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Falling In Love

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My Feelings For You


Published: March 2011

With you in my thoughts
I unwillingly get lost
When am busy, sleepy, have nothing do
My mind is always crazy with thoughts of you

After falling in love and feeling so much hurt
Even sometimes being treated like dirt
I Never thought that I would actually think about falling again
But it's different now from back then

You love me for me and
Not for who you want me to be
Repaired my heart and made it shiny as gold
When you say 'I LOVE YOU' it warms my soul
When you are hurt, I cry When you give up

I'll try Even though we're miles apart
I still hear that one beat of our hearts
Without you, Travis my heart would be broken
Because it's your love I hold as my prize token

My love for you is like a journey
It starts at forever And ends never
I give my heart to you, will you leave yours with me
We could lock them up together and throw away the key!!



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