Loving Poem about Family

Constant Family Communication

I have 5 siblings who have strong opinions on almost everything and when we get together it gets loud and respectfully humorous. Most of the humor I keep replaying in my head because I want to, but the criticisms tend to come along with it sometimes. I really don't mind it all and this is what the poem is trying to communicate to the reader.

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That's Just What Families Do


Published by Family Friend Poems January 1, 2024 with permission of the Author.

My whole family will keep talking deep inside my head
It's hard to pay attention to everything that's said
They're yelling out their criticism and it's not one by one
Or their grumbling disapproval for something I have done

A mind-boggling family gathering, it's loud and so confusing
I'm just catching bits and pieces both serious and amusing
They're addressing all my issues but they're going way too fast
It's disturbing and intimidating like a haunting from my past

But I like to have them with me, if only in my head
Deciphering their perspective for everything that's said
After all, they are my family and they aren't holding back
And I'm probably up inside their head with my own attack

At times it is disturbing what we allow into our thoughts
Confusing destructive criticism with occasional enlightening shots
But I like my family's feedback, it's such an honest point of view
So, I'll let them keep on talking. That's just what families do


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