienced this pain. It seems like you were there and could see me the day my mom passed. I lost my mother on the 30/05/2013 she had blood in her brain. I cry inside every day and I miss her. I was with her when she took her last breath, holding her hands, I kissed her forehead for the last time to say goodbye.

  • M Venkatasuresh by M Venkatasuresh
  • 11 years ago

I lost my mother recently due to brain surgery. I could not forget her. I keep on crying inside. I don't know what to do and how to ............ sorry I am crying

  • Hana Brocke by Hana Brocke, USA
  • 8 years ago

Dear M, please don't cry. You make your mom sad when you do so! Learn how not to take the road of sadness when it starts approaching you, learn to be strong for you and your mom, because all she wants is to see you happy. You will never forget your mom, and why should you? She is always by your side, only you can not see her! Learn to love her without her being physically present.
It is human to be very sad when you loose a loved one. Too much crying can affect your brain, your vision, can lead to depression, which then can lead to so many other illnesses. Your loving mom would never want to see you sick. One day, when you fulfill this life's journey, your mom will wait for you on the other side. And not only her, but all the loved ones :-) believe in that. Live your life doing good for yourself and others and rest assured that all is well. Humans are born to die, some sooner some later, we don't know why, only The Creators has the idea why. You are loved and protected, don't despair.

  • Sheris by Sheris
  • 11 years ago

Hi, thank you sooo much that poem is beautiful and really touched me. I lost my mom 6-29-12 . She had cancer once diagnosed she died 5 short weeks later. I was there with her during her last day..taking her last breath. You describe exactly what I was doing an feeling. Thank you & God bless.

  • Angie by Angie
  • 11 years ago

We lost my mom 2 weeks ago on 8/6/12 at the young age of 58. All four of her children was holding her hand. We got the chance to say our good-bye. There's so many out there who don't get that. I'm blessed that we did. I want to thank you for your words. They truly feel as if it came from my heart.

  • Danielle by Danielle, Flint MI
  • 11 years ago

I just have to tell you that this poem touched me so much, My mother as well passed away on June 6th but in 2012 after a long battle with Breast Cancer. My condolences are with you. I know the pain that you endure. Prayers are with you and yours.

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