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I wrote this poem sitting in the airport one night waiting to fly home to see my family.

My mom died when she was 34 and I was only 15, it was a very tough time and none of my family was there except my sister and brother. We became so close after that, they are my Bestfriends and my angels. Going thru a tragic event like this, it changes your whole perspective on life and you live everyday as if you are going to die today.

It just really upsets me when I hear about families fighting and not talking over something so small and stupid. God gave you those siblings for a reason, and I just wish people could experience what I have been thru and look on the bright side of things like I do, and realize that no matter what you have been through, someone else has it worse.

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My Angels


Published: March 2011

Just when I think the world has me beat
My two angels help me to my feet

They are always there whenever I call
Ready to catch me if I fall

They always know exactly what to say
To make sure I have the perfect day

Never having to wonder if they have gone
Their shoulder is always there to cry on

Knowing how to catch all the tears
Makes them wise beyond their years

You will see the most unbreakable ties
When you look into their beautiful eyes

We have a bond you will never see
So take my hand and follow me

Wait until you meet the angels of mine
They will make sure everything is perfect and fine

A creation from my wonderful mother
My angels are my sister and brother

Just find a place in your heart
I promise you will never find yourself to far apart

Now that you know what to do
You can have angels in this life too



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