Mother Death Poem

Mother's Day And The Loss Of Your Mom

I wrote this poem about grief having lost my mother and how it hurts when Mother's Day comes. My mom died on September 5, 2014.

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Mother's Day

© Karen J. Woodward

Published on May 10, 2017

As Mother's Day approaches,
it fills me with such dread.
Whilst others have their mothers,
mine's gone, not here; she's dead.

I see the cards and flowers around.
To see it, it breaks my heart.
I see people buying presents,
I see them buy their cards.

My heart, it aches, the tears well up.
I feel I want to cry.
Why did I lose my mother?
Why did she have to die?

Although mum's now in heaven,
safe with angels and pain free,
when mum died and left this world,
her pain passed on to me.

We had a special love,
my best friend, my teacher, too.
Oh, I wish I could be in heaven.
I so long to be with you.

So now I walk this earth
an orphan child am I.
No partner, kids, no family.
Is this it till I die?

So I'll be with you this Mother's Day.
At your grave is where I'll be.
Some flowers I will place upon you
and think back to times you were with me.

Memories and photographs are all
that now remain,
till my time comes when my life is done
and we finally meet again.



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