Parent Poem

A man resolves to be the husband, father, and person he can be, one day at a time.

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New Days Resolution


Published: February 2006

Some people feel once a year,
They'll make a resolution and fight their fear,
Today I have made up my mind,
I'm making resolutions a day at a time...
Today I'll begin, my new tradition,
I promise to fight for what is right,
I promise to keep you warm all night,
I promise to protect my children from harm,
I promise to show you nothing but charm,
Always I'll care and never shall I leave,
Like my father did to me before I turned three,
I won't be like my step dad and yell all the time,
I won't be my mom and do nothing but whine,
I'll parent my own way, loving always,
I'll be like myself and say I love you all day,
I'll give up my dreams for them you see,
For they are dreams that have come to be,
When they are wrong I will let them know,
But while I'm doing it I'll make sure I show,
Them that I love them with all of my heart,
This new parenthood thing is a beautiful art,
So now to end this first day of new,
I'll pass this tradition to you, you and you'



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